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  1. Another Tiberium Alliances team spotlight has been posted on the Official Tiberium Alliances Forums. This one is with AcersEleven, another community manager on the Tiberium Alliances team. They seem to have a few of them. Anyway, check out the spotlight interview below. Remember, these are sort of get-to-know-the-team interviews. And if you view the original thread, you can post your questions as well.
  2. A big update for Tiberium Alliances is coming up, which will introduce the new Points of Interest, which are all explained below. Also note that there will be some downtime for all gameplay servers while this maintenance is carried out. Click here for the original announcement. You can also read the latest patch notes as well.
  3. More good news for all the active Tiberium Alliances players out there. As announced on the Official Tiberium Alliances Site. Get yourself some extra funds for an ingame advantage. It’s time to fill your vaults and bags with some bonus funds for future purchases, because right now, you can get discounts of up to 15%. 4000 Funds: No bonus 5000 Funds: No bonus 12000 Funds: 10% bonus (13200 Funds total) 15000 Funds: 10% bonus (16500 Funds total) 21000 Funds: 10% bonus (23100 Funds total) 50000 Funds: 15% bonus (57500 Funds total) This promotion is valid from Monday, 23rd April @ 08:00 AM UTC until Wednesday, 25th April @ 07:59 AM UTC. Don't wait, get your bonus funds! Click here for the original announcement.
  4. A new weekly feature has started on the Official Tiberium Alliances Forums. They are new spotlights accompanied by an interview so you can get to know key members of the Tiberium Alliances team EA Phenomic. The first spotlight is on Tiberium Alliances Community Manager, Skyther. Click here for the original thread.
  5. It's funny how fast things happen once the news gets rolling around the C&C Community, and especially when the news of EA being accused of plagiarism over the designs for some of the Forgotten faction's units in Tiberium Alliances eventually popped up on sites like Kotaku. About 24 hours later, EA have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, so to speak, so an EA representative told Kotaku that the conflicting unit designs will not be seen in Tiberium Alliances and that the issue has been resolved. Click here for the full story on Kotaku. So I guess it's case closed, then.
  6. An article on the French gaming site JeuxVideo.fr has accused EA of plagiarism of the designs and appearance for some of The Forgotten faction's units in Tiberium Alliances. Most notably, the Bombard Tank and Grinder Tank appear to be copies of the Baneblade and Ork Bonecruncha seen the Warhammer 40K universe. Here's the the picture so you can judge for yourself: http://i.imgur.com/o6jie.jpg There is no denying that they look very similar, almost too similar. However, a tank with a big grinding mechanism is not new to the C&C universe - see the Soviet Grinder Tank from Red Alert 3: Uprising. You can view an English translation of the article from JeuxVideo.fr, as well as some ongoing discussion posted on Reddit where this was first raised. Moreover, some people already mentioned this a month ago when we posted the artwork of the The Forgotten Bombard Tank.
  7. Here's some more cool stuff for all the Tiberium Alliances players out there. If you're really into this game, these unofficial tools or applications might be of some interest to you. Tiberium Alliances World Map This is an in-development tool. With the World Map you can get an overview of world in a visual form. It works best if you're using Google Chrome. C&C Base Builder (More Info) This tool that is still in development essentially allows you to build and optimise your base outside of the game and share your base ideas with your friends. Base Planner (More Info) Another base building application that works in similar fashion to the one mentioned above. Tiberium Alliances Stats (More Info) Simple and to point, if you like your statistics then, this is where you should be looking. Tracks most of the data for both alliances and individual players on the various worlds that are currently open. You can also generate your statistics signature image for use on Official Tiberium Alliances forums or any forum you visit. Tiberium Alliances Mega Guide Not a tool, just a detailed FAQ and information that would be good for those players looking to get started. Covers everything like game basics, base building, army building and more. Remember, many of these are still works in progress, they are unofficial tools that are in no way supported by EA Phenomic, but it's great to see how creative the community can be.
  8. The latest patch notes for Tiberium Alliances have been posted on the Official Tiberium Alliances Forum today. You can read all about them below. Active players should also take note of the newly announced game update cycle and the planned server maintenance. Patch Notes 04.04.2012 Relocating of bases reworked – it no longer costs command points Resource system reworked to allow for more efficient patterns – it is recommend to try rearranging your buildings for higher efficiency (moving buildings does not cost anything as packages production does no longer get disturbed by moving) Base level system reworked, impacts territory claim and Forgotten camp/outpost spawning Balancing changes Skystrike support weapon now also hits air targets Firehawks now deal the correct amount of damage to buildings in the last line of the bases (used to be too little) Camps of lvl 1-9 have less hit points Replays from before the patch can no longer be replayed “Collect all packages” button added Players can relocate ALL their bases at once to a new sector Keyboard shortcuts added Click here for the full details.
  9. Looking for information about the GDI and The Forgotten in Tiberium Alliances? Well look no further! We have all the images and information here at CNCNZ.com! Click any of the following links to view the information we've collected. GDI: Offense Defense Structures The Forgotten: Defense Structures Check out the full Tiberium Alliances section by clicking here.
  10. It's been a few months since we put up a new poll here on the main site. So with Tiberium Alliances dominating the news lately, I thought the latest poll should focus on that. So the question is Are you playing Tiberium Alliances? Do you play it all the time, off and on, no too often or perhaps you don't play the game at all? If you are reading this update on the main page, just look to your right and vote in the poll box. If you're reading this via the forums, click here to cast your vote. And, as always, don't forget to share any feedback or comments about this poll as well. Here are the results of our previous poll, Who will be the 3rd mystery faction in Generals 2? With a convincing 40% of the vote everyone believes that Russia will be the 3rd faction. The full results of this poll can be found right here.
  11. As the beta progresses, Tiberium Alliances gets even bigger with opening of two additional servers, otherwise known as worlds. Monday 02.04.2012, 08:00am UTC. European World 11 (English) German Welt 3 (German) You now have even more territory to wage war over.
  12. Looks like the Tiberium Alliances team at EA Phenomic wants you to get a little creative with a new contest that has been announced today. Here's the all important information on the new Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances Art Contest.... Once you have come up with your masterpiece, you can submit for entry into this contest by posting it in this thread on the Official Tiberium Alliances Forums.
  13. New Tiberium Alliances artwork has been released in the form of a great looking wallpaper of the GDI Firehawk. It was posted on @CnCAlliances, the official Twitter page for Tiberium Alliances, and on their Facebook page as well. This wallpaper is only available as a 1920x1080 image. There is also an alternate download link.
  14. The random drawing for our Tiberium Alliances - CNCNZ.com & EA Phenomic Facebook Promotion has been completed, and if your name is one of the lucky four listed below, you will be receiving an awesome Tiberium Alliances Mouse Pad thanks to our friends at EA Phenomic. Kristin Nador Jeremy Hypes Stefan Duncan Wayne Seaden Someone from EA Phenomic will be contacting you via Facebook to obtain your postal address. Thanks to everyone who entered and shared this all over Facebook.
  15. This was originally posted on the Official Twitter page for Tiberium Alliances, @CnCAlliances. Ever wondered how the resource system in Tiberium Alliances works? Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this simple image should explain things. Another handy tip for Tiberium Alliances newbies or for those who didn't know in the first place. If you require more help with Tiberium Alliances consult the latest FAQ posted in our Tiberium Alliances forum.
  16. If you have been following the Official Tiberium Alliances News & Updates forum that we added to our forums recently, you may have already seen this news. The latest update from the Tiberium Alliances team discusses the changes to the economy system in the game in Hot Topic of the Week #3. The connection types between buildings stay exactly the same as they were (e.g. connected Accumulator and Power Plant result in additional Power resources). Connections between buildings will now generate additional resources continuously instead of bonus resource packages. The amount of additional resources per hour is displayed in each of the connected buildings. The complicated timing rules of bonus resource package production have been removed. The buildings will now produce the collectible resources packages as their general production. It will also be possible to relocate buildings in a base without losing any partial resource package production. If you lack resources, the displayed time until enough resources are available will be more precise since it will consider collectible resource packages too. It shows the earliest point in time at which the base has enough resources. A new button to automatically collect all resource packages of a base with a single click will be offered as soon as the player researches the ability to found a second base. So this is some important news for the all active Tiberium Alliances players out there. And make sure you keep checking the Official Tiberium Alliances News & Updates forum here and CNCNZ.com, when the Tiberium Alliances team post any official news on their forums, the same thread will be mirrored on ours as well.
  17. Anyone remember the photo of the cool looking Tiberium Alliances Mouse Pads posted on EA Phenomic's Facebook page about a month ago? Who wants one of these sitting on their desk? Good news. Here at CNCNZ.com we have partnered with our friends at EA Phenomic to give away some Tiberium Alliances Mouse Pads to some lucky C&C fans out there. This contest is a simple Facebook promotion. All you need to do is visit our Facebook page right now and "Share" this news item on your own Facebook page. In fact we want you to share it everywhere you can and you will go into the draw to win one these great Tiberium Alliances Mouse Pads. The contest is open to everyone. Entries close Wednesday 28th of March (New Zealand Time).
  18. New Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances screen shots and some concept art have been released to various media sources. You can see some of them below. More can be found our Tiberium Alliances Screen Shots and Tiberium Alliances Concept Art galleries.
  19. RTS Guru have posted their own short preview of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances. Here's a sample of what RTS Guru think about the browser based MMORTS so far.... Click here for the full preview.
  20. As the Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances team prepare to reveal something big in the next day or so, more concept artwork showing The Forgotten Bombard Tank in Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances has been released. More Tiberium Alliances images can be found in our gallery.
  21. EA Phenomic has announced today that the Open Beta for Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances has officially begun. This means anyone can go to www.tiberiumalliances.com, login and start playing. An EA account is required. No more hunting for keys to gain access to the previously closed beta. If your new playing Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances we suggest reading the Official FAQ. Visit www.tiberiumalliances.com for more.
  22. An interview with Tiberium Alliances Producer, Martin Löhlein, has been posted on the Official Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances site. The interview discusses the recent open beta launch, what he has learned from the closed beta and, most importantly, what new content and updates can we expect in the near future. Here's a sample. You will find the full interview right here.
  23. With Tiberium Alliances reaching open beta status, a brand new trailer for the game has been released by EA Phenomic. For those who don't know yet, Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances introduces an all new way to play in the C&C universe with a browser-based free-to-play strategy MMO game. Check out the latest trailer below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQfURRStfck
  24. Official game FAQ for Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances from http://help.ea.com/article/command-and-conquer-tiberium-alliances-faq GAME MECHANICS How do I get resources? You can get resources by building structures that generate resources, by doing battle, by completing missions, or by using supply packages. Which buildings produce which resources? To get tiberium, build a harvester on a tiberium field (green). To get crystals, build a harvester on a crystal field (blue). To get power, build a power plant. To get credits, build a refinery. There is no building to generate research points. Which resources are available through combat? You can obtain tiberium, crystals, credits and research points through combat. Power cannot be obtained through combat directly. (You could get a supply package containing power through combat, see below). The amount of resources you get through combat are scaled with the base level, destroying more difficult bases awards more resources. Which resources are available using supply packages? There are supply packages for tiberium, for crystal, for power and for credits. You can activate any package using the specified number of supply points (which regenerate over time). The resources are added to your currently selected base (except credits, which are shared across bases, see below). You can also click the "+" button adjacent to a resource as a shortcut to activate a supply package in your current base. Research points are not available through supply packages. Are resources shared between bases? Tiberium and crystal are not shared between bases, but can be transferred between bases (at the cost of credits). Power is not shared between bases, and cannot be transferred. Credits and research are shared between bases, and can be used anywhere. How do I get supply packages? Some Forgotten camps, outposts or bases contain a supply package. You will receive the supply package by destroying the building marked with the supply package icon in the base. The type of package you receive is random. Additionally, you can receive supply packages through missions, or by visiting the shop. To see the packages currently in your possession, use the "Inventory" button on the top menu bar. What can I do with which resource? You can use tiberium to build structures in your base, as well as some defensive structures. You can use crystal to build units (both offensive and defensive). Power is required for the building of higher levels of all buildings and units. Credits can be used to transfer resources between bases, as well as unlock units and structures in conjunction with research points. What is a production bonus? Some structures in your base can generate periodic batches of extra resources if they are placed adjacent to other buildings; these are called a production bonus. How do I get a production bonus? To get a production bonus on a harvester, build an adjacent silo. To get a production bonus on a power plant, build an adjacent accumulator. To get a production bonus on a refinery, build an adjacent power plant. When do I get a production bonus? If you have a building that qualifies for a production bonus (see above), that building will periodically generate a bonus package. The bonus amount depends on the level of the production building. The length of the period depends on the number and level of the adjacent support buildings. When a bonus package is available, you can see its yellow icon in your base. Simply clicking on the package collects the resources, which will be immediately added to your balance. What if I don't pick up a bonus package? Every production building can generate up to two bonus packages. When two packages are ready, the building will stop producing bonus packages until you collect them. What is a production speed boost? A production speed boost allows some production buildings to generate resources faster. This is separate from the bonus production system. How do I get a production speed boost? You get a 25% speed boost for every crystal field adjacent to a power plant. You get a 25% speed boost for every tiberium field adjacent to a refinery. The maximum speed boost is 100% (thus, 4 fields). The field does not need to have a harvester on it to receive the production speed boost (but that is still allowed) ACCOUNT How do I change my Password? All the EA sites use the same login details, if you try using different details on different EA sites then conflicts can occur, the best way to change the password is to go to the central EA site at http://profile.ea.com and change it there. You should then be able to login to any EA site with the email and password you have set up there, occasionally it may not update for all the individual sites immediately in which case you should change the password on the individual site to match the one that you have set up at http://profile.ea.com I’ve forgotten my password, how do I change it? All the EA sites use the same login details, if you try using different details on different EA sites then conflicts can occur, the best way to change the password is to go to the central EA site at http://profile.ea.com and change it there. There should be a forgotten password link on the page if you have forgotten your old password that will allow you to specify your email address to be able to set up a new one. You should then be able to login to any EA site with the email and password you have set up there, occasionally it may not update for all the individual sites immediately in which case you should change the password on the individual site to match the one that you have set up at http://profile.ea.com BILLING How to purchase Funds You may purchase EA Play4Free funds to increase game progress through the Play4Fee Fund Store. The Store is accessible through the Play4Free Navigation bar on top of the Official Tiberium Alliances Homepage, or by clicking the “Add Funds” button located in the left Sidebar to get forwarded to the EA Play4Free Fund Shop. TECH/MISCELLANEOUS Which browsers do Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances support? Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances officially supports Firefox 4.0+, Internet Explorer 9+ and Google Chrome. Other browsers may work as well, but for the best game experience possible we recommend to use one of the supported browsers. Low frame rate and connection issues while playing When facing performance issues while using one of the supported browsers, make sure your graphic card drivers are up to date. You will also find some further Animation and Effect settings in the game options to adjust video settings. How do I activate WebGL? Open the Game options located in the lower right corner of your browser while in the game. Scroll down on the first Tab “Audio/Video” and mark the checkbox at: Use WebGL. Please note that WebGL hardware acceleration is still in an experimental mode and not yet fully supported by all browsers. How can I report a bug I have come across in Tiberium Alliances? All bug reports should be reported through the Official Tiberium Alliance Bug Report Forums. Before reporting a bug, please take a few moments to search through the forums to see if your issue has already been reported. How do I report another Player for bad language? You’re able to report other Players in the game for bad behavior and bad language by opening the User Profile of the specific User select the General Tab and click the “Report player” button. A new Window is showing up with several report options and a customizable text window for more detailed information about the threat.
  25. Concept artwork showing the GDI Mammoth Tank in Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances has been released. Get a detailed look at this iconic Command & Conquer unit. More Tiberium Alliances images can be found in our gallery.