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The Brotherhood Awakens !

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Times Change... The Flow of time Remains.

As we stand and thread upon the vast areas.. we come to realise.. the dawn of a new era approaches

The Brotherhood rise ! The mod team working on Rise of Apocalypse is proud to present a new Era. A new Dawn.

The Brotherhood awakens 2008. This is the Relaunch of the mod Rise of Apocalypse, a total conversion mod for Renegade which has been in development on and off for the past three years.

So with Pride. I present to you:

Naturally for this occasion we present new pics showing off the new art direction/style the mod will take:
rpg.png law.png Nod_Connyard_more_final.jpg

gdi_harvester_final.jpg nod_buggynewskin2.jpg wushvee.jpg light_tank.jpg arty_render.jpg Nod_haverster.jpg
As you can see, while maintaining the tiberian dawn look, we add a unique touch to it.

Here i would show you some ingame pics from some of our new maps, unfortunately it would seem i have surpassed the maximum amount of pictures allowed in a messege. When working properly (which isn't now) you should be able to see them here: http://cncbrotherhood.com/index.php?option...4&Itemid=59 Note that while we have changed the name of the mod, we still plan to keep and use our old assets. (Atleast the larger part of them)

Naturally we also have a new trailer to kickstart this relaunch !

We will also make you able to download it in the near future.

And 4 tracks uploaded last christmas has been updated with new versions as well as three brand new tracks created by Tetrad (who used to go by TQ) At this time i would also like to claim that he is to The Brotherhood (and previously roa) what Frank Klepacki was to the original cnc games.
You can hear some of the new tracks by clicking the links below. For the other tracks be sure to head to http://www.moddb.com/mods/rise-of-apocalypse/videos




On our new website http://cncbrotherhood.com/ we have an entire section devoted to developing the backstory of the mod. What has happened since the fall of Kane ? what is happening right now ? etc. You can access this "lore" or "Intel" at http://cncbrotherhood.com/index.php?option...1&Itemid=55 Be sure to read through it. It's quite interesting. There are even 4 sound clips, which can also be found in our video section on our moddb.

Well At the end, i would like to first thank you for having enough interest to read through this, and then afterwards present you with links to where you can find more material and info on the mod. Naturally you are very welcome to contact either me or any other mod member if you have any questions :) easiest way is either through moddb, or by my mail address [email protected]

We are currently looking for people who want's to help with the mod and we can use, almost anything. We want the mod to be partially made by pure user interest. For instance, if you've made a awesome map for renegade you would like to have included, we would be happy to look at it and if deemed of quality, throw it into the already pretty expensive selection of quality maps found in the mod :)
Our Moddb can be found here : http://www.moddb.com/mods/rise-of-apocalypse
Our new website can be found here : http://cncbrotherhood.com (note that it's still work in progress and that we are iroring out the bugs at this point. You are welcome to register and comment though :)
Our forum can be found here: http://www.multiplayerforums.com/index.php?showforum=141

With all that said, i guess there isn't much left but. Thank you for your time, and we hope to have you play and enjoy our total conversion mod in the very near future :)


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