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The President Speaks - Update from Mike Legg

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Mike Legg, who is the Petroglyph President recently posted this quick update in a thread reminiscing about the old Westwood days. Petroglyph currently have 3 project in development of varying size and scope, one of those being the recently the announced Mytheon. Anyway, here's the update from Mike Legg....


Hey gang!


Those Westwood days were excellent times - I spent 17 great years of my life there, and Maria, my wife spent 10. I even went to High School with Joe Kucan, and spent lots of time with the Kucan family, when he had a full head of hair. :-)


Sorry I've been out of touch with everything. We've been crazy busy and will soon be able to start talking more and more about our projects. There are currently 3 in development of varying size and scope. Due to our regular non-disclosure agreements with our publishers, we have not been able to say anything until the announcements start to roll in. As you well know, the first Mytheon announcement rolled out this week. We're having a lot of fun making and playing it regularly. The True Games team are excellent partners, and we're enjoying working with them.


I've been doing lots of programming, which as you know, I truly enjoy. We all had a really nice Thanksgiving break and everyone came back this week rested and enthused. Now we're working hard to hit our next milestones before going on the holiday break. With all the mayhem that's going on around us in our industry and with the economy, we are thankful to have lots of work to do.


Anyhow, I just wanted to check in and say Hi, especially after seeing the old Westwood / photos post. There will be a lot to talk about in 2009 as all the projects will be public knowledge and info will be flowing. I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and I'll do a better job of checking in with the forums.


If anyone wants to link up with me on Xbox Live, my account name is "Petroglyph Mike".


Happy Holidays, and thanks for the nostalgia,



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