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General Leang

Create a General: Part Deux

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The first thread proved to be quite popular so I thought it was time for us to exercise out creative juices in creating new generals for the game. I was going to do this for new commanders in Red Alert 3 but none of them have unique units or abilities. I shall start us off with one I thought up.


General Leslie Levy




General Levy has had a long and distinguished career in the United States Marine Corp, first serving in communications for infantry squads and then moving up to commanding armor divisions. However her fortay was later found to be in psychology, and as she rose in rank Levy employed a number of tactical gambits, from sending women to serve on the front lines in the Middle East so her forces would have a psychological edge over the fundamentalist terrorists they fought to acting as a stalking horse, pretending to defect from the USA in order to gain the trust of opposing forces, usually drawing them into an assault where they are defeated by superior American forces that she had only pretended to turn traitor on. As a general Levy uses these unique and unorthodox tactics on the battlefield.




Side: USA

Rank: 3-Star General

Branch: Marines Corps

Class Number: 70025758-MK

Stationed: Camp Hope, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Tactical Overview: Psychological Warfare

Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online


Army Structures


Light Cannon: Research into non lethal weaponry has advanced the development of this state of the art defensive structure. Designed to shoot out a beam of light equal to four million times candel power, this weapon serves to disorienate and slow down enemy units, blinding them and severely hampering their aim.


Army Units


Javelin soldier: A costly but effective infantry unit, the Javelin soldier uses a launcher that fires a missile into the stratosphere, before descending on a target. Despite the long range of the unit the fact they are unable to move and vulnerable during the ten seconds it takes to aim at and strike a target makes Javelins best used as a support unit.


Propoganda Truck: These units are similar to their Chinese counterparts, however instead of healing allied units they serve to weaken the resolve of enemy forces, making them less effective in battle. Sustained exposure will even make a unit turn and fight against their allies. The Propoganda Truck can also deploy Speaker Towers which carry the same effect.


Army Generals Powers


Relief Supplies: A B3 bombers air drops in food, medicine and propoganda over a targeted area. If the run is successful then the cost of any enemy units and structures are deducted from an opposing commander and added to USA funding. If however the aircraft is shot down then the amount is still deducted from the enemy general however twice the amount of funds is taken from the allied commander.


Army Upgrades


Shock and Awe: With this upgrade purchased certain units have a 5% chance of freezing surrounding enemy units for a period of five seconds after an attack.


Army Modifications


-Many units are now female, although they behave and fight the same.

-All units and structures cost slightly more.

-Power Plants generate more power.

-Stealth Fighter is available at start.

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