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  1. Tiberian Sun LIVE NOW on Twitch, follow me! https://www.twitch.tv/snoopeu
  2. Greetings ladies and gentlemen. My name is Hecthor Doomhammer and welcome to the second edition of the Hecthor Doomhammer Red Alert 1vs1 Tournament (tm) in OpenRA. Seeing as how last year’s tournament went in terms of organisation and execution, I am happy be hosting another edition of this kind of tournament. Starting Saturday July 1st at 10:00 AM GMT / 12:00 PM GMT 16 of you will be waging a 2 weekend war to decide who take the honor, glory and the prize money on Sunday July 9th Hosted and livestreamed from my channel on Twitch and joined by SoScared, FiveAces and Jazz_KCS as tournament officials. All matches will be streamed live and later edited and uploaded to my Youtube channel. In this topic on Sleipnir's Forum you can see all the information necessary as well as sign up if you wish to have a shot at the prize pool, currently sitting at a solid €160. Hope to see you all then!
  3. From now on it's go time! In this topic after this post we can discuss everything related to the tournament, but first, the Bracket! Note that this bracket is no longer up for change. Tournament round rules: Round 1: Cycle (bo3) Players pick 3 different countries to play. Any, Any(Allies) and Any(Soviets) are not allowed. A player cannot pick a country he already played in this round. Quarter Finals: Random (b03) Players Pick ANY. not Any (Allies) or Any (Soviets) nor a specific country Semi Finals: Stronk (b05) Players pick 1 single country, preferably their strongest and stick wit that for the entire round. Any, Any(Allies) and Any(Soviets) are not allowed. Bronze Match & Finals: Mirror (all 5 matches) All 5 matches of this round will be played as Mirror Matches. Order of the country selection are: France - Ukraine - England - Russia - Germany While the winner of the round will be decided as B05, all 5 matches will be played Timeframe: - The Tournament will consist of 2 weekends starting July 2nd. Ending July 10th - First match (Kwendy vs Anjew) will start on July 2nd at 10:00 AM GMT - Match 1, 2, 3, 8 & 9 will be held on Saturday July 2nd starting at 10:00 AM GMT - Match 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 & 11 will be held on Sunday July 3rd starting at 10 AM GMT - Semi Finals will be held on Saturday July 9th, starting at 10:00 AM GMT - Bronze Match & Finals will be held on Sunday July 10th starting at 10:00 GMT Map pool - The first player in the match up will decide the first map - The other player will decide the 2nd map - For B05, rinse and repeat for map 3&4 - The final map will be decided by me via Random Number Generator The maps are: - Behind The Veil - Dual Cold Front - Keep Off The Grass 2 - Man To Man - Ore Lord - Side Step - Singles - Warwind - Winterstorm - Should a 1vs1 Red Alert map out of the Mapmaking contest win, This map will be the 10th map in the pool. Additional info: - Tournament officials: Hecthor Doomhammer, FiveAces, SoScared, Ripsn, Jazz_KCS - Commentators & Spectaors: Hecthor Doomhammer, FiveAces, SoScared. No other Spectators allowed! - Mumbleserver: [64H] Multiplayer - Technical support: Jazz_KCS (perhaps co-commentator, is allowed to spectate) Prizes: Prizepool is €120) CCCP21 has donated 80 euro for a Prize Pool: NoobmapMaker donated €20, SoScared Donated €20 - €60 first prize - €40 second prize - €20 3rd place. During this week I will personally inform the participants on when they are scheduled / expected to play via PM. Let's make this a tournament to remember! Hecthor Doomhammer
  4. Hecthor Doomhammer

    OpenRA Tag Team Tournament

    Welcome back commander! Our tournament officials has been hard at work organizing another OpenRA Tag Team Tournament! It will run March 5&6 and March 12&13 (on saturdays and Sundays). Thanks to the featured casters and the Gamereplays.com crew, there is a $200 pool to be split 80%-20% for first and second place respectively! As an added bonus, the winning team will be receiving a game on Steam (2 copies of the same game) by me. Each team will fight sets of 1v1s and 2v2s for each bracket match. Brackets will be arranged randomly. The tournament will be casted by FiveAces on his Youtube Channel and SoScared ( Twitch Channel ) and myself on my Twitch Channel starting on Saturday March 5th 2016 at 13:00 GMT ( Countdown ) SoScared will not be streaming on his channel, but will join in as co-commentator. The tournament will be according to Tag Team: teams of 2 guys guy 1 from team A fights guy 1 from team B in a 1vs1 (1 point) guy 2 from team A fights guy 2 from team B in 1 1vs1 (1 point) Team A teams up against a teamed up Team 2 in a 2vs2 (2 points) If the result is a 2-2, another 2vs2 will be held to decide the winner Entries close on March 2nd, 0:00 UTC so be sure to register now! You may register and find more information here
  5. Hecthor Doomhammer

    Rise of the Reds 1.86 Release + Stream

    Tomorrow, Friday November 13th 2015 I will be doing a few streams of Rise of the Reds version 1.86 and from this moment on I will no longer touch anything related to 1.85 The first stream will start at around 14:00 GMT (15:00 AMSTERDAM time) on my channel on twitch for the following reason: THE REASON YES Version 1.86 will have its PUBLIC release as of the start of my stream and that does mean that I will be starting at the moment that countdown hits 0. I hope that the testers will be around for a game or 2 that you can watch while you download and install the patch Hope to see you all then!
  6. Hecthor Doomhammer

    666 Follower Special Livestream

    In celebration of me reaching 666 followers last sunday I will be holding a very special stream this upcoming sunday december 7th 2014 at 14:00 GMT on my channel on Twitch For the occasion, this stream will be 3 hours long of Rise of the Reds, then I'll take a little break for dinner and possibly at either 18:00 GMT or 19:00 GMT I will coninue streaming.... whatever comes to mind. Also, during this day, I will be recording a special video, which will only be available on my Youtube channel, so if you haven't already, subscribe there You'll be missing out if you don't, I promise you. As what is so special, esides the longer stream, about the 666 follower special? I said I'd be revealing the ultimate evil, but Twitch now has a dress code, so I'm gonna have to come up with something else. Just wait and see. Countdown to the start of the event Times worldwide Hope to see you all then!
  7. This is not an announcement about an upcoming stream, but it is something that involves me as a livestreamer, but I want to bring this to attention. On OCTOBER 5th at 13:00 GMT!!!!! As I passed 450 followers today and and well over 75% voted to be in favor of a 500 Follower Q&A Stream session, I have mdade a video explaining what will happend during the event and how to contact me for this In the movie description on Youtube, you can find the links where all of you can send in questions about me as a livestreamer on Twitch and my work on Youtube, or my work with any of the mods I stream at the moment. UPDATE!!!! I will read all questions sent in, but I will have the final say on what makes it on the actual stream when it happens. Also, I don't know yet how long I will stream, nor which mod or mods I will stream. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of questions you guys can come up with. Enjoy!