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  1. E3 has been underway for the past couple of days now in Los Angeles, and all the big players like Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, and of course EA have all made their various announcements filled with glitz and glamour. Lots of interesting things have been revealed this year, but sadly nothing for us Command & Conquer fans. I paid close attention to what EA was doing, hoping to see a new Command & Conquer game being announced. It was probably wishful thinking anyway, because Command & Conquer has never made a big splash at E3 over the years. Focus now shifts to August and Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. And oh yeah, August 2015 just happens to be the 20th anniversary of Command & Conquer. Now doesn't that sound like the perfect time to announce the rebirth of the Command & Conquer franchise?
  2. Tara Babcock from ZoomInGames has interviewed Tim Morten at E3 and asked him about the recent topics from C&C ad blurbs, such as non-Middle Eastern generals, shoes for the Workers and the semantics of free-to-play gameplay and development. Once more, he answers the question of what will be and will not be free in the game and repeats the fact that one can earn everything by either playing or paying. We have more video content from the new Command & Conquer on .
  3. Being a bit late to the party, Gamereactor has just a few days ago uploaded an interview with Bryan Farina taken at E3. The topics are: generals, campaigns, other universes and possible mobile releases. Nothing much new here. We've got confirmation that the campaigns are WIP, but will not be in the game at launch and that tablet versions are an option, but do not necessarily need to be covered.
  4. A new Command & Conquer trailer has been released at E3 earlier today, showing some more of the gameplay, more units and more Generals, some of which are presented in CGI and with voiceovers. It seems like they'll communicate with the player in a similar manner as in Red Alert 3. Things are finally looking bright regarding news feeds and this trailer sure sheds at least a bit of positive light on the game.
  5. It's great to see Command & Conquer having a significant presence at E3 for the time in many years. For those who can't attend the big show, here's a photo of the Command & Conquer booth at E3 for this year, complete with faction-themed walls! Can anyone actually remember the last time Command & Conquer was represented at an E3 in a major way?
  6. Victory Games has released a short video showing what's happening with Command & Conquer at E3 2013. Community manger, EA_CIRE, has also asked several aggregator editors to share their thoughts about the game. We have more video content from the new Command & Conquer on .
  7. Most people should have figured this out by now. Unfortunately, Command & Conquer Generals 2 will not be shown at E3 this year. Lots of people in the C&C Community were hoping for something about the next Command & Conquer to be released, but our C&C Community Manager, EA_CIRE confirmed it in this post on the Official C&C Forums.... It is somewhat disappointing. It has been six months since the big announcement of Generals 2, and we haven't heard anything since. E3 is a golden opportunity to showcase your product to the rest of the gaming industry. So is it a case of an opportunity lost? Although EA_CIRE does say Generals 2 will not have any public presence, does that mean it was shown privately? Anyway, I'm sure the team at BioWare Victory have their reasons for staying so quiet.
  8. Plokite_Wolf

    List of EA Games at E3

    EA has posted a list of some games that will be shown at E3, which includes two expansions for Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, SimCity and the standard EA Sports line of games. It seems Generals 2 is not on the list, but who knows? Let's hope BioWare will show up with their own booth at the expo. Keep an eye out for official E3 broadcasts on JeuxVideo.com (French site) and on www.ea.com/e3, while American fans can watch it on Spike TV on June 4th at 1 PM (GMT -8). You can read the full press release for more details.
  9. Here's the full press detailing what EA have announced for E3 this year.....
  10. Plokite_Wolf

    Generals 2 at E3?

    The C&C Community Manager, EA_CIRE, has posted this image on Facebook. Seems like he is going to attend E3 2012 this June. The question is: will he unveil Generals 2 there? Here's what he posted along with the picture: ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/iXUqA.jpg We'll keep our fingers crossed.