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EA Store / Red Alert 3 Uprising Download / Back Up & Reinstall Guide

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Using the guide available at the link below you can find out everything you need know about downloading your copy of Uprising from the EA Store. Backing it up to a DVD and reinstalling it later.


NOTE: The guide was originally written by chickendippers of CNC World.

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The backup process is very simple, the reinstallation is a little difficult when you're looking for registration code.


If you already have it installed on one computer. Here's what I did:-


open regedit


then look for SOFTWARE

then look for ELECTRONIC ARTS

my actual sub folder tree looks like this




There was one entry under the last folder "ERGC" and the long number in under the DATA tab is your rego code.


Perhaps you should save a hard copy - either on the backup disc or something.


Anyway that worked for me hope it helps you!


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