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Found 7 results

  1. EA Phenomic have sent us something special to share with the C&C community. It's a unique beta key for the Tiberium Alliances closed beta that can only be redeemed 1000 times within a 24 hour period, beginning on Monday at 8 PM CET. After that, this key will expire and can no longer be redeemed anymore, but everyone who successfully registers it will stay in the closed beta afterwards. So take note of the key below the Tiberium Alliances logo. 4LZA-2LQZ-5XF8-3RNH Remember this key can't be used right now, you will have to wait until Monday 8 PM CET. At this time, EA Phenomic will be opening a new game server for Tiberium Alliances and everyone is invited to play on both. No second key is needed, as one closed beta account entitles you to play on both. So if you're already in the closed beta, you have something look forward to. This is all part of EA Phenomic's planned "Stress Test". They want as many players in the game as possible to see how their servers hold up. I'm not 100% certain, but I think this key is either unique to CNCNZ.com or the English speaking C&C community. So your chances of getting in should be good, but it will go fast, so you're going to have to be quick. It's first in, first served.
  2. If you signed up to receive that elusive beta key so you can check out Tiberium Alliances, and you're still waiting, fear not, the wait is almost over. 10,000 new beta keys are scheduled to be e-mailed out on the 26th of January. This was posted by Menthur, the Tiberium Alliances Community Manager, on the Official C&C Forums. They were first planned for the 19th, but then pushed back to the 26th. So look out for that important e-mail in just under a weeks time. Click here for the original post.
  3. Here are the final results for our Tiberium Alliances Beta Keys Give-Away. The five lucky names listed below have been selected at random and now have instant access into the private Tiberium Alliances beta. Each winner has been notified via a message on Facebook. Nico Meier Charon Ferryman Robert Lang Patrick Hayes Benjamin Lawson Congratulations to the winners. Please remember there is an NDA for the Tiberium Alliances beta. There is a strict policy of not publicly disclosing anything you see in the game. If you missed out you might have better luck in our follow up contest. We'll be giving away some extra bonus Tiberium Alliances beta keys. More info on that soon.
  4. So you want direct access to Tiberium Alliances beta? Well guess what? CNCNZ.com is going to give it to you. Thanks to our friends at EA, we have five keys to give away. And we are keeping it really simple. All you have to do is "Like the Tiberium Alliances Beta Keys Give-Away" news post on our Facebook page, if you're not already a fan of our Facebook page make sure you like "Like" that as well and help us boost our fans on there. Five names will be drawn at random from the people who "Like the Tiberium Alliances Beta Keys Give-Away" news post on our Facebook page. Its that easy! Hint: It's this particular news post right here! Just the click the "Like" link and you're in to win. The contest will close in 72 hours. So sometime on Wednesday I will notify the lucky winners and send them their beta keys. But that's not all. Because once this contest finishes, I will be giving away some more keys.
  5. Someone asked a simple question on the Official Twitter page for Tiberium Alliances, wanting to know when the Brotherhood of Nod would be available as a playable faction. So, for those wondering, here's your answer. Click here for the original post.
  6. At the current time there are two ways to gain access to the Tiberium Alliances beta. You can head over to TiberiumAlliances.com, the official site, and register for a beta key, or follow Tiberium Alliances using social media that everyone just loves to do... yeah right. Anyway, for those who haven't noticed, the Tiberium Alliances team have been posting beta keys that allow approximately 20 activations. Tiberium Alliances on Facebook Tiberium Alliances on Twitter You do have to be quick, though.
  7. It has been mentioned on the Twitter page for Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances, @CnCAlliances, that all beta invitations are in the process of being sent out to all those who registered for beta access. The will be sent via e-mail so keep an eye on your inbox. The original tweet can be found here.