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Metallica - Death Magnetic Album Art & Track Listing

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is it possible it's real or is this guy just messing with everyone for kicks? o.o i mean in theory it's possible... if you made a music cd and left it open then put music in data form ontop of it... it wouldn't show up when you ran the cd in a player o.O; okie so the whole thing is probably bogus but it would be pretty cool if it were real no? x3

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Howard: What is she rambling about?

Roger: Metallica I think. I lost track after the first few words.

Howard: I just see lips moving. Is she even speaking English?

Roger: Don't ask me. I was only guessing.

Robbie: GIRL!!! *Flees.*

Roger: .... remind me again why he's still here.

Howard: .... I forget.

Roger: *facepalm*

Howard: Shut up...

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Just got the album myself, enjoying it but meh. Guess it's gunna be shelved away and kept in mint condition like most of my bought albums so I can pawn them off when i'm 65. :P

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xD that'll work... when you consider some vinyl records now can go for insanely high prices o.o; but y'know... really they have to be rare things... with metallica being as popular as they are i doubt they'll ever become a rare item to get... the cd will always be available in some form or another...


and you guys hush >_> stop chewing me out for every little thing

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