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Big Download Interviews True Games

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The team at Big Download recently caught up with the guys at Truegames to talk about the new Petroglyph title, Mytheon. In this interview, much is discussed including what Mytheon is about, a rundown on game mechanics, and a few other interesting tidbits... Here's a sample:


Mytheon plans to use established mythologies as its basis. Why go this route instead of creating your own mythologies?


Well the team has a real affinity for different mythologies. Using established myths gives us an incredibly rich and diverse amount of source material to pull from to create a fun and unique game. Using established mythologies also provides players with an instant degree of familiarity. Where we are putting our own spin on these mythologies will be in the way they are woven together and in the way players are able to interact with the different mythological creatures.

To read this 2 page interview head on over by clicking here.

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