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Microwave tank and its armageddon glitch treaten to annoys the world

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I can't build any Microwave tanks, as soon as thei roll out the entire screenarea gets covered by a not so stealthy black-colored GLITCH

the only hope you have then is to drive your microwave tank to the enemy gates and knock on, and tell them you are Bush lackey

when the microtank is destroyed by shoeprojetiles..the screen returns to normal directley, so obviosly this tank's cannonbeam doesnt only does its damage against the ingame enemy :P atleast on my computer


So can we suspect some sensitive shade? ingame graphic settings here thath doenst go alone with nvidia forceware in general, cause this isnt a new problem

i saw this 2 years ago allso, but i just avoided to build the tank then, bit now i wanna confront this

so i think that i dont need to inform you that i currentley have forceware 181.22 and i didnt 2 years ago...still same graphic card thou


a Geforce 8600 GTS TDH it is

and Command & Conquer The First Decade, with patch 1.02


So me theory is that this tank attack beam? require enabling or more likely disabling some special settings,

any ideas which? either ingame ore in forceware


Modern screencapart


as most desperate i even tested to turn the ceiling lamp 'ON' in my gamingroon..but the blackness didnt go away



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From memory the effect generated by the Microwave caused problems with some video card and/or drivers. The solution is to disable the "Heat Effects" in the game options menu.

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