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Microtransactions "Way of the Future"?

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Edge Online have posted an interview with Chuck Kroegel, general manager at Petroglyph and producer for Mytheon on the subject of Microtransactions. Some interesting points are made. Here's a sample.


Edge Online: Petroglyph has always been a company that does the triple-A, boxed, traditionally-distributed games. Why have you decided to go with the free-to-play model? Is this some kind of experiment? How deep does this go?


Chuck Kroegel: This is a serious commitment on our part. We're really excited about this game that we've been developing over the last months here. It's not the only project we're working on. But we find it intriguing because we do feel that there is a notion of how this could be the way of the future. And if not, it's certainly going to be part of the future. It may not be the only way things are done in regards to the model, but right now it looks to be viable.


The thing that's most intriguing to us is the notion of a real-time relationship with your audience. The game is set up so it's a living game. It's where your financial model is based on what the customers want, what they're interested in, so you're geared to provide that to them. To me, it's a model that really gets us closer to the end user, and that's the way things need to be in the future, online.


People are looking for an immediate response to their needs, and that's hard to accomplish with a boxed product. Yes, you can do expansions and sequels, but that's not as immediate as the microtransaction model. And with the RTS genre, clearly, Blizzard has done well with the StarCraft and Warcraft series where they constantly update their games and kept their audiences very in tune with what's going on. This microtransaction model is sort of an evolved way of doing that.

If you want to read the full interview click here.

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