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Mike.nl's Map Editor Preview

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Happy Birthday, me! It's tradition to hand out cake on one's birthday, but since we all know that

, I decided to take some screen shots of my Map Editor-in-development:

mapeditor1dj5.th.jpg mapeditor2vo3.th.jpg mapeditor3pu4.th.jpg mapeditor4dq5.th.jpg

It shows the UaW Sahara map and some panels and dialogs. Note there's no skybox yet, or objects, or water, or... well, anything but the terrain, editor UI and painting brush (the latest addition).

The brush system will be more powerful, precise and clear than Petroglyph's version. That feature, combined with various usability improvements over their version, Universe at War support and all options enabled (yes, that means Tracks, as in rivers) will hopefully make this tool a valuable addition to any modder's toolset. When it's done that is ;)

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Happy birthday.

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