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  1. Some new promotional artwork for the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun has been posted. This has been called "Unlucky Ones", a sketch by Swirekster. There is even a short quote to go with it. Click here to learn more about the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun.
  2. A screenshot previewing some of the new Tiberium Lifeforms and Flora for the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun has been posted. Some fine looking artwork here. Click here to learn more about the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun.
  3. The Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun will have another significant release coming soon. On the 19th of July 2014, Public Beta 5 will be made available for download. There has been an incredible amount of work done to Twisted Insurrection since the release of Public Beta 4 back in late 2012, the mod is almost unrecognisable from all of it's previous releases and feels much more complete and polished than ever before. A summary of what's new in this release can be seen after this awesome trailer. Twisted Insurrection - Public Beta 5 Features: Windows 8 Support All new Skirmish/Online set-up Options Completely Standalone (No CD/TS Required) A new in-depth story-line Completely revamped graphics Over 40 new single-player campaign missions Over 100 new multi-player maps Smoothest ever game-play Excellent online game-play Official CNCNet Support All New Units All New Structures Enhanced Skirmish and AI Custom cinematics An all new Original Soundtrack Over 1200 changes since Beta 4! More details can be found on the Twisted Insurrection site.
  4. The popular Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun is about get a big upgrade with the new custom developed client that will allow things such as pre-determined starting locations, teams (AI-AI, Human-Human and AI-Human), randomised factions, game modes and more. This new client is the same as the Dawn of the Tiberium Age client. You can find more information and more screenshots about this new Twisted Insurrection client right here.
  5. A new trailer for the upcoming Public Beta 5 of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun is now on-line. The release of the next major version coming soon, but for now you'll have settle for this cool trailer! Head over the Twisted Insurrection site for more information, you can grab the Public Beta 4 if you want to try this mod now. And don't forget to vote for Twisted Insurrection is ModDB's Mod of the Year 2013.
  6. The Twisted Insurrection team has released a new screenshot of their Tiberian Sun mod, which is a preview shot of Nod's 14th campaign mission. Also showcased in another new screenshot is the new GDI Dropship, which is based on C&C3 concept art. For more information, you can visit their page over at ModDB alongside their website. You can also see more screenshots over in their image gallery.
  7. We've neglected mods lately, so we'll fill you in on the highlights of what's been going on in the modding scene in the past week. The Twisted Insurrection team is working hard on Public Beta 5 and has announced that the mod will have full-motion videos, two of which have already been posted on YouTube. Here's one of them, featuring a Nod Eclipse Tank breaking into a GDI base. Click here to see some work in progress material.
  8. The Twisted Insurrection team is continuing work on Public Beta 5, having recently announced that the mod will come with pre-rendered full-motion videos. New pictures of the mod have resurfaced, showcasing revamped and new civilian and GDI structures. Also recently, they have released a screenshot of a loading screen that will play (it will be a video) before the start of a mission. Click here to see the rest of the new screenshots.
  9. The Twisted Insurrection Original Soundtrack Version 3 is now available for download. All of the tracks in this album will all be included in the final release of Twisted Insurrection. This new version features remastered versions of many of the older Twisted Insurrection tracks and features new tracks such as "Stripped of Life", "Adrift", "Killing Fields", "Stalkers" and the remake of the dated track, "Despair". If you want to download a copy of this soundtrack visit the Twisted Insurrection site.
  10. Three new previews for the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun have recently been posted. First is the new GDI Power Plant design, inspired heavily from the C&C3 design. There is a preview of the Forgotten and their defensive structures, as well as a look at a new GDI unit; their counter to Nod's own Cyborgs, an infantry power suit nicknamed the "Enforcer". http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/11/10974/ForgottenDefenses.png http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/11/10974/GDIEnforcer.png For more information, you can visit their page over at ModDB alongside their brand-new website.
  11. The Twisted Insurrection team are very pleased to announce that our latest version, Public Beta 4 has been released! Since the Re-Issue of Public Beta 3, we have been working hard to get more of the essentials out of the way. The changelog is also very large and impressive due-to the short amount of time (In my opinion, at least) since the last release, you can view the changelog here. Public Beta 4 includes several new campaign missions (A total of 8 GDI Missions and 13 Nod missions (8 and 9 are placeholder maps) so far), several new units and unit images, new additions to our unique soundtrack, new voices, options, several new and improved maps, coding and balance changes, gameplay improvements, tons of lag reduction, the implementation of Naval units (still in heavily testing phases at the moment) and much more!Public Beta 4 is our most stable version to date as we have eradicated the source of the most common internal errors and hopefully we wont be seeing any more again (or for a long time at best). Online play is now much simpler to commence now too thanks to the new Twisted Insurrection launcher feature similar to the one used by one of our affiliate projects, The Dawn of the Tiberium Age (which we also recommend you check out if you loved classic Tiberian Dawn!). Sadly as it is still beta, there are still several placeholder images being used, but this will not effect the game-play at all! Pretty soon we hope to get everything finished and finally come out of beta.One of our new staff members, Henskelion, is working on CGI & FMV's for future Twisted Insurrection releases which will be available as soon as possible. If you are new to Twisted Insurrection, check out our website for more information. ' rel='lightbox'>http://ti.ppmsite.com/Public/TIPB4Promo.pngDownload Twisted Insurrection Public Beta 4 Here Note: There will be no Public Beta 5, only patches up to this point thanks to the Launcher feature making this easier. The next release will be Twisted Insurrection 1.0. There will be a big patch update based on Public Feedback around Xmas time, as is our tradition. Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen. We'll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  12. The Twisted Insurrection team has posted several screenshots of some improved defensive structures for the Global Defense Initiative, including the Gatling Tower, Component Tower plug-ins and the EMP Cannon. They're also showing off some updated cameos and new maps. Here are some samples: ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/11/10974/yay.PNG ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/11/10974/empc.PNG Click here to see them all.
  13. The team working on the Twisted Insurrection standalone mod for Tiberian Sun has posted some rather interesting shots of new features: the GDI Goliath Heavy Tank, the Nod Web Spider Drone and new GDI Barracks and Communications Center, as well as a preview of the tenth Nod mission. Here are some samples: ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/11/10974/Goliath.PNG ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/11/10974/WebSpider.PNG Click here for more.
  14. Just playing catch up with this news. Late last week, a big update about the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun was posted. It mostly covers the massive amount of changes coming in the soon to be released Public Beta 4. Also new for Public Beta 4 will be the addition of the new and improved launcher, made and customized for Twisted Insurrection in similar style to the Dawn of the Tiberium Age Launcher. Here's a preview. ' rel='lightbox'>http://ti.ppmsite.com/Public/Launcher.png The new Twisted Insurrection launcher will make online playability much easier along with several features that will help improve the general ingame performance for many people (if not everybody). It will also feature an updates option which will allow people to search for any updates (manually or automatically via the launcher itself) to the Public Beta without anybody having to visit the forums or the Twisted Insurrection website. Visit the Twisted Insurrection site to see the full update.
  15. The third public beta of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun Firestorm has been re-released, due to various bugs in the original version and its belonging map editor. There are also new multiplayer maps, AI tweaks, updated campaign/challenge missions and more. ' rel='lightbox'>http://ppmsite.com/forum/files/xmasti_637.png You can download the latest release here. Players are also invited to a CnCNet network play on December 27th and 28th, which will hopefully boost CnCNet publicity.
  16. After 11 long months of hard work and several patches. Beta 3 of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun has been released and is available for download. This new beta features hundreds of changes, including several new unit images, a completely new dialog and GUI style, many new maps, some new units and other unit role changes, the completion of Twisted Dawn GDI and Nod vehicles, massive game-play and balance changes. This version also introduces the Nod Challenge campaign along with some additional maps to the Nod campaign. Head over to the Twisted Insurrection site for the full details and the download. You can also read the beta 3 change log that includes 200+ changes.
  17. The Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun: Firestorm has been updated with four new maps: Outlying Locality (2-6), GloboTech Mutated Arena (2-4), GloboTech Desert Arena (2-4) and GloboTech Water Arena (2-4). Here are some of them: ' rel='lightbox'>http://ti.ppmsite.com/Public/Maps/localitymega.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://cl.ppmsite.com/Public/Arena_M%20mega.png ' rel='lightbox'>http://ti.ppmsite.com/Public/Maps/gtarewmega.jpg Click here for more.