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  1. C&C: Online, the new community made and managed online server for Generals, Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath, and Red Alert 3 is now officially up and running. This new service is designed to take over from the GameSpy shutdown that happened on the 30th of June. Read the announcement below to find out how you can start playing on C&C: Online. So head over to the C&C: Online site, download the all important C&C:Online Launcher and get online.
  2. Its well past the 30th of June deadline, but there are reports that the GameSpy servers for Generals & Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars & Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3 have now been confirmed as offline. But its not the end, because as you know, the replacement has been waiting in the wings. C&C: Online is ready to take over. C&C: Online is a community made and managed online server for Generals, Zero Hour, C&C 3, Kane’s Wrath, and Red Alert 3, allowing you to log in and continue playing online just like you could when GameSpy’s servers were still online. All information about C&C: Online can be found right here.
  3. C&C: Online has been available for a couple of days now. With that in mind, Sybert, has made this great video tutorial to help people get started and get online with C&C: Online. There is plenty of help availble for C&C: Online. Either via the C&C: Online section here on CNCNZ.com, the C&C: Online site and the support forums.
  4. C&C: Online hasn't launched just yet but its getting there. In the meantime, a new Fair Play and Member Management section has been opened on the Revora Forums. This new section includes a guide that explains How to claim your old nick name(s). This appears to be a rather important transitional step for the likes of Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3, as you will not be able to use your old nick names until they have been verified that you own them. Once you have signed up for a Revora account, go to this forum at Revora and make your claim. Visit the new C&C: Online page here at CNCNZ.com for more details about the new community-driven GameSpy replacement.
  5. We have had a few teasers, and people have had many questions, and now we have been given the all clear to announce C&C: Online, the new community based initiative to prolong the online life of your favourite Command & Conquer games. So please read the following announcement below, it explains everything and it should give you an idea of how it will work. So as you can see this is a community based initiative to replace GameSpy. You can check out more on the C&C:Online forum at Revora.
  6. This is just another quick teaser to say that you can expect more details coming soon about C&C: Online, the new community based initiative to replace GameSpy and prolong the online life of your favourite Command & Conquer games. We originally revealed this news last weekend, while I can't post all the information right now, its just not at that stage yet. I can tell you that progress has been made and its looking really promising. There is still a lot to be done with the ambitious new project. So keep checking back for the big announcement of this exciting new development for the C&C Community.
  7. C&C: Online is a new community based initiative to prolong the online life of your favourite Command & Conquer games. While we can't give you all the details just yet but we can at least say good things are happening. We will have more news about this exciting community development soon.
  8. ye, i need know : How rename General name of Zero Hour I try to modificate ChallengeMode.ini ,but dosen't work to me Please Help Me
  9. The Generals Gentlemen have posted the first video in a new series looking at some of the best RTS games, this new series has been called "Games that I find awesome". The first one features a look at Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour. The best and to a degree, the worst, of what made Zero Hour so awesome. Look out for more of this video series in the near future.
  10. PwnageMachine

    Why Zero Hour is awesome

    Hi there! Under the name of the Generals Gentlemen my co-caster and I produce great shoutcasts for Zero Hour and other RTS content. Today I'm going to be kicking off my new video series, "Games that I find awesome." In which I give my impressions of certain games exploring what I like and dislike about my favourite games. Naturally I shall be starting off with Command and Conquer Zero Hour, comparing and contrasting to other RTS games such as Starcraft II. Despite the servers going down we will continue to post Zero Hour content so like the Generals Gentlemen Facebook page to follow our content!
  11. GenTool, the popular add-on for C&C Generals and Zero Hour which enhances the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer, has been updated for the first time this year. GenTool is a recommended download for all C&C Generals and Zero Hour players. Version 6.4 includes the following improvements and bug fixes. Fixes/Improvements 6.4 Fixed potential crash on application shutdown Fixed MDS issue where repairing unit on stealthed building caused false positive Moved GenTool save folder from C:\GenTool to C:\Users\...\Documents\GenTool Removed Upload Mode text when inside match or replay Removed version specific Ticker messages Changed Upload Mode to work with latest game versions only Changed Screenshot folder name from "Shots" to "Images" Changed maximum JPG quality setting from 100 to 95 Changed Lobby FPS to 20 when windowed game is not in foreground Reworked game version authentication Download GenTool 6.4 You can download version 6.4 from CNCNZ.com using the link above, or head to the official site for the download.
  12. An ambitious Chinese mod team are currently in the process of creating a Command & Conquer: Generals 2 mod for Zero Hour. It will feature the EU, APA and GLA factions, complete with unit and building models from the cancelled Command & Conquer. It may not be the real thing, but its probably going to the be the closest thing to a Generals sequel that we will see. You can check out more screenshots and models on their ModDB page.
  13. The Rise of the Reds mod for Zero Hour had popped back into the news recently with a new update. And it takes to the skies, in the form of previews for the American V-44 Starlifter (seen below) and the AH-6 Little Bird. Complete with a detailed back story. Check out the full update right here for more.
  14. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/04/03/gamespy-multiplayer-shutting-down-hundreds-of-games-at-risk For C&C, this means the closure of servers for Generals, Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3 (not sure who holds Tiberian Twilight) unless an urgent server move is made. Seeing how so many games are hosted on the same server platforms, that'll be quite a job.
  15. Recently downloaded the 1.3 patch for The First Decade after the reader in my DVD driver went to hell so I could continue playing C&C. The patch worked for all games except for Zero Hour (which unfortunately is the game that amused me the most). After installing the patch, the blue batch file appears with all games coming up "Patched", all worked without the disc except for Zero Hour, which still asks me to insert the DVD. I am using the link found here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/est1svg5xex0z8h/tfd-103-rev4.exe And the download application named: tfd-103-rev4 in my downloads folder. Generals is fun and all, but it's getting a little old without all the different variations. Any help is appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  16. Anyone Knows How To Add An General Image On My New Faction On Zero Hour It Take Me 3 Days With No Idea How ?
  17. Hi guys, I'm new here, decided to register to get some help from professionals So the problem is simple (haha), at the installation this damn pop up shows up. I tried everything I know, moved the whole installation folder to hard drive, cleaned up registry, Run as administrator, Compatibility mode etc... So please if you have any ideas on how to fix this, I would be grateful. Wiling to try every option in order to play this awesome game. Tnx in advance
  18. CnCSaga.de and CnCSaga.com are organizing a joint 2v2 Zero Hour tournament using Hamachi on March 16th on the occasion of the former's relaunch and the ever closer arrival of the forthcoming sequel to the original Generals. The maximum number of players is 32, and there are no special rules other than fair play, no cheating and rematches in cases of connection failures. You can see the rules in German here and in French here. You can also enlist in the linked threads.
  19. The team working on the Visual Reality mod for Zero Hour has posted some new real-life replacements for current game units: the Chinese EMP/mine drop plane will be replaced by the Xian JH-7, the Gatling Cannon with the LD-2000 CIWS and the Helix Helicopter with the MI-8 "Hip". Click here to see them all.
  20. GenTool, a popular add-on for C&C Generals and Zero Hour which enhances the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer, has been given another update. Version 5.9 includes these fixes and improvements.... New Features 5.9 Added MDS Profiler/Output Added Brightness option to GenTool menu Fixes/Improvements 5.9 Fixed "GetLogicalProcessorInformation" crash for Windows XP SP2 and lower Fixed "unknown" upload directory in CCG upload mode Fixed blurry GenTool image on boot up Changed Config Save to keep settings across new versions Increased overall MDS performance Improved MDS detection accuracy by scanning player actions Improved MDS AIState retrieval strategy Improved Scrolling behaviour when the Spectating mode or MDS Popup is active Improved Event readability by converting UTC to local times Improved Event logic Refactored/Optimized code for readability and efficiency GenTool 6.0 (5.61 MB) Another new bonus feature the Generals and Zero Hour players may want to look at is the new Control Bar HD Remastered Pack. You can download GenTool 5.9 from CNCNZ.com using the link above, or head to the official site for the download. UPDATE: Our local mirror has been updated to GenTool 6.0.
  21. Hey guys i have already a faction. but a one problem is here, i want to use the unusable buildings like the Alpha Buildings. and i have the textures of the alpha buildings like usa alpha buildings. i want to make them usable for my new faction but i dont know what to do T_T halp me. and guys u see my profile pic thats my faction pic.
  22. GenTool, a popular add-on for C&C Generals and Zero Hour which enhances the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer, was recently updated to version 5.8. The fixes and improvements in this release are.... Fixed major performance issues by improving Single Core and Multi Core CPU techniques Fixed missing plane lock warning in CCG MDS Fixed missing deletion of left over files from Upload Mode on application quit during active upload Added deactivation of scroll while player spectating is enabled in Replay mode GenTool 5.8 (5.56 MB) You can download version 5.8 from CNCNZ.com using the link above, or head to the official site for the download.
  23. Hi there, I've been looking to do this for a while - in the Contra Mod there's a selectable fixed-wing air unit called the C27J Spartan which is able to parachute infantry. The coding for that aircraft basically involved making a weaponset that spawned infantry instead of dropping bombs, so you can effectively parachute free infantry by ordering the aircraft to force-attack a location. The infantry would then automatically "reload" inside the aircraft at the airfield. I would like to make a similar unit such that it parachutes infantry that have been garrisoned inside previously; i.e. a C27 that you load up with infantry (just like a chinook) at the airfield and is then able to deploy those infantry via parachute at a location of your choice. I've been modding for quite some time now and am pretty experienced with editing .ini coding but I honestly wouldn't know where to start with this one. I've tried looking at the code for scripted drops and the code for the chinook's fastrope ability, but that hasn't really been useful at all! If anyone could give me a hand, that would be great! Cheers.
  24. Plokite_Wolf

    GenTool 5.7 Released

    GenTool, a popular add-on for C&C Generals and Zero Hour which enhances the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer, was recently updated to version 5.7. The fixes and improvements in this release are.... Added event scheduler in main menu Fixed possible crash when MDS was used with replays containing non-ASCII player names Fixed MDS false positive due lock under fog on buildings Fixed MDS false positive due to Workers clearing mines Fixed MDS false positive due to Angry Mobs auto locking units in fog (added warning) You can download version 5.7 from CNCNZ.com using the link below, or head to the official site for the download. GenTool 5.7 (5.60 MB)
  25. GenTool, a popular add-on for C&C Generals and Zero Hour which enhances the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer, was recenlty updated to version 5.6. The fixes and improvements this release are.... Fixed Error 45, Error 13 and similar on game launch/exit Fixed MDS false positives due attack-move with high range and similar moves Fixed user error with wrong windows clock DST settings by increasing clock adjustment tolerance to 1:05 hours Fixed upload.log not being saved to correct location when storage was changed Added modding support by allowing custom camera height settings from GameData.ini Added popup on game start if game version is not fully supported Changed texts Changed major parts of code You can download version 5.6 from CNCNZ.com using the link below. Or head to the official site for the download. GenTool 5.6 (5.61 MB)