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The Dawn of the Tiberium Age

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The Dawn of the the Tiberian Age is a mod (a Total Conversion) for Tiberian Sun which converts it into Tiberian Dawn (C&C95). This mod looks and plays nearly like Tiberian Dawn, but since you have all benefits of the Tiberian Sun engine (like being able to move while firing, drag-scroll, high resolutions, online play and skirmish) the gaming experience is (in my opinion) better.

Aside from this there's also an extra game mode called survivor, in which you have to collect crates to get units and upgrades. Possibly some other kind extra stuff will be added in the future.



Watch the trailer on Mod DB

Download the trailer from TiberiumWeb (you might need to right-click the link and click Save As)


Note: The downloadable trailer has a bit higher quality than the one you can watch on moddb, because that one is slight sized down (the resolution is still bigger than I could have on any other site however).



Like the text at the end of the video says, for more information or to download this mod either go to




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