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Found 8 results

  1. The Command & Conquer: Rivals soundtrack, which was made by Austin Wintory and is distributed by Lakeshore Records, has just been released on December 7th. Tracklist: Rekindled Rivalry - 2:08 The Spearpoint - 3:46 Launch Codes - 3:12 Deployment - 2:04 Seas of Blood and Tiberium - 5:10 You can either listen to it for free, or download it at the following locations: Itunes Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music YouTube Napster Google Play
  2. In areas where it's past midnight (including most of Europe at the time of posting), Command & Conquer: Rivals is out on Android and iOS. For what it's worth.
  3. What you see in the screenshot above is the assets\published\layouts\layouts.sb file from the Command & Conquer: Rivals APK file (APK is the standard application package format for Android, for those who don't know). You're more than welcome to look at that file if you don't believe what we're about to unveil. "Hidden" between part-encrypted and part-plaintext data are some strings. Strings that read "Get ready for the biggest sense of pride and accomplishment yet! Lootbox with your friends! Lootbox with your friends' lootboxes! Lootboxes everywhere!!". This is a direct mockery of the public reaction to EA's lootbox-favouring practices, and a direct reference to the infamous "sense of pride and accomplishment" statement from the most downvoted Reddit post in history, made of course by a DICE developer late last year. I am afraid that I must say that I've received private messages with reports about this as early as the first pre-alpha release from 9 June 2018. It's really sad how AAA publishers see their consumers, and how they act like they can do anything without consequence.
  4. The mobile game Command & Conquer: Rivals has just been announced to launch worldwide on Android and iOS on 4 December 2018 according to EA's press release, which will make its quaintly named "pre-alpha" period last approximately 6 months.
  5. Despite controversy among the community, C&C Rivals continues development. Here's what's been happening on that front. EA has been releasing a series of Tips & Tricks videos on the game, titled "Commanders Training Videos" with the help of Rivals community members and players. On the road to Worldwide Launch, Rivals has now become available in several countries, having been just released in Canada. It is also now available on both iOS (through the App Store) and Android platforms (Google Play). Player Profiles and Leagues have been introduced to the game. This includes a World Map showcasing player league progression. Bounties and Fuel, which constitute part of the game's free progression rewards, have received an upheaval. New Units (August): The Juggernaut (GDI) and Giga-Cannon (Nod) have been released. New Units (September): The A.P.C. (GDI) and Phantom (Nod) have been released . New Units (Early October): The Shockwave Trooper (GDI) and Tick Tank (Nod) have been released. New Units (Late October): The Drone Swarm (GDI) and Chem. Buggy (Nod) have been released. New Units (November): The War Dogs (GDI) and Widowmaker (Nod) have been released. A competitive mode, titled "Rivals Champions" has been announced. An official Worldwide Launch date was announced: December 4th, 2018. Update 1.1. was released in early October, bringing with it many balance, monetization & map changes, a slew of new units, as well as replacing Sectors with Leagues & Divisions and adding in the Rivals Fairplay mode. Update 1.2 has been released this week, adding in the War Dogs & Widowmaker units, the Rivals Champions mode, as well as bringing substantial changes to maps, player leveling & progression, unit unlocking, crates, economy & monetization. A Rivals Commander Training video has revealed a new GDI infantry unit, which appears to be some sort of "Machine Gun Team". The Canadian iOS App Store page has brand new screenshots of the game, showcasing what is possibly the next two units to be released in the game: The Orca Bomber (GDI) and The Avatar (Nod). Update 1.2 has brought in a small, yet ominous easter egg on the World Map in the Tiberium League locale, in the form of the crashed Scrin Ship from Tiberian Sun. It is present on the top right, when scrolling off the map, seemingly encased in ice. That's all for now, Commanders.
  6. Some hours ago, Redwood Studios announced some fair play features that will be added to Command & Conquer: Rivals before its worldwide launch. Players will be split to leagues (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.), and within those leagues, unit levels will be capped, so even if a player has a unit that is over the league's level cap, that unit will be brought down for the durations of the matches in the said league. Once players enter a higher league, they will not be relegated to the lower one again. Win streaks will be awarded in a way that after the third consecutive win, the player will receive twice as many medals until the first loss. If, or rather, when the matchmaker does pair two players who are not of a similar level, these matches will be marked as "challenge battles", in which lower-level players will not lose medals upon defeat but will gain double the medals if they win, while higher-level players in such matchups will gain and lose medals as normal. Finally, although it wasn't mentioned in the article, commanders will apparently have a change in art style, including the much-criticized design of Kane. Redwood Studios also stated that they will activate premium currencies before the game launches worldwide, and likely even before these fair play changes. Before this, they announced that the progress achieved by currently active players (still only Android users from the USA and Canada) will not be wiped when the game launches, which even had some of the game's supporters up in arms. The priority choices are "interesting" to say the least.
  7. Royaliate

    Kids or bots? You decide

    Not sure if EA is pulling the good ol "bling bling" tricks again....
  8. Hi everyone. My name is Paul, I have been a life long fan of Command and Conquer. C&C as a franchise really got me into PC gaming. I would spend countless hours playing and replaying the single player campaigns and skirmish matches. From the OG through Red Alert 2 and onward I have played them all and enjoyed most of them. I am sure which ones you figure I didn't care for. When EA bought Westwood studios I couldn't possibly imagine what might become of the franchise at the time. Slowly over time EA managed to chip away at all of the foundational elements that made C&C what it was. As news broke that Generals 2 was being scrapped I was devastated. I figured at the very least EA couldn't hurt a franchise that was dead. Yesterday During the EA Play conference I felt a knife being jabbed into the collective gut of the C&C community. Rivals is a fate worse that death. Friends I know it might not seem like much but I have started a Change.Org petition. I would appreciate it if you could sign it and show your support. With enough of us we can show our collective displeasure and maybe force a change in their behavior. Even if that change is to finally let C&C go quietly into that good night. https://www.change.org/p/electronic-arts-make-electronic-arts-sell-the-command-conquer-franchise-to-a-competent-rts-developer?recruiter=451214314&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=share_petition Thank you for reading this and hopefully with your support we can make ourselves heard! #NotMyCNC