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  1. Similar in purpose to the newly released C&C Maps Renderer 2.0, Iran's Map Preview Generators for Command & Conquer and Red Alert have been released to help render full map previews using the games' graphics engines, which is useful for showing off your new maps. There is also a separate tool for creating map thumbnails for Red Alert. For more info and download links, look below: C&C Full Map Preview Generator RA1 Full Map Preview Generator RA1 Map Preview Generator (creates thumbnails, do not confuse it with the one above) Keep in mind that these tools are still in beta phase, even though no issues have been reported by the time this news post was written. You will also require Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 in order to run these tools.
  2. MPF-Games has announced Red Alert FPS, a new game running on Renegade's W3D engine with Red Alert units, buildings and assets recreated from scratch. It is not to be confused with the long-running Red Alert: A Path Beyond by Bluehell Productions. You can read the original announcement post right here on our forums or check out the Red Alert FPS site for more. You will also find them on IndieDB and Steam.
  3. Over the last couple of weeks, Kotaku readers have been accumulating a list of The Classic PC Games You Must Play. For games to be part of this massive list, they had to meet some requirements - the game had to have been released in 2003 or earlier and must be legally purchasable. People who submitted games also needed to explain why they should be included, where you can get them, and tips to get them working on modern computers. And, of course, Command & Conquer games have been included. It wouldn't be a classic PC gaming list without our favourite franchise. These Command & Conquer games made the list... Command & Conquer: Generals Command & Conquer: Renegade Command & Conquer: Red Alert Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Just follow those links above, allow the page to load, to read about how these Command & Conquer games got included. If you're interested, check out the full list.
  4. zunnie

    Red Alert: FPS

    Website | IndieDB | Steam This game is all about Command and Conquer: Red Alert suited in an FPS environment running on the Renegade W3D Engine. We will work out all units, buildings and assets as much as we can to make it ejoyable and fun for everyone. Play with the technician as your spawn character in the buildings of the Red Alert universe where you can purchase more advanced units after your first Ore Truck deposit. On our server suitable for 50 players work as a team and organize rushes, through tactics and lead your team to victory with a broad range of units such as the Allied Light Tank, Allied Medium Tank, Soviet V2, Soviet Heavy Tank and the Soviet Mammoth Tank. Also available are the Demolition Trucks and the Superweapon Atomic Bombs for those big explosions getting rid of any enemy unit or structure in a blast. The game will have dynamics such as 'tied to structure purchase options' meaning you lose purchase items as buildings are destroyed, and of course the always fun 'manual ore harvesting' we all love to do. Choose your character, drive, fly or glide your vehicle/aircraft/boat and conquer your enemy Red Alert style Thanks for reading! //Greetz MPF RA:FPS Dev Team
  5. Matthias

    OpenRA Release 20130915

    Our September release is another huge jump, with over 1,100 changes and improvements by 17 authors. The headline changes in this build are: Refined Fog of War behavior (buildings and ore/tiberium/spice are now frozen as they were last seen). Added game options for starting units, starting cash, team construction, shroud, fog of war. Reworked engineer behavior - C&C again uses the classic behavior, and RA/D2K external (C&C Generals style) capturing. Overhauled firing, projectile, and explosion effects for all mods. Native support for the D2K game files, significantly improving the artwork and sound quality. Fixed windows installer problems. A lot more bug, crash, and performance fixes. Please note that that OpenRA now requires GPU support for framebuffer objects. This should not be a problem for most computers manufactured in the last 5-7 years, but some older high-end GPUs may not work from this release onward. The full list of changes is far too large to include here, so we recommend clicking through to the human-optimized changelog or full list of commits. If youd like to get involved, the best point of contact is our IRC channel #openra (webchat). This release also adds beta support for Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 assets. Work has started on an official Tiberian Sun mod, but we dont expect this to be ready for several more months. In the meantime, modders can take advantage of the new voxel and shp(ts) support in their own projects. D2K now uses the original translucent explosion effects. The overhauled lobby interface offers several new game options. An early test showing voxel units in OpenRA (we have no plans on shipping this!). We have also taken this time to overhaul our website. Its hot off the virtual press, so please let us know if you spot any typos or rendering glitches.
  6. @Jehal, one the regular contributors on our forums, has created this great looking fan made Command & Conquer wallpaper. It features the box art from the original Command & Conquer, Red Alert and Tiberian Sun. It is only available in one screen resolution, though. 1920 x 1080 A fine tribute to the classic Command & Conquer games from the 1990's.
  7. Zlexpro, one of the better-known Diablo III players and commentators, who used to be a Red Alert 3 expert, is streaming a marathon of Red Alert campaign gameplay on his Twitch channel, starting with the original Red Alert from 1996. He is playing live right now, so you can click here to watch him. You're also free to take a peek at his past streams.
  8. Some of you may remember the Red Alert Archive as one of the biggest websites dedicated to the original Red Alert game. The site went off the community radar in February 2004 and was only maintained online without any updates at all. Things have changed on May 13th this year, when RaZor, its administrator, started updating the site once more. There is also a brand new punBB-powered forum section. Visit the site by clicking here. You can also drop by the forums and guestbook and say hello.
  9. Matthias

    OpenRA Release 20130514

    Today we're announcing our long-overdue "Mammoth May Madness" release. In the last 7 months, 26 authors have contributed more than 1,100 individual changes and improvements. Some of the highlights in this release include: Significantly improved AI. UI improvements to the menus and lobby. New UI for replays, spectators and defeated players. New construction radius limits for C&C and D2K. Repairable bridges. Desert theater for RA. Left-click mouse controls (beta). 5 new missions for RA. 20 new multiplayer maps across all three mods. Significant balance improvements across all three mods. More bugfixes than you can shake a tesla coil at. Screenshots A Composite screenshot showing the new lobby tooltips and player color selector in the Dune 2000 mod The Red Alert mod includes a new main menu and desert-themed shellmap. The C&C and D2K mods now require buildings to be constructed near a construction yard, reducing the effectiveness of multiple-building-queue base-walking strategies. Bridges can now be repaired by sending an engineer into the rubble. Head to the Official Website or Desura to download.
  10. An update about future improvement to CnCNet has been posted. CnCNet is a small tool that allows you to easily play the classic C&C games such as Command & Conquer, Red Alert and Tiberian Sun online with other people. While there is no release date for the next major release of CnCNet, you can at least get an idea about its future in this update. You can learn more about CnCNet by visiting the official site.
  11. Hail to the community! I tried to figure out if there was a mod that would bring the Tiberian Dawn elements into Red Alert. I mean, not a conversion. A mod that would add the TD elements to RA, in order to play allies, soviets, GDI and Nod in a same game (and also desert maps and snow-covered TD maps). But I didn't find such a mod. So I need help, and I'd like to ask several questions: 1) Would it be possible to add the GDI and NOD to RA while letting the soviets and allies? 2) If yes, how to do it? Maybe by adding the TD .mix files in RA by a way or another, in order to keep the TD sounds for GDI and Nod units? There would be two med tanks, two mammoths, two e1, etc; but it would allow even more .ini modding. I hope it could be done, but I'm unsure if there are hardcoded limitations nor other things like these. I also don't know how the game handles the .mix files. Anyway, thanks in advance!
  12. PC Gamer has a new "Why" video feature, showing which games (not) to play or what is good and bad in them. This time, Tyler Wilde features the original Red Alert, showing why he liked the game and what advantages does it have over modern RTS games. It's an interesting video in which he also makes a reflection on the gameplay and modding alike. Click here to see the original post on the PC Gamer website.
  13. C&C Classic Revolution is a new mod for Red Alert with the Aftermath expansion. This mod includes the USA going head to head with the USSR in a Cold War gone hot scenario. The mod features gameplay that is different from the traditional Red Alert style, with powerful infantry units, a new method of expanding and a lot more. Check out this gameplay video below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVW64BE20Ms You can find more information, screen shots and the download links in this thread on the C&C Comm Center forums.
  14. One of our regular forum members, Iran, has released the beta version of PortableRA. This version of Red Alert 1 requires no registry keys to work and can enable or disable the expansion packs on the fly. It supports various bonus content (e.g. Nyerguds' The Lost Files patch), fixes some non-code errors and is compatible with language packs, some of which have already been made. Click here to see all its features and proceed to the download links. The thread also shows download links for cutscenes, music and minor additions.
  15. It's always great to see the talent and creativity from fans in the C&C community. Here's a great sounding fan made remix of Frank Klepacki's Hell March trilogy, from all three Red Alert games, made by smiechu85. This medley was recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered in his own home studio. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTVp7r56HpQ A high quality download can be found here.
  16. For the past couple of months, 1UP.com has been counting down the Essential 100 games as picked by their readers. And no list would be complete without a Command & Conquer game in it, right? So it's great to see Westwood's classic Red Alert make it in at number 66. Here's a sample of the article. You can read the full article right here.
  17. This was first posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages but it's good enough for our main site. One of the latest comic strips from Dorkly has a Red Alert theme. Check out Red Alert Ore Trucker Crisis. ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/SvDqA.jpg The original comic was found right here.
  18. Red Alert's all time classic Hell March has been named at number 7 in ComputerAndVideoGames.com's Video game soundtracks: The 100 best themes of all time. CVG describes the iconic song below. It should be noted that even though Hell March is number 7, CVG's list is actually in no particular order. Click here to see the entire top 100.
  19. Just a few days ago this important news about Red Alert: A Path Beyond was posted on the Bluehell Productions site. It appears that a non functioning version of the 2.1 Gamma release appeared on Desura, ModDB's download platform service. This was through no fault of Bluehell Productions though. Click here for the original announcement.
  20. Madin, the creator of the Red Alert History mod for C&C 3: Tiberium Wars has posted some ingame footage of the Allied AA Gun from Red Alert, which includes some screen shots and an impressive video showing several AA Guns literally shredding dozens of Soviet Hinds. Have a look: http://www.moddb.com/media/iframe/580321 You can follow Red Alert History on its ModDB profile.
  21. The team working on the Paradox mod for Red Alert 3 has now turned their attention to Release 1, which will be much more detailed than the Apocalypse Minimod. For now, they have shown the renders of the Achilles, the Particle Expeller and Gap Generator for the Allies. The Achilles is a fast, experimental air superiority fighter, armed with a spectrum cannon. It can use a supersonic afterburner to return to its airfield faster than other aircraft. The Particle Expeller is an experimental vehicle that uses particle acceleration to decimate tanks. It can switch from burst fire to splash damage fire and is amphibious. The Gap Generator is more or less the same as we saw it in Red Alert and Red Alert 2. ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/members/1/311/310971/AlliedAch.1.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/12/11998/AlliedPE.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/12/11998/AlliedGAP.jpg You can follow their ModDB profile or check out their Mod Wiki.
  22. Bluehell Productions has posted some new screen shots depicting the new Light Tank created by Kane000, MightyBob and Eggman891, based on the M24 Chaffee. Four distinct skins will be featured in the next release of Red Alert: A Path Beyond, same as the previously shown Heavy Tank. ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/games/1/1/321/ltnks.png ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/games/1/1/321/ltnk.png You can follow the progress of A Path Beyond on their website and IndieDB profile.
  23. Bluehell Productions has released Gamma version 2.1 of Red Alert: A Path Beyond. The latest release guarantees doubled-or-better performance over the last version. There are couple of minor known issues, but nothing game breaking. The full change list can be found here. Download mirrors: Download @ ModDB Bluehell Productions (FTP) Bluehell Productions (HTTP) Catalyst Hosting Whogetsalltheladies.me Wundersprockets.com Right now, you can only download the Red Alert: A Path Beyond 2.1.0 full client installation, a 2.0 to 2.1 patch is in the works, as well as the various server and development packages. Head over to the Bluehell Productions site for more.
  24. Just a bit of catch up news here. Bluehell Productions are preparing to release Red Alert: A Path Beyond Gamma 2.1 very soon. They just need to get the download mirrors set up and do some final testing. So until the download is ready feel free to check out the extremely long changelog for Red Alert: A Path Beyond Gamma 2.1 by clicking here.
  25. The C&C Community Manager, EA_CIRE, has posted a new survey on the Official Command & Conquer Site. This time it's about soundtracks of the Red Alert universe. You can choose up to three of your favourite tracks from each of the three Red Alert games, excluding the expansions. Their aim is to discover which style of music do the fans like the most. You can cast your votes by clicking here.