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  1. Hecthor Doomhammer

    Livestreams by Hecthor Doomhammer

    Hello every one, my name is Hecthor Doomhammer and welcome to another strea...... ... Wait, I'm not streaming now. Any way. For those who don't know it yet, I do livestreams of a couple of C&C mods, such as Mental Omega, YR: Red-Resurrection, Attacque Supérior and Generals: Rise of the Reds on my twitch channel The streams usually last for 2 hours per stream. In this topic I will post updates on when I stream which mod. Mental Omega is done currently on Wednesdays at 18:00 GMT (daylight saving) together with Zenothist, who streams on The mentalmeisters channel and if your connection is up to it, you can view both streams side by side on our shared Kadgar basically allowing you to view the streams from 2 different perspectives, as Zenothist and myself are always observing/playing in the same games. Of course you as players are more than welcome to jump into our hosted games. YR: Red-Resurrection, Attacque Supérior and Colony Wars are done on Fridays, also at 18:00 GMT (daylight saving). YR: Red-Resurrection is publicly available here which means you can join us as players on stream. Usually I try to stream this mod once per month. If demand gets high enough, this might change in the future, Attacque Supérior is currently not available to the public, so the streams that we do of it, are basically a showcase of progress Graion Dilach makes in his mod. And once this mod is released to the public, of course you can jump in as players. I try to stream this mod once per month, but it depends on the progress that has been made in between streams, so there is a chance that in a given month there will not be an AS stream. Colony Wars made its debut on July 11th 2014 on my channel Because it's still in Pre-alpha stage, it's not available to the public and just as with Attacque Supérior, we'll try to bring something new to showcase with every stream as development continues and hopefully I'll stream this once per month as well. On other Fridays on occasion, I do stream Mental Omega. I usually have a different co-commentator, or even multiple co-commentators and during these streams, I tend to me more laid back, relaxed and I may even play different background music. Generals: Rise of the Reds is streamed on Sundays, at either 13:00 GMT or 14:00 GMT, depending on who my co-commentator is (daylight savings) and these streams are of the internal beta 1,85, which currently doesn't have a scheduled public release. In the future, once this version does get released, most streams will revolve around 1,85, but I've received word that from time to time I'll end up doing a pre-release 2.0 stream, to showcase new stuff. In the info section of my channel, which you can find below the video window, I have posted lots of information about what I stream, when I stream and some of the images will lead to different links. So please take your time to look around and click on those images and links I've posted there. One very important link is the Schedule and Countdown which I update after every stream, given I know what I end up streaming next, which shows you a countdown on when the next stream is. I also have a Facebook page where I always post updates on anthing related to streams o videos I make. Also, my Twitter is always up to date on what's going on. I even have my own subforum on SWR Productions (forum currently down) where I post all sorts of updates, and where you can ask questions and give feedback. Lastly, my Youtube channel is where all streams, except for some Friday MO streams, are uploaded as well. So I hope to see you all on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Hecthor Doomhammer The Chinese Generals betrayed Mother Russia with an agenda of their own, signing a pact with the Pacific Front, and as expected, Mother Russia didn't like it. And how does Mother Russia show that she doesn't like something? Bomb it with tonnes of Kirov's! Hopefully Zenothist's connection has been fixed (I've been told it has been) so join me and Zenothist for another multi stream on my channel if you just wanna hang out on my chat, or, if your connection is up for it, on kadgar on wednesday June 11th 2014 at 18:00 GMT. Countdown to when the stream starts See you all then!
  2. There has been some fantastic results for some of the popular Command & Conquer mods in the 2015 Mod of the Year Awards. In the Players Choice category, Rise of the Reds for Zero Hour got second place, and Mental Omega for Yuri's Revenge came in third place. There was an honourable mention for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars mod, Tiberium Essence. Meanwhile, in the Editors Choice category. More success for Mental Omega for Yuri's Revenge by achieving third place. And Generals Evolution for Red Alert 3 earned an honourable mention. Congratulations to all of these Command & Conquer mods for some well deserved recognition.
  3. Patch v1.86 for the Rise of the Reds mod for Zero Hour has been released. This version includes many bug fixes, game changes, maps changes and faction specific changes. This is not a full release and requires Rise of the Reds v1.85 to be installed for this patch to work properly. Click here to see the full list of changes and to download the patch.
  4. Hecthor Doomhammer

    Rise of the Reds 1.86 Release + Stream

    Tomorrow, Friday November 13th 2015 I will be doing a few streams of Rise of the Reds version 1.86 and from this moment on I will no longer touch anything related to 1.85 The first stream will start at around 14:00 GMT (15:00 AMSTERDAM time) on my channel on twitch for the following reason: THE REASON YES Version 1.86 will have its PUBLIC release as of the start of my stream and that does mean that I will be starting at the moment that countdown hits 0. I hope that the testers will be around for a game or 2 that you can watch while you download and install the patch Hope to see you all then!
  5. Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Hecthor Doomhammer. After having streamed and played Rise of the Reds for a little over a year, I decided to delve into the core and go back to the beginning and thus I played, for the first time ever, the campaigns of Command & Conquer: Generals and its expansion: Zero Hour. I also want to familiarize myself a little more in the world of Gen / ZH mods and since I am primarily a livestreamer, I came up with the idea of streaming some gameplay of me playing a few different mods for C&C Generals and Zero Hour and give my, unbiased, first impression on them As shown in the video below I have thus far confirmed 4 mods: CNC Holland Generals: Crazy Mod C&C Untitled Generals: Contra The video itself explains pretty much everything except the date I am starting, but that all depends on a few yet unknown factors, so for that I do ask you all to keep your eyes on my Facebook Page where I will make all announcements, every single day on what exactly will be happening on my channel on Twitch And before any one starts naming suggestions, I do suggest you watch THE ENTIRE VIDEO ALL THE WAY TO THE END Enjoy and hopefully see you then!
  6. 2 years in the making, version 1.85 of the Rise of the Reds mod for Zero Hour has arrived. This brand new release includes a variety of new features, including many new units and abilities for all factions, a complete visual overhaul of Russia and the GLA, the much anticipated GLA Recycler mechanic, countless tweaks to the AI and the inner workings of the game. The launch trailer was posted, watch it above. There is more as well. Here's a summary, the full change log is available. Drastically reduced lag in AI matches Integrated SWR.net multiplayer service New map pack integrated in the main installation Vastly remodelled Russian and GLA faction Several new units and abilities for all factions Support for the Ultimate Collection version on Origin. All official maps revised to be more balanced. Unique voice overs for many old and new units. Head over to the Rise of the Reds site now for the download.
  7. Hecthor Doomhammer

    666 Follower Special Livestream

    In celebration of me reaching 666 followers last sunday I will be holding a very special stream this upcoming sunday december 7th 2014 at 14:00 GMT on my channel on Twitch For the occasion, this stream will be 3 hours long of Rise of the Reds, then I'll take a little break for dinner and possibly at either 18:00 GMT or 19:00 GMT I will coninue streaming.... whatever comes to mind. Also, during this day, I will be recording a special video, which will only be available on my Youtube channel, so if you haven't already, subscribe there You'll be missing out if you don't, I promise you. As what is so special, esides the longer stream, about the 666 follower special? I said I'd be revealing the ultimate evil, but Twitch now has a dress code, so I'm gonna have to come up with something else. Just wait and see. Countdown to the start of the event Times worldwide Hope to see you all then!
  8. The Rise of the Reds mod for Zero Hour had popped back into the news recently with a new update. And it takes to the skies, in the form of previews for the American V-44 Starlifter (seen below) and the AH-6 Little Bird. Complete with a detailed back story. Check out the full update right here for more.
  9. The Rise of the Reds developers has once again posted a new update. This update reveals some of the new European units that will be featured in the upcoming release, such as the Venom Combat Armor, the Jump Jet infantry and more. The full update can be found here. Visit the official Rise of the reds website to find out more about the mod.
  10. It's another great result for Command & Conquer modding with the Rise of the Reds mod for Zero Hour taking out 3rd place overall in Mod DB's Mod of the Year 2013. Well done to the talented Rise of the Reds mod team. You can learn more about Rise of the Reds right here. If you're interested, check out the full Mod of the Year 2013 results.
  11. The Rise of the Reds team has recently posted a small update introducing three new aircraft to both the US and the Russian fleets: American A-10 Warthog, Russian SU 50 Sokol and Russian Ka-68 Hellion. The full update can be found right here.
  12. Another update of the Rise of the Reds mod for Zero Hour has been posted. In this update, the developers focus entirely on the US faction, introducing four new units: Targeteer Drone, Delta Force Operator, ATV Humvee and the Green Beret. The whole update with more details is available here.
  13. The team behind the Rise of the Reds mod for Zero Hour has posted a new update featuring brand new models of the mod's latest Chinese units such as the Chinese Disruptor, the Chinese Shenlong Heavy Flame Tank and more. The full update with more details can be found here.
  14. More news from the Zero Hour mod Rise of the Reds. The next version will have a graphically overhauled Russia faction, which will also receive a few units. The latest news post, which is accompanied by a short story as usual, showcases three new vehicles: the Shilka, Tunguska and Grumble. To read the entire news update, click here.
  15. The Russians in Rise of the Reds for Zero Hour are receiving a graphical uplift. Part IV of the "Russian Hardware Redux" feature has recently gone live, showcasing the new Russian War Factory and Helipad models. Click the links below to read each respective part of the "Russian Hardware Redux" series of news updates. Each of these, with the exception of the most recent one, dwells further on the backstory of the respective units or structures which are shown in the news update. Part I - TOS 1 Buratino and MSTA-S Part II - Kodiak Tank and Sentinel Tank Part II - Kashtan and Tremor AGAS Part IV - War Factory and Helipad Check out Rise of the Reds on ModDB for more.
  16. The famous Zero Hour mod, Rise of the Reds, will receive another update. In this update, Russia will be overhauled graphically and in terms of gameplay. New renders of the graphical updates to Russian hardware have been put up on ModDB, alongside 3 news updates. Click the links below to read each respective part of the "Russian Hardware Redux" series of news updates. Each of these dwells further on the backstory of the respective units or structures which are shown in the news update. Part I - TOS 1 Buratino and MSTA-S Part II - Kodiak Tank and Sentinel Tank Part II - Kashtan and Tremor AGAS Check out Rise of the Reds on ModDB for more.
  17. More new units have been displayed for the Rise of the Reds mod for Zero Hour: the American Viper Gunship, the Russian Igla Trooper and a new Chinese Supply Truck. Here are some samples: Click here for more.
  18. SWR Productions, the team behind the widely acclaimed Rise of the Reds mod for Zero Hour, requires some assistance with the next release. They've opened the doors to new beta testers after they received many bug reports, even after the 1.801 hotfix. They are also hiring new texture artists who can replicate other texture styles (or are willing to do so) and who have a few years' knowledge in Photoshop or similar programs, with 3D modelling program knowledge optional. Click here for more information.
  19. The Rise of the Reds mod team keeps on giving this holiday season! Another news update, showcasing the ECA's Pandur IFV and Tiger Helicopter, has gone live! As with every other update, you can read a short story delves into the newly-revealed arsenal after the break. ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/articles/1/117/116517/auto/EU_Pandur_1.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/articles/1/117/116517/auto/EU_Tiger.jpg Click here to read the entire news update.
  20. The team working on the Rise of the Reds mod for Zero Hour has released patch 1.801 after receiving feedback from the fans. Here's an excerpt from the changelog: Harriers can now repair at friendly airfield provided there is an empty landing space (landing space is only used for as long as repairs take) Solar Reactor SAM Sites now require a R&D Compound before they can be built Demolition Commando can be ordered to place charges dirrectly on enemy units and/or structures World Builder can now boot properly again Grenadiers will no longer kill themselves when being promoted Harriers will no longer kill each other with their machine guns when attacking air units Harrier chaff counter measures will no longer affect their own missiles Berkut evasive manoeuvres will no longer affect their own missiles Death animation for missile defenders and Panzerfaust infantry fixed GLA defenses upgraded with camo nets will no longer become unstealthed when within range of a GPS scrambler You can download the patch by clicking here. There is also a release without the installer (compatible with Mac computers), which can be found here. Both files have complete changelogs in their descriptions.
  21. The players have chosen! One of the most popular Zero Hour mods, Rise of the Reds, was ranked 5th on the Player's Choice part of ModDB's Mod Of The Year 2012 Awards, while the successful Renegade X won 9th place on the Player's Choice part of IndieDB's Indie Of The Year 2012 Awards. Congratulations to both teams for this big achievement!
  22. Version 1.8 of the Rise of the Reds mod has just been released! Watch the new trailer below. Version 1.8 includes a number of new features: The European Continental Alliance as a new, fully implemented faction with a unique tech tree, mechanics, visuals and sounds as well as fully functional Skirmish AI The Sprut-SD Tank Destroyer upgrade for the Russian BMD fighting vehicle and the diminutive yet deadly Chinese Hopper Tank Improved visual effects, including a complete overhaul of all heavy machine gun and auto-cannon tracers Several bug fixes and balance changes Click here to read the complete news post and download the mod.
  23. The Rise of the Reds news updates just keep on coming these days. This latest news update delves into the ECA Wotan Array and the Russian Sprut-SD, alongside the usual dose of lore in the form of a short story. ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/articles/1/117/116687/auto/Russian_Sprut-SD.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/articles/1/117/116687/auto/EU_Wotan.jpg Click here to read the entire news update.
  24. Rise of the Reds has not stopped making itself heard of during Christmas time. With the upcoming 1.8 release just around the corner, they have been giving us daily news and short stories. This one, titled "The Eagle Strikes", goes into detail about the Deployment Zone, Airlifter and Sensor Array. ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/articles/1/117/116608/auto/EU_SensorArray.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/articles/1/117/116608/auto/EU_Airlifter_1.jpg Click here to read the entire news update.
  25. The team working on the Rise of the Reds mod for Zero Hour seems unstoppable lately! Other than the backstory update titled "A Change of Heart", they've published renders for the European Commando, the European Fennek and the Chinese Hopper Tank. Here are the images and the introduction to the backstory update. ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/5/4333/EU_Commando.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/5/4333/EU_Fennek.jpg Click here to see the rest of the update.