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  1. Hey there guys, First of all, that seems like a great community, congrats! I'm definitely new on modding so I'm trying to explore and learn as many things possible. I've basically get started with editing rulesmd.ini file; added some features to Kirov and made Battle Bunkers garrisonable by Tesla Troopers etc. But since I'm unfamiliar with the "language" of the game, sometimes I have difficulties about understanding which code means what. I mean it's easy to check for a unit's speciality and copy it for another but sometimes there's no explanation for codes and I just can't understand them. Is there a index-like, map legend-ish database available for me to sit down and study? Thanks in advance, Cheers.
  2. Here's a quick looks at the new and improved Heaven & Hell mission for Beta Revision 2 of Mental Omega 3.0. The mission has been totally reworked, it's now a fluid fast paced mission with Tanya instead of SEALs. This mission is currently available for testers. Visit the official site to learn more about Mental Omega 3.0 for Yuri's Revenge. You can also download the current public version while you are there.
  3. To kick things for the new year, a new status update about the Attacque Supérior mod for Yuri's Revenge has been posted. This unique and interesting looking mod hasn't popped up in our news before. But there no time like the present I guess. The latest update discusses the state of a playable alpha and that the mod will join the likes of Mental Omega APYR and Red Resurrection and begin being streamed by Hecthor Doomhammer on his Twitch channel, with the first one on January 17th, 2014, 19:00 GMT. Visit the Attacque Supérior site for more.
  4. Version 0.5 of the Ares DLL project has been released. This special DLL file is aimed at the modding community, it adds new features to Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. This new version adds several features from Tiberian Sun that have either been restored or enhanced. The big feature groups are Tiberium, with Tiberium Heal, Damage and many other related logics restored, and Cloak, with lots of customizable options. There are also many other long requested minor features have been implemented, like more AttachEffect options, side-specific engineers, and a way to treat all side-specific engineers or dogs as one type for Type Selection. You can read more about Ares at the official site, where you will also find the download of this new version.
  5. Version 0.4 of the Ares DLL project has released. This special DLL file is aimed at the modding community, it adds new features to Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. Ares 0.4 adds the versatile AttachEffect, which allows you to change speed, armour and other properties for each unit it affects, for a certain amount of time or permanently. It also adds a bunch of minor additions and improvements. You can read more about Ares at the official site, where you will also find the download of this new version.
  6. It's time to blow the dust off your copies of classic Command & Conquer games like Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge and Tiberian Sun, log on to XWIS and start playing through out the month of November. In order to encourage more people to play, Dsector is kindly sponsoring a tournament with hundreds of dollars of cash and prizes up for grabs. List of Prizes: player with the most points on a single nick (aka rank 1) --> $200 player with the most points on the same serial number (if you share a nick with someone, that nick will be excluded) --> $100 first to reach 500 points on a nick first to reach 1000 points on a nick first to reach 1300 points on a nick first to reach 1500 points on a nick --> big prize! most games played on a single nick --> $100 random winner/s top 250 most 2v2 clan match points Yuri's Revenge Rank 1 Tiberium Sun Rank 1 More details can be found right here.
  7. The first Mental Omega 3.0 mod Subfaction Spotlight video has been posted. As the first public beta release approaches, each subfaction will be featured in greater detail, including their strengths, weaknesses, and of course the commando units in their full glory. It begins here with the Pacific Front subfaction. Visit the Mental Omega site for more.
  8. Throughout the month of August, XWIS will be bringing a prize invasion to Yuri's Revenge! The idea is simple, play ranked games and win prizes. Everyone and anyone has a chance of winning. Players will be randomly selected to win prizes, plus there will be other prizes awarded for meeting certain challenges. These challenges are detailed below. Being the player who has played the most ranked games (QM and CM) Being the player who has played the most games played against the Yuri faction Best video of a game recorded (will be decided by the community) The most 2v2 or 3v3 CM's played Most quick matches played Other prizes will be randomly decided and all prizes will be awarded at the end of the month. Check this thread on the XWIS forums more details.
  9. Plokite_Wolf

    Ares v0.3 Released

    The team working on the Ares project has released version 0.3 of the widely used DLL file that adds new features to Yuri's Revenge. This release, along with fixing bugs from previous builds, supports new missile types and fixes the issue that prevented more than 74 items to appear in each sidebar menu. You can download Ares v0.3 by clicking here. It is also best to read the documentation on the new version to see all new features and known issues.
  10. Attention, all the talented modders of Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge and Tiberian Sun! Did you know that it's already two weeks into Project Perfect Mod's Voxelgeddon 2013? There are 13 days remaining to submit your entries for your chance to win. This contest is basically a free reign voxel competition, meaning there is no set theme. Let your creativity run wild! Here are the rules written by Aro, the host and organiser of this contest.... Only one submission per entrant The entry is to include the Voxel and HVA. If applicable, turret and barrel voxels and HVA's, offset values must also be provided. Voxels must be new and exclusive to the competition, previously released voxels or Westwood edits will not be accepted. Once submitted, your entries can not be changed. Make sure you're happy with your voxel before submitting it. Your voxel can be made for any game you chose. Please state when submitting your voxel what game the voxel is for (TS, RA2). Entries must be submitted to Aro (Me) by the 30th of June 2013 (00:00GMT) I will only be accepting submissions via PRIVATE MESSAGE! No emails! No IM Client! Check out the competition thread on the Project Perfect Mod forums for more.
  11. Did you know that this year marks the 69th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy, which also doubles as the 11th year that the D-Day mod for Yuri's Revenge has been in development? Hence, beta version 3.7 is now available for download. The main addition to v3.7 is the inclusion of Hungary as a new playable country with 47 new buildings and units, most of which have never been seen in a WW2 game or mod before. You can learn more about this new version of D-Day and download it from the official site.
  12. Just a bit late in posting this one. The results for the long running Cartographer's Call: Yuri's Revenge Mapping Competition have been posted at Project Perfect Mod recently. The final top 10 standings can be seen below. But in a way, everyone wins, because all of the winning maps are available for download. Blood and Concrete [8], by Aurora196 - 43 points Paradise Battle [2], by LordCesare - 41 points The Honeymoon [4], by Omegabolt - 39 points Blistering Heatstroke [2], by Zero18 - 38 points Ruined Oasis [4], by LordCesare - 38 points Lonely Paradise [5], by Mevitar - 34 points Sacred Lore [5], by LordCesare - 33 points City Overload [3], by Zero18 - 31 points Communists of the Caribbean [2], by LordCesare - 27 points Scars of a Far, Far Planet [2], by LordCesare - 26 points More details about the Cartographer's Call: Yuri's Revenge Mapping Competition available at Project Perfect Mod.
  13. Our friends at Project Perfect Mod is hosting a mapping contest for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, which ends on March 14th at 00:00 GMT. The maps must be in .YRM format and will be judged in five categories, including detail work, map layout, lighting, gameplay and triggers/effects. The winner will get The Ultimate Collection, along with the US-exclusive piece of art autographed by the developers! Click here for more information. All submissions need to be forwarded to Aro via PM.
  14. In honour of the President's Day in the good old United States of America, IGN has posted a list of The Best Fictional Presidents from different games, TV shows and movies. Just because they don't exist in real life doesn't mean they can't be honoured. And the Command & Conquer reference is that President Michael Dugan from Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge has been included. You can check out the full list right here. Thanks to lkRaven from our forums for the news tip.
  15. Its time to dust off those copies of Yuri's Revenge and start playing online. Later this week Mid Month Yuri Madness gets started on XWIS. Play as many friendly (non ranked) online games as you can and you can be in to win some free games from Origin provided by EA. Check out all of the details in this thread on the XWIS forums.
  16. The original website of this tutorial is down, so I'll pass it on here, and revise it a bit. Works for both RA2 and YR. Windows Vista users don't require steps 3-8 (thx Zee). 1. Install Hamachi (preferably v1.0.1.5) 2. Install Red Alert 2 patch v1.006 and Yuri's Revenge patch v1.001 (TFD comes pre-patched) 3. Make sure that the Hamachi Network Interface has "NWLink IPX" (if not, add it through the following steps:) 4. Go to Network Connections via Control Panel. Make sure that your Ethernet connection has "NWLink IPX" 5. Right click your LAN adapter (in this case Hamachi), and go to Properties 6. Click Install 7. Select Protocol, click OK 8. Select NWLink IPX, and click OK 9. Download the UnderStorm Red Alert 2 LAN Patch* and extract "wsock32.dll" from the downloaded archive to the root folder of your Red Alert 2 installation. This replaces the deprecated IPX protocol with the state-of-the-art UDP protocol. 10. Go to Network Connections via Control Panel again if you closed it. 11. You can see the available connections in the LAN and High-Speed Internet section of the Network Connections window. 12. On the Advanced menu, click Advanced Settings, and then click the Adapters and Bindings tab. 13. Move Hamachi to the top to select it as the primary adapter. In the Connections area, select the Hamachi connection that you want to move higher in the list. Use the arrow buttons to move the connection to the top. Restart your computer to apply these settings. 14. If you don't see that list, but rather Network Connections folder opened, hit "Start -> Run", and type in "regedit". This opens up the registry editor. 14a. Expand into "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\tcpip\parameters\interfaces". 14b. In there, you should see an even amount of folders. Look through them all, and find the one folder that has "DhcpSubnetMask" and "DhcpSubnetMaskOpt" set to That is your Hamachi network. 14c. Right-click, and hit "New -> DWORD Value", and name it "InterfaceMetric". Double-click it, and set it to 4, or any such low value. (If anything breaks, visit here) 15. Start Hamachi and make sure that all players have joined the the same Hamachi network. 16. Start Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge. 17. Make sure to reselect the 0000 Adapter: from the main menu, choose Options->Network, Select Network Card, the one starting with 00 00 00 00:00 00 00 00, leave the other stuff empty, click OK. This is important to ensure that you select the UDP adapter, otherwise the network won't work. Ensure that you reselect the adapter, even if it is already selected. 18. Back to main menu and click Network. 19. When you do this, you will be seeing your friends if they did the same. • Usually Hamachi knows how to bypass your firewall / NAT, but in case of failure, try to deactivate your firewalls, or at least to allow Hamachi to connect to the Internet *Understorm's website is down again. I've temporarily uploaded the TS/RA2 LAN patch to my Mediafire account until the website returns. http://www.mediafire...734q58labf4rin5
  17. Ares v0.2 has been released and its available for download now. Ares is the next generation of binary-based Command & Conquer modding. It fixes and enhances the Yuri's Revenge game engine in a variety of ways, allowing modders to expand the game with never before seen custom units. Ares 0.2 is the successor to Ares 0.1p1, which was released in June 2010. It fixes many original game bugs, improves performance and adds several new features for modders. Visit the official Ares site for the download and more information.
  18. Originally posted in our Community News forum. It's another double points weekend coming up on XWIS from the 1st to the 3rd of June. At this time, you can play in the new and improved Yuri's Revenge Quick Match that features new and updated maps. ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/VrTXl.png Click here for more details.
  19. It's amazing that the community still comes up with its own patches, updates and content for the older Command & Conquer games. And just yesterday, AlexB came up with a real gem for the likes of Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge in the form of his Command & Conquer Graphics Patcher. To keep it simple, this patch fixes the bad graphics rendering performance and reduces lag that can sometimes occur in Windows 7 and Vista when attempting to play the mentioned games. Visit the Command & Conquer Graphics Patcher page for further details, instructions and the download.
  20. The Mental Omega team made their last update in December, but this doesn't mean they were skiving off afterwards. In fact, they have redesigned their website, finished the v3.0 logo, created some wallpapers, shown some new units and made Hero Spotlight #2 (visible below), all combined in the newest update. Also, they have begun testing the standalone release of the game, meaning that v3.0 will highly likely be independent on Yuri's Revenge. Click here to visit their new website.
  21. After about a year of silence, the Project Phantom mod for Yuri's Revenge is back in the news with a fresh new update, and a new goal for 2012, which is to get a public version of the mod released this year. Project Phantom aims to change the original game. Set in a different, alternate universe where history started to take a dramatically different route after the events of Red Alert 1, resulting in establishment of Phantom Project, a high-tech research & peace-enforcing organization. ' rel='lightbox'>http://phantom.cncguild.net/images/newsdominion.png ' rel='lightbox'>http://phantom.cncguild.net/mod/media/002_GameTrinity.png Click here for the full update that covers the web site upgrade, new media and more.