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RA3 Interview & New Gameplay Trailer

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GameSpot has posted a new interview with Red Alert 3 producer, Amer Ajami, where he brings us the latest details on the Empire of the Rising Sun faction. This interview also features a new Empire of the Rising Sun gameplay trailer. You can watch the new trailer, via the CNCNZ.com YouTube Channel below.


Different versions of this trailer can be downloaded right here. And to get things started, here's a sample from the interview.


GameSpot: The Empire utilizes Mecha Tengu walkers and Sea-Wing submarine/jet hybrids. Tell us more about the unique units available to the Empire.


Amer Ajami: Those are two of the faction's more memorable units, but really, the Empire is full of all kinds of interesting vehicles, infantry, ships, aircraft, and walkers that make use of futuristic weaponry and merciless tactics. The Mecha Tengu is probably my most favorite unit in the entire game, just because of how fun he is to fly around and transform depending on what kind of enemy forces I encounter. His voice responses and general characteristics were inspired by the punk bikers from Akira, and that adds another element of joy when using this unit. But there are plenty of other units in the Empire faction that are also noteworthy. The Shogun Battleship is a late-game bombardment naval vessel that draws some of its inspiration from Space Battleship Yamato. It's the most expensive unit available to the Empire, and for good reason, as its six guns can utterly annihilate enemy bases from a relatively far distance. It can also fatally ram nearby vessels if ever it needs to get out of a tight jam. Speaking of tight situations, the Shinobi is a superb anti-infantry soldier that can cut down enemies by the handful in close quarters using his katana, or by using his shurikens against targets that might be a bit farther away. The Empire of the Rising Sun has units that require precision, like the Rocket Angel and her ability to shut down any ground or naval unit, as well as units that fare better using brute force tactics, like the King Oni and his bull rush ability. Really, the entire faction is composed of a wide variety of highly unique and often dynamic units that can be used effectively in any situation.

Click here for the full interview. Don't forget about the two new XBox 360 screen shots either.....


thumb_xscreen3.jpg thumb_fmv35.jpg

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Hmm...I still see no Yuriko Omega! Still, Cool Trailer.

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As I said previous, I doubt Yuriko will get as large as role as her counterparts. Heck, she probably won't even be mentioned. :o

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I wondered the same thing - is that the crown prince? But I don't think he's decorate enough, and besides he's in some of the same screenshots as the emperor. He's probably our secondary intelligence provider like the other factions seem to have.

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He's probably our secondary intelligence provider like the other factions seem to have.

I think that's Kelly Hu's role.

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In Tiberium Wars we had - Jennifer Morrison and Grace Park updating us for missions.

I'm assuming that RA3 will continue this and will have multiple characters briefing us... big missions and in-mission updates!!


After all - think about the huge cast the allies already have:


- President Ackerman

- Field Marshall Bingham

- Lt Eva

- Cmd Hanley

- Cmd Warren

- Special Agent Tanya


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Well, seeing as the missions are co-op, and say you choose to do them with the AI as partner then I suppose they will be the other Commanders in the game such as Cmd Warren etc.


That said, the Japanese officer might just be another Commader.

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I didn't even think about the other generals. It makes sense with the Cmd ranking... our traditional title.

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