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  1. Kane's Wrath Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 Open Beta Kane's Wrath Unofficial big bang Patch 1.04 0.4 is out! Check the announcement here~ Kane's Wrath Unofficial big bang Patch 1.04 is actually a mod that runs with bibber's and asuka's mod lancher. It started with the aim of just balance changes and bugs fixes, Making stuff that people rarely used more noticeable, useful, And adding more options for team play like RA3 and BFME had. However since a lot of people requested me to add a few stuff that in their opinions were supposed to be in the original KW I eventually ended up changing course and adding some new content (but I had red line and didn't add ton of useless stuff to the mixer just for the sake of adding things as the mod didn't aim to add too many new units to the point the factions would be unbalanced and the units would be useless). So this "Unofficial Patch" is now a big bang patch that rather than just focusing on balance and bug fixes also adds new stuff in order to make the decade old plus KW to feel more refreshing. I had many ideas how to add new stuff to KW's gameplay, some worked and some didn't (and were removed), you can see this project as a small expansion pack at this point honestly. This project is up on moddb since 2014 and is still WIP. One of the main ideas of this project was to work with the community in order to create the mod for the community, however as I mentioned before the mod have red lines, The project can be changed by your comments however I can't promise that I will change anything you want. Please note that this mod aims to make things more balanced while also trying to add uniqueness. Uniqueness + balance in RTS is really hard to achieve but if they are combined in the right way they can keep the most import ingredient at bay: the "Fun". Here short list of what been changed so far: *More bugs had been fixed (many many many bugs fixes) *The mod have few new units *New features (More Upgrades/Abilities/Special Powers) *Some minor gameplay changes*More features for team work *Improved Balance (many things like support powers, units, abilities, upgrades, are more useful) *Improved map pack (Optional) *Improved AI *Edited campaign *Economic system moved back to how it was in ver 1.00 You can see more info about the project here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/kanes-wrath-unofficial-patch-104 and here https://www.nexusmods.com/commandandconquer3kaneswrath/mods/3 Gamereplays.org Don't forgot that a lot of stuff will be depend on the player's commits, if you have ideas please say them here! If it will be in my ability and I will see that many players are happy with it, I may add it Discord server's link You can download the mod from here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/kanes-wrath-unofficial-patch-104/downloads https://www.nexusmods.com/commandandconquer3kaneswrath/mods/3?tab=files https://kane-v104.vercel.app/downloads Changelog
  2. MinasDur

    Generals Reborn

    Hello everybody, I wonder if you can help me, I'm looking to download the Generals Reborn mod for the original Generals and no Zero Hour. The game is shown in the below youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TFQQyb7bek&ab_channel=GOLDENHAND I appreciate any help. Thank you.
  3. How to install mod destructive forces in general zero hour
  4. Hello, I tried to edit the following files by replacing the first allied mission with my map and by adding a 10th mission. Unfortunately the game always starts the original mission and does not show a 10th mission. Does anyone have an idea how I could implement this? Edited XML Files: - MapMetaData (line 1247) - CampaignTemplates (line 43) - EngagingContent (line 432, 351) In the attachment you can find my test setup. Thanks in advance for your help spmap.zip
  5. Hello CNCNZ! Long time no see! Some of you may be aware that I (Aro) announced my resignation as Twisted Insurrection leader a few months ago, I'd just like to inform you that I have changed my mind on the matter due-to several reasons and will be resuming work as normal! I apologize to our fans whom I may have disappointed, but I'm happy to announce that it was, afterall, only a temporary leave. After recent discussions with some staff members and some other people I consider to be my friends, I have managed to be persuaded to think otherwise about my resignation, so I owe a lot to the guys for helping me pick up my mood again. One other main deterrent of keeping up working on Twisted Insurrection was the fact that Windows 8 hindered my ability to resume work at the pace that I usually keep, but now thanks to a lot of fine-tuning and fiddling, everything is back in order again. Once Public Beta 5 is released and I have found an almost-perfect solution to the Windows 8 issue, I will include a tutorial of how to get TS/TI working correctly on the dreaded operating system. Now that I am back in the game and finally have internet set up at my new home, I am pleased to inform you that Twisted Insurrection will resume progress as normal! Not that Twisted Insurrection has been quiet for all those months, quite the contrary. We are only 2 Nod and 3 GDI Missions away from having a completed campaign, big props to Q45 for all his hard work. Once both campaigns are complete, some additional challenge missions will be created and then work on GloboTech's... missions... will begin. Now, I know what you're all thinking, which is probably something along the lines of "But Aro, when will the faction structures and units be finished?" and the answer to that is simply this, I don't know. ErastusMercy, the lead voxel artist for Twisted Insurrection has been on hiatus around the same time that I took my "leave" due-to several reasons, one of which being to embark on working on his mod, Emerald Prophecy, now for the Unreal engine, but hopefully he'll be back in the game soon. Lin Kuei Ominae, the Nod Building artist for Twisted Insurrection has been unable to use 3DSMAX for quite some time now, but that time is drawing to a close very soon (we hope), once he is able to begin work again, the Nod structures will start flying out again. Henskelion, our cinematics artist is also busy with studies, meaning that progress has been slowed too, but not for long. As for GDI, well it's just a matter of whether the artist in question has time, I'm going to discuss things with some of our SHP artists and see whether or not we can get things rolling at light speed again! So we have taken quite a blow in terms of staff activity, but things are going to pick up again as from today. Sadly, no, I can not give you a set date on Public Beta 5's release, but that's only because unforeseen consequences are bound to happen if I start making promises on release dates. Never-the-less, looking at the progress that has occurred and how much shorter our to-do-list has grown (with the exception of some faction graphics), we're nearing completion, and whilst it's not just around the corner, it's going to happen! Tiberian Sun modding will not die until we die. **** you, Windows 8! Check out Twisted Insurrection's pages around the web!
  6. I have an unit audio file by cnc asset extractor (extract to wav). i dub it to my language and rename like the original file (Not finish yet.). Now, i want to make a mod that replace the orignal audio (unit, eva, some movie audio, etc) but i don't know how to make it. some tutorial that i read it hard to understand because i don't what should i do next. It will be pleasure if you guy can tell me how to do it step-by-step. Ps.Sorry for my english skill
  7. So like does anyone know which part of the growth accelerator's code allows this behavior? I tried changing my structure's build placement type and build on flag to imitate the growth accelerator but then I can't actually build it anywhere. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi everyone, Just a thread for my new Mod C&C Tiberium Dusk! It tries to be a culmination of everything classic C&C, with various soundtracks from the older games, older sound effects and voice lines and new special effects like the "classic" ion cannon. https://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-dusk The gameplay is quite a bit different, but its pretty fun for those that want a new take on C&C3 / Kane's Wrath. Economy is slower whilst attacks are generally more effective, a few well placed units can easily lead to victory. There's also a lesser emphasis on Epic Units despite Epic Units being buffed, which is an oddity lol; Epic Units are more cool "show-off" units now rather than useful (unless you're using the Mastodon or Black Hand Chieftain). Thanks to all those who check it out.
  9. Hello cncnz community. Can anyone give me another way to install mod for cnc3 (ultimate collection on origin) without Bibber's launcher, because his site is maintenance for a week. I try all other version on the internet(from moddb), but they don't work. Thank.
  10. ***STATUS UPDATE FROM THE BATTLEFIELD*** C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux patch version 1.44 is now live! This patch completes the long awaited story campaign remaster with the cinematic sequences included! Check out the latest trailer below: After 10 years of tedious work overcoming lots of headaches to fully adapt a classic game into a modern 3D game engine, the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Mod has finally completed the remastered story campaigns of the original Command & Conquer released over 20 years ago with over 30 singleplayer campaign missions and their cinematic sequences! As seen above, when designing the existing campaign missions, a great amount of work goes into every map in order to attain the best possible accuracy and detail. On the left is an image layout of the original C&C95 map of the respective campaign mission and then the recreated version in the Mod can be seen on the right rendered in the C&C Generals World Builder. And yes with some clever hack and mod work utilizing World Builder scripts and the existing campaign system in Generals, the epic ending cinematics will also be included! To conclude, I feel that anyone who is a C&C Fan and an RTS Gamer should give this Mod a serious look as I think you will be pleased with the quality of the finished product considering that this is a still just a C&C Generals Zero Hour Mod. It has come a long way since the early days! Check out this fantastic gameplay video courtesy of TaxOwlbear. ***WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS!*** I again want to say THANK YOU to everyone in the C&C Community who has followed and contributed to this project since the beginning! As of this writing the mod is officially finished! However, I will not rule out additional releases in the future in the form of bug fixes for rebalancing or making additional bonus missions for expanding the SPEC OPS campaign. ***DOWNLOAD THE LATEST PATCH HERE*** ***DOWNLOAD THE FULL CAMPAIGN CUTSCENES HERE*** ***GET THE FULL VERSION OF THE MOD HERE*** Also feel free to like and follow the Mod on Facebook! ©2017 sgtmyers88 & The C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Development Team
  11. OK, here's the story. I'm making my first mod, a small one, in which you are able to create a unit through the Chinese barracks that shoots fire. I call him the Dragon Gunner. (Much like the Dragon Tank.) I replicated the Dragon Tank's weapon in order to make a Dragon Gunner weapon, did the same for the weapon object, etc. Everything works fine, but I have a little bug. When the unit is firing in one direction, and then you ask him to fire in another direction, he does not turn. He instead spawns a magical string of fire out of the back of his head. I've tried looking for a possible solution, but sadly there aren't any tutorials that I could find that show how to do what I'm doing. If you need me to put the source code, I will. I am just hesitant to paste the weapons.ini, weaponobjects.ini, and chinainfantry.ini all on one thread. Thank you in advance! -ThePaperRobot
  12. Hello guys! I've made a small but fun mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour. It modifies the behaviour of the neutron missile in following ways. -Overall radius is bigger and the damage dealt is higher. -Creates EMP blast which turns off buildings and units for a certain amount of time. -Creates neutron blast which kills pilots of vehicles in a radius smaller than the EMP pulse. -Creates MOAB like shockwave that pushes units and building debris around Shockwave mod style. -Shockwave/Contra styled delayed explosion. -The countdown is raised from 6 minutes to 10. You really should use this mod alongside a shrubbery fix mod so you will be able to observe how the nuke ignites trees. Will probably break things if you try using it with other mods, but it's inside it's own .big file so you don't have to worry about breaking anything if you install/remove it. The installation instructions are inside the .zip. Images Video Download http://www.moddb.com/mods/two-stage-nuclear-device
  13. Hi guys, I'm sorry if this has been posted before but I honestly have tried many searches to find this out. I hope this forum is still used as this is where 90% of my information comes from. I am only using tibed just now and would like to continue with that if possible. I have made a mod starting with the Air Force General as its base. I have pulled over the upgrades from the other generals but I am having trouble with a few of them and it seems to be the general specific ones which are causing the problem. I have command buttons in my Scud Storm for most of the GLA upgrades (a few are elsewhere as they did not all fit in) and I can purchase them. The anthrax gamma, quad cannon and Chem AP bullet upgrades are there and they are lit up like all the rest but I cannot purchase them, when I click it it just remains lit and the upgrade does not queue. I have had no problems with the China upgrades. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. - Version 0.39 New Features - For a complete list of features, minor and major, please read our changelog here. Probably one of the most important features in Twisted Insurrection 0.39 is the new and improved Client, granting you the ability to customize your Skirmish and Online games with loads of new options and tweaks, pre-set teams, locations and alliances on all maps (even with AI players) and have many new game modes to try such as Twisted Dawn, Survival, Meat Grinder, Unholy Alliance, Timeless Insurrection and Ultimate Insurrection. Loads of options that were not possible before are now available, which will enhance your skirmish and multiplayer experience greatly, allowing you to play the style of match you are looking for, be it a quick relentless war or a long-winded battle with unlimited funds at your disposal. Some of these new options include Build Off Ally, Start Without Shroud, Tiberium-Resistant Infantry, Disable Tiberium Lifeforms, Berzerk Cyborgs, Unlimited Tiberium and Enable Ion Storms. Some screenshots can be seen just above of all of the new client options! Version 0.39 brings a massive balance overhaul to the mod too implementing lots of feedback provided by staff testing and the public players. The campaign missions have been modified and improved along with the addition of a few more new missions to play, including the Nod Finale. Some new units and structures have been added into the game too, some of which we won't reveal how to acquire just yet. A list of Twisted Insurrection's top features (old and new): Windows 8 / 8.1 Support All new Skirmish/Online set-up Options Optional Base Props mode, giving you more eye-candy for your bases Completely Standalone (No CD/TS Required, TI runs entirely by itself) A new in-depth story-line following Nod's victory in Tiberian Dawn (C&C95) Completely revamped and improved graphics Additional Skirmish Modes such as Twisted Dawn, Survival and Checkpoint New campaigns and new missions for GDI and Nod, including special challenge missions. Over 100 new multiplayer maps Smooth and fast Paced online game-play Official CNCNet and Online Play Support All New Units and Structures Enhanced Skirmish and AI Custom cinematics and a completely Original Soundtrack Head on over to our ModDB page for downloads andinformation for the latest version of the mod!
  15. There's less less than 24 hours until The Dawn of the Tiberium Age's release. While you wait, here's something to warm you up for what's coming:
  16. Okay I need help with tib edit 2 I just want to add new units I do not care about skins or any of that just how to duplicate a unit and make it trainable in a skirmish battle. P.S I am pretty confident I can figure the rest out when I make the unit usable. Any help appreciated
  17. I created these maps long ago at the beginning of this millenium. Since Iran's 303 update I' m able to play RA1 again, so I collected the best and bunched them together to a full mod/expansion pack. I 've seen there are still people out there playing this old game, so they may enjoy this addon. The Discovert Ops missions are more epic, more complicated, much harder and more detailed (as well landscape and scripting) than the original missions. Originally I built these maps only for me and some friends and did not plan to upload them, so there is no coherent storyline and the sides are not strictly separated in USSR or allies. You are green, the enemy is red, thats everything. Some Features: 13 singleplayer missions 10 multiplayer maps water tiles and ore added to interior terrain reusage of c&c1 civilian structures (which were still hardcoded in RA) more than 20 new units, exclusive major bosses improved AI and ini settings (the skirmish AI now is a little bastard! ) Mirrors: See http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=3068.0 Screenshots say more than text: (do not wonder, in some missions you'll hear EVA's "unit lost" at the beginning, I used an improvement containing spies, mines and silver crates to cloak hostile buildings.)
  18. The team working on the Red Alter mod for C&C 3: Tiberium Wars has posted a massive update containing concept art and renders, including Volkov (WIP), Combine and IVF Sickle for the Soviets, as well as the Allied Tank Loader, Wolverine Tanks (I and II) and Harvester. Finally, there's a concept of a South Korean Vault setting. Have a look at these samples: ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/17/16378/major_volkov_by_tugodoomer-d42gwz5.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/17/16378/soviet_harvester_by_tugodoomer-d4du87t.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/17/16378/b9caac16424a.jpg Click here for more.
  19. Version 1.71 of the Tiberium Wars Advanced mod for Tiberium Wars, an updated version of the 1.7 release from earlier this month, has been released. This latest version finalizes the art and English translation, also fixing the few minor bugs present in the 1.7 release. ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/downloads/1/41/40630/TWA_1.71.jpg You can download the latest version of the mod here. You can also view the full changelog for 1.71 by clicking this link.
  20. The team working on the Paradox mod for Red Alert 3 has now turned their attention to Release 1, which will be much more detailed than the Apocalypse Minimod. For now, they have shown the renders of the Achilles, the Particle Expeller and Gap Generator for the Allies. The Achilles is a fast, experimental air superiority fighter, armed with a spectrum cannon. It can use a supersonic afterburner to return to its airfield faster than other aircraft. The Particle Expeller is an experimental vehicle that uses particle acceleration to decimate tanks. It can switch from burst fire to splash damage fire and is amphibious. The Gap Generator is more or less the same as we saw it in Red Alert and Red Alert 2. ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/members/1/311/310971/AlliedAch.1.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/12/11998/AlliedPE.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/12/11998/AlliedGAP.jpg You can follow their ModDB profile or check out their Mod Wiki.
  21. The team working on the Contra mod for Generals: Zero Hour has released some new renders showing the Saturn Walking Fortress, Nemesis Gunship, Harbinger Cargo Helicopter and Omega Mobile Particle Cannon for the USA, as well as the Chinese Armoured Train and Civilian Bunker. Here are some samples: ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/11/10422/Saturn-render.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/11/10422/Omega-render.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/11/10422/ChinaTrain-render.jpg Click here for more.
  22. OmegaGroup has announced and released the first version of its latest project, C&C3: A New Experience, on ModDB. A New Experience is a mod that allows users to use different custom game interfaces, a modified camera, weather effects and menus, alongside new maps. Another of its features are new custom sky domes to custom maps. Here are a few sample screen shots, showcasing the 3 main features that are available in the first release: ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/20/19402/cnc3game_2012-01-16_11-25-07-53.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/20/19402/cnc3game_2012-01-16_11-27-06-98.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/groups/1/5/4666/ATARDECER.jpg You can browse the rest of the C&C 3: A New Experience's gallery over here. You can also download the mod from this page.
  23. Version 1.12 of the W3D edition of the Tiberium Crystal War mod for C&C Renegade has been released just a few hours ago. Some maps have been updated, new units added, bugs fixed, purchase terminal icons changed and more. There are three mirrors for the download: Zunnie.net MultiPlayerForums.com IndieDB It is also important that you thoroughly read the instructions before running the game, as you might find yourself unattached to the server or with the common MyNickname user name.
  24. Shortly after the last update, the Tiberian History mod for Tiberium Wars has updated its screen shot gallery on ModDB yet again, showcasing the GDI Harvester, Component Towers and Nod War Factory from Tiberian Sun, which will be featured in the fifth release. Here are some screen shots with these new assets: ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/13/12642/Harvester_Action02.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/13/12642/NodWarFactory_Info02.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/13/12642/GDIComponent_Info01.jpg You can view the rest of Tiberian History's new screen shots in their ModDB gallery right here.
  25. The Tiberium Crystal War mod for C&C Renegade has posted some new images on their IndieDB profile. They've made some new icons for stolen-tech vehicles, including a yet unseen Beam Cannon. The Harvesters are announced for a later time. Also, wallpapers by kenz3001 have been released, which, if you remember, were featured in CBCPT Episode 4. Check out some samples: ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1/17/16488/pticonos.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1/17/16488/z_4c9e8762.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.indiedb.com/images/games/1/17/16488/z_95c6d0b2.jpg Click here for more.