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  1. Just a bit late in posting this weeks edition of Throwback Thursday. This week we look back at Red Alert from 1996 and the interesting design of the Power Plant. For those who haven't noticed the Power Plant in the original Red Alert bares a striking resemblance to the real life Battersea Power Station located on the south bank of the River Thames, in Battersea, an inner-city district of South West London, England. I guess its safe to assume that Westwood used this building as inspiration for their Power Plant design. The Battersea Power Station has become an iconic structure, being featured in or used as a shooting location for many films, television programmes, music videos and video games. And its cool how we can tie in some Command & Conquer nostalgia to it these days. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  2. The classic Red Alert has been included in the 2015 edition of PC Gamer's Best Strategy Games on PC List. Many of the usual suspects are in this list, but there are a few surprising omissions as well. Here's what they said about Red Alert. Click here if your interested in seeing the full list, And just as it says above, Red Alert is available as freeware these days so download it for yourself.
  3. Its a little bit different for Throwback Thursday this week. Jumping back to 3 different time periods, its a Triple Tanya Throwback. We have had Special Agent Tanya appear in 3 Red Alert games, plus expansions, but the character has been portrayed by 3 different actresses. Kari Wuhrer as Tanya in Red Alert 2 from 2000 has always appeared to be the most popular. When Red Alert 3 was announced, there was a push from the community and fans for EA to get Kari Wuher back again. But EA had already long since cast Jenny McCarthy to take over the part. I think it still worked just fine. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  4. The resources are the most important part of any RTS game, and Command & Conquer games are no different with Tiberium in the Tiberium universe, Ore and Gems in the Red Alert universe. Here's a funny video that opens the debate, which classic RTS game has the best resource. The video features Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Dune 2000, StarCraft, Warcraft 2 and more.... So what is the best resource ever in RTS games?
  5. So what would happen if the Zerg from StarCraft somehow attacked the Allies in Red Alert? This well made fan video attempts to answer this question. Watch for the twist ending. This video also doubles as a bit of promotion for CnCNet, something you should check out if you like the classics such as Command & Conquer and Red Alert.
  6. DVD Player, a recent addition to our newly established Articles Team, has submitted his first article. "Camp Corner" is a new series of articles that will take closer look into the stories and settings of the Command & Conquer series. With the first one focusing on Red Alert. Here's a small sample.... Click here to read the full article.
  7. 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the original and classic Command & Conquer, released by Westwood Studios in 1995. With that in mind, Tom Bennet has informed me about a special article that he has written. It looks back the past 20 years of Command & Conquer and Red Alert. Tiberian Origins: 20 Years of Command & Conquer, is a well written article, loaded with lots of Command & Conquer charm and featuring fresh insight from former Westwood developers Frank Klepacki, Eric Gooch, and Joe Bostic. Tom actually got in contact with Frank, Eric and Joe to get their thoughts on the early days of the franchise. There is even a cool interactive Command & Conquer time line towards the end. Here's a small sample.... Follow this link to read the article. Make sure you scroll the page to start reading.
  8. It's great to see the original classic Command & Conquer games are still getting new content made by dedicated fans. FunkyFr3sh has released an updated version of the Map Editor for Red Alert. It's one of the most simple and easy-to-use map tools for any game and now it supports new features, which are listed below. Features: High Resolution Patch Standalone (runs without having Red Alert installed) Multiple instances are now possible, start the editor as often as you need No disk space error has been fixed No-CD patch Loads a new settings file named "edwin.ini" (change your resolution in there) Too fast scrollrate is fixed (can be disabled via edwin.ini [Options]SlowerScrollRate=no) Tile selection via mousewheel and category selection via mouse middle button This topic in our forums has some extra information and the download link.
  9. There's less less than 24 hours until The Dawn of the Tiberium Age's release. While you wait, here's something to warm you up for what's coming:
  10. This video is by no means new, but it was spotted by the OpenRA team. TotalBiscuit, the Cynical Brit, presents the origins of the Red Alert back story, all done about one minute. There is a similar video done for the . In case you're wondering, both videos were posted last December.
  11. The new look CnCNet site was launched earlier today. Sporting a fresh and modern design, complete with a new logo. It includes all of the information you need to play the classic games such as Command & Conquer, Red Alert and more online. If you look close enough around the new site you will find certain hints on what's to come next. Visit the CnCNet now to see it for yourself.
  12. It's interesting how all three Red Alert games have very close anniversaries. Yesterday, Command & Conquer: Red Alert became 17 years old! Released by Westwood Studios on 31 October 1996, Red Alert polished what Dune II and Tiberian Dawn started - it had two brilliant campaigns with many more characters than Tiberian Dawn, introduced skirmishes versus the AI, perfected the multiplayer component and brought an overall amazing gameplay. Many will remember Stalin, Mammoth Tanks, Tesla Coils and Cruisers with a smile on their face. The first Red Alert is still a fan favourite, with the CnCNet lobby filled with at least 40 players at literally any given time. Many of the older fans will also remember the days when they made INI-based mods with absolute ease. Share your opinions and memories on the first Red Alert in this thread. Also, if you haven't done so, check out the community-made release named PortableRA with bugfixes and new features, available completely free of charge.
  13. For quite some time we have had the Freeware Classic Command & Conquer Games available for download from CNCNZ.com. These were all made available for free by EA at various stages. By popular demand, the add-ons Covert Operations for Command & Conquer, Counterstrike and Aftermath for Red Alert can now be downloaded as well. These are ISOs made from the original CDs. Command & Conquer: Covert Operations Red Alert: Counterstrike Red Alert: Aftermath Click on the links above for the downloads. You will also find them on the Freeware Classic Command & Conquer Games page.
  14. I'm putting together a new feature for CNCNZ.com and it requires some input from you, the long time Command & Conquer fan. What you need to do is share with us your favourite, most memorable or simply the most awesome moment from any of the Command & Conquer games. The moment that makes you simile, laugh or think "now that was bad ass!". For example, it could be a scene stealing moment such as when Kane makes his announced appearance during the Soviet campaign in the original Red Alert. For me, it was such an unexpected moment, Kane barely says a word, but his presence was so powerful. So what's your favourite Command & Conquer moment? Or moments. Share them with us in this topic. It will also help if you include a screenshot and describe why you like the moment so much.
  15. I created these maps long ago at the beginning of this millenium. Since Iran's 303 update I' m able to play RA1 again, so I collected the best and bunched them together to a full mod/expansion pack. I 've seen there are still people out there playing this old game, so they may enjoy this addon. The Discovert Ops missions are more epic, more complicated, much harder and more detailed (as well landscape and scripting) than the original missions. Originally I built these maps only for me and some friends and did not plan to upload them, so there is no coherent storyline and the sides are not strictly separated in USSR or allies. You are green, the enemy is red, thats everything. Some Features: 13 singleplayer missions 10 multiplayer maps water tiles and ore added to interior terrain reusage of c&c1 civilian structures (which were still hardcoded in RA) more than 20 new units, exclusive major bosses improved AI and ini settings (the skirmish AI now is a little bastard! ) Mirrors: See http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=3068.0 Screenshots say more than text: (do not wonder, in some missions you'll hear EVA's "unit lost" at the beginning, I used an improvement containing spies, mines and silver crates to cloak hostile buildings.)
  16. A new mod for Red Alert, yes you read that right, has been released. Command & Conquer: Civil Warfare features two armies, the Allied People's Army (APA - Allies) and the Royal Black Hole Army (BHA - Soviets). This mod also includes a lot of different balance tweaks to the original Red Alert. You can find out more about the Command & Conquer: Civil Warfare mod for Red Alert right here.
  17. A new beta version of PortableRA has been released, and its available for for download now. PortableRA is a Red Alert game download which comes with all the latest community fixes and patches. It is modular in that it can be downloaded as a small 13 MB minimum package with campaign, music and videos added later. Its also features an automated PortableRA installer and a videos installer. Support for videos and music from the PlayStation only Red Alert: Retaliation game is also included. It is known to run on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It also runs on Linux and Mac OS X under Wine. The main new features/changes in the new PortableRA beta release are: The new CnCNet 5 is included by default instead of the older CnCNet 4. There are over 200 Red Alert players on-line on CnCNet 5 every European evening. The new CnCnet 5 is a massive improvement over CnCNet 4 and has been in development for 9 months. Newer version of the ra303p patch is included with more fixes and features. More details can be found in this thread on our forums. Or you can head straight to the PortableRA site for the download.
  18. AZ-Stalker was kind enough to send me the December 1996 issue of the old Croatian magazine "Hacker" with a review of the first Red Alert. What makes it so intriguing are the dates related to several development phases of the game, unavailable elsewhere nowadays. Everyone who loves keeping all possible data on C&C games can feast his eyes on this 12 December 1995 - Westwood Studios started creating a real-time strategy game set in the Second World War. The name is still unknown. 29 January 1996 - The newly named Command & Conquer: Red Alert begins experimental development on Windows 95. 11 February 1996 - Story drafts completed, great new units and buildings announced. 1 March 1996 - Development for DOS and Windows 95 accelerates. 80% of the engine and 25% of the artwork (graphics, sounds, missions) are done. 15 March 1996 - Multiplayer capacity increased from 4 to 6. 17 May 1996 - Multiplayer capacity increased from 6 to 8. 27 June 1996 - Westwood Studios focuses development on creating a multiplayer environment on the Internet. 1 September 1996 - Testing of DOS and Windows 95 versions started. Tester count increased from 10 to 60. 5 September 1996 - Westwood Studios announces the game to be released in 45 days. 4 November 1996 - PC Gamer releases "secret" information and never before seen images from the game. 9 November 1996 - First CDs created. Bug hunting becomes a priority. 12 November 1996 - The game malfunctions on some systems. 14 November 1996 - First master discs manufactured. Final testing phase started. 17 November 1996 (7:00 AM PDT) - Master discs sent for copying, ending the development cycle of the game. 31 November 1996 - Game released in North America. Magazine photos (not scans, he announces to have them made soon) are here: http://imgur.com/a/V0SSp
  19. For the past couple of days we have been asking fans to share a photo or photos of their Command & Conquer collections on our Facebook page. All of the games, T-Shirts and other memorabilia you have amassed over the years. We know there are many long time fans of the franchise so now we want you to show us. Show us how dedicated you are. We have already shared many of the photos from other Command & Conquer fans on the CNCNZ.com Facebook page for others see. Its proven rather popular so far. Head over there and check them out. If you have a collection you would like to share post it on our Facebook page, or just as a reply in this news thread. I'm now wondering if we can get any of the CNCNZ.com team to share their collection?
  20. After over a year of work and testing CnCNet 5 has finally been released and its available for download now. CnCNet 5 supports Command & Conquer and Red Alert. Support for Tiberian Sun is coming. CnCNet allows you to easily play the C&C classics online with other people. Detailed information about what has changed and been improved in this version of CnCNet 5 can be read in this topic on our forums. If you are ready to download it, follow this link.
  21. Tore

    CnCNet 5 released!

    TL:DR version: CnCNet 5 is awesome! Took a long time to make and test! TS and RA2 not supported yet! Download here! After over a year of work and testing CnCNet 5 has finally been deemed stable enough for an official release! Compared to CnCNet 4, CnCNet 5 is coded from scratch and takes advantage of the online systems Westwood implemented into the games. CnCNet 5 has a external lobby system which gets rid of the old and buggy LAN lobby. No more games disappearing or glitches related to kicking people from the game. You can also say good bye to lag caused by the LAN netcode as previously hinted to CnCNet 5 makes use of the WOL netcode making games go smooth. CnCNet 5 works perfectly despite closed ports due to the improved tunnelling system which also lets multiple people in the same household play with people online. The CnCNet 5 lobby uses an IRC server which allows you to send private messages, make passworded lobbies game and to communicate with players. You can connect using a normal IRC client as well, but you won't have any game functionality. Currently CnCNet 5 supports Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert. Support for Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun is in the works as is other Westwood Online enabled games, maybe even a game where you fight over a certain "waterless world". Below are a list of changes to the individual games: Command & Conquer - Over 160 maps to choose from by default. - New option: Auto Crush Infantry - New option: MCV Undeploy - Automatic transfer of custom maps - No limit on starting money Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Over 430 maps to choose from by default. - Automatic transfer of custom maps - Choose starting location - Choose alliance - New option: Fix Formation Exploit - New option: Fix Range Exploit - 12 other new game options - Automatic transfer of custom maps - No limit on starting money Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Not yet supported, use CnCNet 4 in the mean time. - Iran is working on it with help from CCHyper! If you are interested in following development look here: http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=498086 Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Not yet supported, use CnCNet 4 in the mean time. - Needs a developer, if you are interested go to irc.freenode.net in the channel #cncnet. CnCNet 5 would not have been possible if it weren't for the hard work of hifi (backend), FunkyFr3sh (frontend) and Iran (tons of new features in the games). Features such as ladder etc will come soon. CnCNet provides ready to play versions of both Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert.
  22. As you may or may not know, CnCNet 5 is in a testing phase now, but it's slowly nearing a full release. This version significantly improves upon CnCNet 4, adding an integrated IRC server and tunneled server support, enabling the player to organize multiplayer matches easier and chat with other players, all without having to run the option-limited menus in the game itself. It also adds completely new features to the games themselves. Here are some of them: Map previews Observer mode and co-op support for Red Alert Team and starting position selection for Red Alert Automatic map transfer Giant map database with search function and categories Advanced game options (e.g. undeployable MCVs, range/formation exploit fixes, Aftermath build cap fix...) Also, the team is working on introducing ranked games and a ladder system in the near future. They will also welcome anyone interested in adding support for Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2. To download the client, visit the related thread on the C&C Communications Center by clicking here.
  23. Just a few days ago, gaming blog UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT posted a list that shows their top 5 Command & Conquer titles. It's an interesting and possibly controversial pick for number one, that being Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, but it's really just one person's opinion. The full top 5 is.... Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Command & Conquer: Red Alert Command & Conquer: Generals Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 You will find the full article right here.
  24. zunnie

    Red Alert: FPS

    Website | IndieDB | Steam This game is all about Command and Conquer: Red Alert suited in an FPS environment running on the Renegade W3D Engine. We will work out all units, buildings and assets as much as we can to make it ejoyable and fun for everyone. Play with the technician as your spawn character in the buildings of the Red Alert universe where you can purchase more advanced units after your first Ore Truck deposit. On our server suitable for 50 players work as a team and organize rushes, through tactics and lead your team to victory with a broad range of units such as the Allied Light Tank, Allied Medium Tank, Soviet V2, Soviet Heavy Tank and the Soviet Mammoth Tank. Also available are the Demolition Trucks and the Superweapon Atomic Bombs for those big explosions getting rid of any enemy unit or structure in a blast. The game will have dynamics such as 'tied to structure purchase options' meaning you lose purchase items as buildings are destroyed, and of course the always fun 'manual ore harvesting' we all love to do. Choose your character, drive, fly or glide your vehicle/aircraft/boat and conquer your enemy Red Alert style Thanks for reading! //Greetz MPF RA:FPS Dev Team ======================================== This will be the topic i use to post updates and what not, instead of creating new ones all the time i figured it would be nice to concentrate the updates into one topic. Here ara a few renders and stuff: The Tesla coil saw widespread use in the second world war, going so far as to become one of the staples of the Soviet military installation. The standard coil stood about forty feet tall and was surmounted with a bulbous electric diode, typically one brimming with excess electricity. The base of the coil hid a small underground control bunker that contained a single operator, usually a Soviet technician, whose purpose was to direct the coils attacks at enemy targets. This would be done by ionizing the air between the coil's diode and the target, completing the circuit and creating a lightning bolt. This bolt was devestating against infantry, usually killing them instantly, and proved almost as effective on most vehicles. Although not very important to the development of the project, still a nice touch: This image splash screen will be displayed now when the Level Editor to setup maps is launched.
  25. PortableRA, Iran's release of the first Red Alert, has undergone a major update recently. It now comes with the latest version of the 3.03p patch, fixes more bugs and crashes, adds new hotkeys, adds the savegame function to skirmishes, fixes some errors in the campaigns, adds desert and winter theatres, restores the build speed acceleration with multiple factories in Aftermath and adds many more features, which have a count of 140! Most importantly, it is compatible with CnCNet v4 and v5 with players that have only Red Alert and those that also have Aftermath. You can download PortableRA by clicking here. You can also see the full changelog here.