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TenTonHammer Interviews Co-Founder Joe Bostic

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TenTonHammer.com recently posted an interview with Petroglyph Co-Founder Joe Bostic on the subject of their partnership with TrueGames Interactive to create a new MMOG. It provides some insight about what we can expect. Here is part of the interview.


Ten Ton Hammer: To start, the announcement that Petroglyph Studios is making a MMO is fairly big news, especially since that game has a very good chance of being in the real time strategy genre. Is it safe to assume that you’re making is an MMORTS, or is it too soon to tell?


Joe Bostic: While the game we’re making does cater to thousands of simultaneous players, it is not a typical MMO. Our focus is on the action of gameplay, sharing challenges with friends, and working together to achieve a combined goal. We like staying away from the MMO moniker because it is very strongly associated with World of Warcraft, and dozens of other games like it. The game we’re focused on with True Games Interactive is a real-time, action-based game that will stand apart from the large crowd of similar titles all competing for the same players.


Ten Ton Hammer: Why did you opt to make a micro-transaction based game rather than follow the subscription based model?


Joe Bostic: For many people, a forced subscription equates to not even giving the game a chance, whether because they don’t have the means to pay a monthly fee, or they have a personal dislike for such a thing. It also means that you have to decide whether you’re going to play the game enough to warrant that fee every month. With a free-to-play micro-transaction system, you pay only what you want to pay, which is much friendlier to a lot of people out there.

Check out the full interview right here.

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