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Hi, I'm new to this board and I'm not a programmer so please bear with me if I ask dumb/noob questions. I have 2 questions.


1.) Is there a concise guide/tutorial for making mods with SDK MOD? I'm looking for something that will tell me precisely what files I need and where to find them. A guide/tutorial that includes examples of XML files with comments to tell you what each entry does and what files are associated with them.


2.) Is there a way to extract all the files in a .big file into usable/editable format? OK, the various XML files are suppsed to be in the .big file, but they're further packed in other files. I can extract the .big file with OS BIG Editor, now how do you extract from those files? And from which files would you need to extract?


What I'm looking to do, is raid KW for some of the modifications. Also, if I could see how they did it, I might be able to figure out what I should do to achieve the desired effects. TibEd2 only allows you to work with what's in the original game and does not support 3rd party mods, nor does it allow you to add anything new.



Thanks in advance.

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