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The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.09 released

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Just after X-mas I finally finished version 1.09 of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age. As you can see below, the change-log is fairly short, be nevertheless the work that was put in this version was quite a lot. The focus of this version of DTA was mainly on the terrain, which previously almost completely existed out of buildings (or building bibs to be precise) and has now been completely converted/remade as real terrain. This will especially be a blessing to everyone who ever felt like making a custom map for DTA (because I know there's no bigger pain than having to make a map with the use of buildings), but also in-game this will be beneficial (I'm sure everyone loved how a cliff would cloak when a unit picked up a stealth create right next to it for instance).

Aside from the new terrain DTA 1.09 also comes with a new look for the menus, a new map and a couple in-game fixes and tweaks.

For more information, images and of course to download the mod, head on to the The Dawn of the Tiberium Age forum at PPM.


Change-log:Added: Multiplayer map "Deceiving Adjacency"Added: Gunboat (not buildable).Changed: The GUI (the menus); I made it look more similar to TD's.Changed: All terrain was remade as real terrain.Changed: The old 'terrain-structures' were replaced with the new (real) terrain on all maps.Changed: Made the rocket launcher buildable for Nod again.Changed: Made the medium tank and heavy tank accelerate (rather than going from motionless to full speed instantly) to improve balancing.Fixed: The poweroff animation (it used the wrong palette before).Removed: Multiplayer maps "Kider River" and "Village of the Unfortunate". I didn't think replacing the terrain on "Kider River" was worth the effort and the silly cliffs on "Village of the Unfortunate" were impossible to replicate.



DonutArnold: Made the gunboat and attempted to teach me some 3D modeling in 3ds Max.Crash: Made the map Deceiving Adjacency.Gangster: Made the new desert bridges and half of the new desert rivers.Lin Kuei Ominae: Taught me how to use 3ds Max to rotate the terrain (with help of a .max file he provided), which allowed me to convert a lot of terrain I would've needed Gangster to for me before (and because he didn't have much free time, DTA 1.09 would probably would have been released quite a while later).OmegaBolt: Replaced the building terrain with the new (real) terrain on Enemy Lines, Sandy Plagues, Social Divide and Towns of Sudan.

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When you post updates, you should remind me what game you have modded, so we can appropriately ooh and aah...

This is C&C1 in TibSun engine right?

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Yes, this is a Tiberian Sun to Tiberian Dawn (C&C1) total conversion. I figured it'd be clear this mod is for Tiberian Sun, since it was mentioned in the last news post, but I suppose not everyone necessarily saw that one. Anyway, I'll be sure to remember to mention this in the next news post I make concerning this mod :)

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