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Petroglyph & Truegames Announce 'Mytheon'

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Petroglyph, in conjection with Truegames Interactive have announced their next games title. Simply known as 'Mytheon' the game is more than just an Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO). The genre is unclear, but it's being called a Role Playing Action Strategy game.



What is Mytheon?

Mytheon is a PC massively multiplayer online game which combines the best elements of action strategy and role playing games, with a heavy emphasis on collectability and combat.  Either cooperatively or alone, your Heroes will face challenging missions set in a unique mythological world as part of a quest to banish the gods from their heavenly throne and restore freedom to all mortals.


How much will Mytheon cost to play?

Mytheon is micro-transaction based, meaning there is no charge to download and no monthly fee required to play. However, there will be a variety of purchase options, such as double EXP potions, exclusive clothing, and premium bundle packages available for those who wish to further enhance their experience. A complete list of micro-transaction items will be available as we get closer to the launch of the game.


Which mythology is Mytheon based on?

Mytheon is actually based on several mythologies from all over the world, with players starting their journey in a Grecian inspired environment steeped in unique mythologies from across the globe. Players will embark on rousing journeys through the extensive lore of ancient Greece; with ongoing expansions to follow that will delve into exotic mythologies from the far-flung corners of history.


What is a Power Stone?

The collection and casting of Power Stones is the backbone of Mytheon.  Power Stones initiate every in-game effect possible, from summoning minions and structures that fight for the player, to conjuring fireballs and lightning bolts, to healing a party, to creating quicksand pits to snare the unwary.

We’ll be revealing more information on Power Stones and the Mytheon combat system in the weeks to come.


Will there be PvP or Group play?

Mytheon will feature both PvP and Group play modes. Play collectively, collaboratively, or competitively, based on favored game styles. Specific multiplayer details will be announced soon.


When will Mytheon be available?

Mytheon will launch in Fall of 2009.  

Will there be applications for beta testers?

Yes!  We will be frequently adding new information to the website, eventually including beta tester registrations, so please sign up for news and announcements to receive the latest details on Mytheon

I'm not personally a fan of MMO's or standard RPG's. But this game is free to download and play, as well as offering a strategic layer to the role playing formula. So it has my attention on the basis that I am a fan of Strategy RPGs and mythology, so we will see where this goes throughout 2009. To see the Mytheon website, click here.

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Sounds like Runescape, take that as you will.

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To comment on the words above me. Its Petroglyph i doubt very seriously that they will develop a game even close to the disaster that is Runescape.


On Topic -


The game sounds awesome so far, cant wait to see more details on it. Next year is going to be a great year for MMO fans with LucasArts and Biowares new MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Petroglyph's Mytheon, cant wait for 2009!

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While I'm glad they are that little bit closer to their next release, I'm a little disappointed that it seems to be set in the same "generic MMO setting". While I may just be jumping to conclusions based on the little information we have been given, I was hoping for something that had a more innovative story like was seen with Earth and Beyond.

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