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Found 7 results

  1. Version 1.13 of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age mod for Tiberian Sun has been released. This massive mod looks to recreate the game that started it all, Command & Conquer. While you are downloading the new version check out the latest trailer. Some of the highlights from the change log are.... Improved and added client features Game lobby themes New terrain New maps Co-Op missions Many new options for the game lobby Click here for the download.
  2. There's less less than 24 hours until The Dawn of the Tiberium Age's release. While you wait, here's something to warm you up for what's coming:
  3. Version 1.1260 of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age mod for Tiberian Sun has been released. Not only does it include the Toxic Diversion campaign from 1.11, it also includes 4 completely new single player missions and more. This update also includes a lot of other changes in addition to the single player missions. A lot of bugs have been squished and balance improvements and additions made. A summary of what's new.... Two new maps, Hectic Oasis and Alpine Assault, have been added. The V2 is now better balanced, with a higher cost and a higher minimum range. Ship combat has been improved; Cruisers and Sea Shadows are now much weaker against other ships. The AI now fires nuclear missiles again. Custom maps are now supported. Place them into Maps\Custom\ and you'll find them under the Custom game mode. The CnCNet lobby is now far more reliable. The Renderer option has been added, along with TS-DDRAW which drastically improves performance for Windows 8 users. Visit The Dawn of the Tiberium Age page on ModDB for more information and the download.
  4. A brand new version of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age mod for Tiberian Sun has been released and it's available for download now. There are many changes in this release, summarised below. More balance improvements have been made. All Red Alert units now use voices and weapon sounds from Red Alert (the light infantry and rocket infantry still used American voices before), while the Tiberian Dawn units still use their original sounds. All tanks currently still use the firing sounds from Tiberian Dawn, although you can replace these tank firing sounds with the Red Alert variants via a checkbox in the options menu (this option will also change the sound you hear when a building is destroyed to the Red Alert variant). All factions are now able to repair their aircraft on the Repair Facility (Allies and Soviet weren't able to before). The game engine actually only allows aircraft to be repaired on a single Repair Facility, so to get around this, all factions now build the same Repair Facility and its graphics will either look like the Tiberian Dawn or the Red Alert version depending on the faction you're playing as. As a side-effect you can now see a Red Alert Repair Facility in a GDI base for example and it was also necessary to make Nod able to build the Repair Facility as well. It turns out that the King of the Hill mode wasn't properly playable because the timer only functioned when playing as Allies. This has now been fixed, so if you've tried this game mode before and it didn't work, please give it another shot. Because of a small error in the launcher's code, Soviet would never be picked whenever you selected Random as your faction; this has now been fixed. Capturing construction yards or refineries of other factions should no longer make un-clickable grey icons appear on the sidebar. You can no longer play as Allies or Soviet in Classic mode; you can still select them, but this will now make you start as either GDI or Nod with a Red Alert sidebar; the Red Alert factions have a huge unfair advantage in classic mode after all. This is a temporary solution until the option to select the Red Alert factions is completely removed whenever classic mode has been selected. The multiplayer map "Perilous Islands" has been added, which can be seen in the image below. This map is unique in the sense that you purely need to rely on ships and aircraft in order to win the match and also capturing islands in order to boost your economy. The AI will be a tough opponent on this map as well. You can read the full change log right here. The download can is available by following this link.
  5. We posted the trailer yesterday, and now today, version 1.12 of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age mod for Tiberian Sun has been released and it's available for download now. You can read the lengthy change log to find out what's new in this release. Visit The Dawn of the Tiberium Age page on Mod DB for the download mirrors.
  6. A new trailer for the next release of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age mod for Tiberian Sun has been posted. The release of version 1.12 is a matter of hours away. For now, watch the trailer below. Head over to The Dawn of the Tiberium Age page on Mod DB for more.
  7. Version 1.1117 of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age for Tiberian Sun has been released. This updated version includes a lot of fixes and additions, as well as many new maps. Listed below are some the new ingame enhancements. ' rel='lightbox'>http://dta.ppmsite.com/images/laser.png All buildings with chimneys (power plants, the war factory and the research facility) now have smoke/steam animations in the enhanced mode (which can be disabled by lowering the detail level) There are now hunter-seeker crates (they don't inflict as much damage as the ones in TS, but they can help with finding/destroying that last pesky hidden unit when Short Game is disabled) Laser fence posts no longer look like tiny wooden poles and have more hitpoints (about 3 times as many as a brick wall piece), although they can no longer be turned off You can now build MIGs and Tesla tanks after capturing the tech center of an opposite faction And GDI can now build the M.A.D. Tank. Check out this thread posted in our Community News forum for more details about this release. You can also read the full changelog. Visit the The Dawn of the Tiberium Age site for the download.