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I'll let the images speak for themselves.



Mod Logo [small]

Credits: Hyper/EA



3 Sides [and 2 Flags I suppose]

Credits: MooMan/Doctor Destiny





Multiplayer Loading Screens

Credits: Aro


[screenies to come]

New Terrain

Credits: MooMan/Blade/DJBREIT






Tagline - How 'bout some action!

Requirements - Barracks

Cost - $300

Weapons - Pistol, Para Machine Gun

Purpose - anti-infantry, urban combat

The Ranger is a GI with a shiny new uniform. He performs the same function as he had before and still performs it well. There is a price increase as his damage has gone up slightly against all targets and he is still quite effective at dispatching infantry and light vehicles, especially when deployed. However, heavier tanks are able to stand up better against his gunfire.

Credits: ZombyDragon (SHP recolor)




Tagline - Tanks are no match!

Requirements - Barracks

Cost - $450

Weapons - Missile Launcher

Purpose - anti-tank infantry

Essentially the Guardian GI, the Guardian has a number of changes. Firstly, he carries his missile launcher at all times, getting rid of the useless pistol he had before so even while standing, tanks have little chance. And when he deploys, the fireworks really begin - he does more damage, his missiles track better and he has more range. Still overall, he is more effective against structures and when elite, his missiles damage vehicles in bunkers.

Credits: Dark_Elf_2001 (Rocket Trooper SHP), Westwood (GGI SHP, cameo base)



Mortar Trooper

Tagline - Wanna see a fireball?

Requirements - Barracks, Strategy Center

Cost - $2000

Weapons - M16 Machine Gun, Mortar Launcher

Purpose - infantry-based siege

A newer addition to the Allied lineup, the Mortar Trooper is a true piece of work. While standing, he has a machine gun, which only makes his attack marginally better than a Ranger but this isn't where he shines. He shines, when he's deployed where he drops his machine gun for a mortar tube. While strong, the mortars have a tendency to miss moving targets so he's best suited to clusters of targets or structures.

Credits: LaoTze (SHP, cameo base)



Light Tank

Tagline - Ready to roll!

Requirements - War Factory

Cost - $500

Weapons - 90mm Cannon

Purpose - hit-and-run attacks, anti-mind control warfare

The Light Tank rolls in for another round of combat. Though it's light and weakly armored, these tanks are able to overwhelm the enemy in high enough numbers, or they're great for hit and run assaults on armor columns. They can zip in and out quicker than most vehicles and do some damage. In addition to their speed, they're immune to Yuri's mind control tricks in place of Robot Tanks.

Credits: HighGround (voxel), Gamemate (voxel modifications)



Kodiak Tank

Tagline - Armor detail reporting!

Requirements - War Factory

Cost - $800

Weapons - 105mm Cannon

Purpose - anti-tank combat

The Kodiak Tank replaces the Grizzly Tank as the MBT of choice for Allied command. Thought its function remains the same, its performance has been heavily improved. Not only does the new body design sport heavier armor, its tank cannon has much improved as well, dealing out more damage than before. The small antennae on the rear are functional as well, providing short range sensors for sniffing out invisible troopers or naval units near the surface.

Credits: Issly (voxel)




Tagline - Aircraft targeting ready!

Requirements - War Factory

Cost - $700

Weapons - Quad Missile Rack, Short-Range HE Mortar

Purpose - anti-aircraft

With the IFV moving up the tech tree, the Allies left a huge gap in their armored divisions. Utilizing old, and long-thought destroyed, schematics, the Allies retouched the concept and the Firewolf was born. Using the same missile rack as before, it instead fires a quad volley of explosive rockets excellent for any airborne threat; even Kirov Airships will drop well enough when confronted by these vehicles.

Credits: Westwood (voxel), partyzanPaulZy (voxel modifications), Sydr0 (cameo base)




Tagline - Everything's made to fit!

Requirements - War Factory, Radar Facility

Cost - $800

Weapons - Quad Cannon (unloaded), Variable

Purpose - naval-based siege

Since moving up in the world, the IFV has received a few benefits, chiefly with its weapon systems. Gone is the weak missile launcher and in is a fast-firing quad cannon with explosive rounds. The new cannon deals less damage but delivery is much faster than before and effectiveness against infantry has improved dramatically. Though it has lost AA for its primary, other infantry-powered modes compensate for this shortcoming.

Credits: Daz/Westwood (voxel), Cannis/Blade (turrets), MooMan (cameo)




Tagline - Allied ship reporting!

Requirements - Shipyard

Cost - $1000

Weapons - Deck Cannon, Torpedo Tube

Purpose - naval-based combat

Gone is the Osprey providing anti-submarine warfare. With the Soviets having excellent naval faring AA and Yuri seemingly introducing an AA ship to his ranks, the Osprey became far too vulnerable to be effective. Instead, an older design of the Destroyer, with modern implements of course, came back to the high seas. Sporting the same cannon, which does more damage to armored targets, it gained torpedo tubes. Though they're weaker than the Typhoon's dedicated systems, the shots track well and provide enough punch to stop subs dead in their tracks.

Credits: Me2 (voxel), Yurisarmy (voxel modifications), EVA251 (cameo)




Tagline - Standing by!

Requirements - Shipyard, Radar Facility, Strategy Center

Cost - $2000

Weapons - Heavy Deck Cannons

Purpose - naval-based siege

The Battleship. Scourge of the high seas and nightmare to anyone on the receiving end of the Battleship beatstick. As it were before, the Battleship is extremely powerful against any type of target and it has quite a bit of explosive spread in the mix. However, the shots are wildly inaccurate, especially up cliffs.

Credits: Tony (voxel), Hogo (voxel modifications), EVA251 (cameo)




Tagline - Gunship reporting in!

Requirements - War Factory, Strategy Center

Cost - $1750

Weapons - HE Grenades, AP Rockets

Purpose - aerial-based assault

Another blast from the past sees the light of day once again. Packing armor-piercing rockets, the Longbow makes an excellent complement to advancing armor columns with its ability to soften targets or provide a distraction elsewhere. And, in addition to the AP rockets, Longbows come stocked with grenade canisters for battling infantry battalions. However, these craft are still vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire.

Credits: WeeRaby2K (voxel), Doctor Destiny (voxel modifications, cameo)




Tagline - We control the skies!

Requirements - Airpad

Cost - $1200

Weapons - HE Maverick

Purpose - aerial-unit combat

The Harrier fast became outdated with the Soviets reintroducing a proper airforce, and even Yuri has been spotted with an air squad of his own. In order to stay ahead of the curve, the Allies put the Raptor into action early. Rather than attempting to be all-around in one craft, the Raptor is dedicated to striking down infantry and vehicles and it does so with stunning efficiency. One blast is capable of nuking several men at once and the same blast can severely damage several vehicles, if not destroy the primary target. They do remain fragile and can easily be taken down.

Credits: Mig Eater (voxel)



Stealth Fighter

Tagline - Smooth and sleek!

Requirements - Airpad, Strategy Center

Cost - $1600

Weapons - HE Maverick 2

Purpose - anti-base defense

The first real addition to the Allied air armada: the Stealth Fighter. Like its Raptor brethren, it has a more specific role in battle and it excels at downing base defense structures and it is also marginally effective against the regular structures. Its secondary-type Mavericks are not as effective against units and are not the best choice for such action.

Credits: Stingerr (voxel), EA Pacific (cameo base)




Tagline - High speed bomber ready for take off!

Requirements - Airpad, Strategy Center

Cost - $2500

Weapons - Bunker Buster Bomb

Purpose - anti-structure

The third of the Allies' aircraft, the Aurora is a huge bombing machine. While it looks sturdy as a rock, it is quite fragile so great care should be taken when using these to drop its payload on structures. As the weapon implies, it works best against structures with a large foundation as other targets resist the blast quite well, and that does in

Credits: Mig Eater (voxel), EA Pacific (cameo base)



Power Turbine

Requirements - Power Plant, Radar Facility, Construction Yard

Cost - $500

Purpose - secondary power source

With upgrades to their standard Power Plants, the Allies were ahead of where they were before when it came to power production but they still fell short, often running out of space to build with all of the reactors scattered about to keep bases online. In came the Power Turbine to even things out; the additional turbines added increase power output by an extra 50 percent.

Credits: MooMan (upgraded animation, cameo)




Requirements - Radar Facility, Construction Yard

Cost - $500

Purpose - aircraft production and re-arming

Not leaving anything to waste, and another example of the Allies never-ending resilience, the Airpad is the AFC HQ sans the radar. The rest performs the same as it had before, allowing aircraft to come into play and re-arming any produced aircraft.

Credits: Westwood/Doctor Destiny (SHP), Gamemate (cameo)



Radar Facility

Requirements - Ore Refinery, Construction Yard

Cost - $1000

Purpose - radar facilitation

Another shining example of Allied brilliance. Instead of scrapping the Robot Control Center, the R&D team turned it into a radar facility instead. This took extreme pressure from the airforce, allowing them a dedicated pad for construction, arming and restocking. Additionally, with the lifted pressure, the Radar is able to call in Paratroopers every few minutes.

Credits: Westwood (SHP), Speeder/MO (cameo)



Internet Center

Requirements - Radar Facility, Strategy Center, Construction Yard

Cost - $4000

Purpose - secondary money production

In keeping with technologic trends, the Allies have moved forward with other methods of money transfer. Though its considerably more expensive than an Ore Purifier, it provides more steady income over a shorter period of time since it does not rely on ore gathering to be effective. And, a total of four can be placed on the battlefield at once; however, these do consume massive amounts of power so the new Turbines will be of immense importance.

Credits: ArgCmdr (SHP), Psycho (cameo base)




Requirements - Barracks, Construction Yard

Cost - $750

Weapons - Armor-Piercing Cannon

Purpose - anti-base defense

Since Prism weaponry is essentially out of commission, the Allies have gone back the prior generation's defensive structure. And it has not been without great joy as well; Turrets do not require power so ground defenses will never be out of commission and the cannon delivers solid damage at a good rate. The only drawback is its inability to charge with other Turrets to do more damage.

Credits: MooMan (SHP)






Tagline - Their systems lay open to me!

Requirements - Barracks, Battle Lab

Cost - $1000

Weapons - Disguise Kit

Purpose - espionage

The Allies are not the only ones on the battlefield with espionage tactics. No, the Soviets have ramped up their game and finally put into place an espionage and reconnaissance team of their own. Serving the same function as the Allies Spy, the Agent is the Soviet counterpart. He is able to steal money, provide promotions and hijack technology as one would expect.

Credits: Dark_Elf_2001 (SHP)




Tagline - Acknowledged.

Requirements - Barracks, Battle Lab

Cost - $2500

Weapons - HE Rifle, C4 Charges

Purpose - heavy base assault

As if the Soviets had enough power already, Boris is gone from the ranks as quickly as he appeared and back comes Volkov, the cyborg. He's as potent as ever, and as heavily armored. Able to absorb more tank shots than a Rhino, he dishes out punishment like its nothing. And then his C4 charges level structures in mere seconds.

Credits: Dark_Elf_2001 (SHP), Lefthand (cameo)



Rhino Tank

Tagline - Ready, comrade!

Requirements - War Factory

Cost - $900

Weapons - 120mm Cannon

Purpose - anti-tank combat

Nothing new with the Rhino Tank, this is just the Soviets showing off its new, sleeker design.

Credits: M1A1_Abrams (voxel), Major_Gilbear (voxel improvements)



Dragon Tank

Tagline - It is very hot in here!

Requirements - War Factory, Radar Tower

Cost - $1000

Weapons - Pyro Cannon

Purpose - flame-based assault

In a stunning move, the Soviets have retired the Tesla Tank from standard production. While it seemed like a huge blunder, it is quite evident that it was not. Their replacement, the Dragon Tank, is much more effective at dispatching infantry. Able to burn infantry to cinders in mere seconds, even lighter vehicles and structures succumb to the scorching heat.

Credits: TX1138 (voxel), EA Pacific (cameo base)




Tagline - Fighting for the Red Army!

Requirements - War Factory, Radar Tower

Cost - $1500

Weapons - 140mm Cannon

Purpose - anti-tank support and combat

At first glance, the Warmaster appears to be a re-tooled Rhino Tank. While this is somewhat true, it is also not true. The Warmaster has a meaner, beefier cannon that is extremely effective against vehicles, and marginally more so against infantry, it is not as potent against structures. However, its main purpose is to provide additional support for Rhino Tanks in the event an Industrial Plant cannot be deployed, as it is a new requirement for the Emperor Apocalypse.

Credits: TX1138 (voxel), EVA251 (cameo)



Emperor Apocalypse

Tagline - Soviet power supreme!

Requirements - War Factory, Battle Lab, Industrial Plant

Cost - $2000

Weapons - Twin 120mm Cannons, Mammoth Tusk Missiles, Passenger Slot

Purpose - heavy assault

As if the first incarnation of this beast wasn't monstrous enough, the Soviets went and improved the vehicle by leaps and bounds. The shiny new design is merely for aesthetics, so it would seem but it has allowed for a gunner slot to load one infantry to fire out. The fun doesn't end there. No, no. The cannon shells pound even harder, causing tanks to rock from the explosion and it even causes a small shockwave that creates even more damage! The missiles are largely unchanged except that they track a tiny bit better. And to cap off the festivities, the Apocalypse is slightly faster and fires while moving; however, it costs more and requires an additional support structure to be built.

Credits: Holy_Master(voxel), EVA251 (cameo)



YAK-24K Transport

Tagline - We have plenty of seats!

Requirements - War Factory, Radar Tower

Cost - $1000

Purpose - troop transport

Essentially the prior generation's Chinook with a shiny new paint job. However, be that as it may, the YAK-24K Transport delivers troops quickly to the battle or helps with surgical, behind-enemy-lines sneak attacks. Like the Nighthawk, it is unarmed and slow but it does have more armor than the speedier Nighthawk.

Credits: Spiderman_2099 (voxel, cameo)




Tagline - We're going to ruin somebody's day!

Requirements - War Factory, Battle Lab

Cost - $1400

Weapons - Twin 50 Caliber Machine Guns

Purpose - aerial-based support

Adding to their air superiority, and because MiGs and Airfields have made a huge comeback, the Soviets have brought the Hind back into action. Like its prior incarnation, it works best against infantry but is even able to knock through armor and steel as well. However, unlike before, the Hind does not have to return to base to rearm any munitions.

Credits: Lefthand (voxel)




Tagline - Tactical fighter reporting!

Requirements - Airfield

Cost - $1600

Weapons - HE Maverick

Purpose - espionage

And the MiG project lives on again and it is still very much like the previous generation's in terms of power and speed but it has been upgraded a touch as well. Firstly, the armor has been improved so it can absorb a few more rockets and bullets but that came at the cost of a little speed. Secondly, the weapon systems are more potent so damage against structures has improved, and it has the stunning ability to down approaching aircraft. The enhancements are at a premium, making the MiG the most expensive base aircraft.

Credits: Apollo (voxel)




Requirements - Ore Refinery, Radar Tower, Construction Yard

Cost - $500

Purpose - aircraft production and re-arming

Feeling behind their initial war effort, the Soviets have recommissioned their airforce once again. And as before, the Airfield provides access to the singular aircraft, the MiG Fighter. However, unlike the previous war, Airfields do not carry the Spy Plane and that has stuck on the Radar Tower.

Credits: BuddaBoy (SHP), VisceroidGod (cameo base)



Tank Drop

Requirements - Radar Tower

Charge Time - 5 minutes

Instead of paratroopers, the Soviets drop tanks. The drop is available every five minutes and drops three Rhino Tanks anywhere on the battlefield.

Credits: EA Pacific (cameo base)





Attack Dog

Tagline - WOOF!

Requirements - Barracks

Cost - $200

Weapons - Teeth

Purpose - anti-infantry, anti-spy

Yuri has his own brand of dog in training. Then again, there are no differences between his version and the Allies' or Soviet's, except for the color and breed. However, this has since pushed the Brute up in the tech tree.

Credits: ArgCmdr/Westwood (SHP), Speeder (cameo)



Gattling Trooper

Tagline - We will not be oppressed!

Requirements - Barracks

Cost - $400

Weapons - Gattling Gun

Purpose - anti-aircraft

It was only a matter of time before Yuri successfully scaled down the gattling systems. Though not quite as strong, and lacking the ability to spin up, the Gattling Trooper's gun is easily able to knock aircraft from the sky and it's quite deadly on enemy infantry as well.

Credits: Westwood/MooMan (SHP)




Tagline - Sight unseen!

Requirements - Barracks, Battle Lab

Cost - $1100

Purpose - stealth espionage

The name is quite apt, especially for this infantry. Yuri has simply foregone the whole disguise thing and gone straight to being invisible. While he has no need for disguises, he is still able to be sniffed out as one would expect. Otherwise, he performs the same function as the Allied Spy and Soviet Agent.

Credits: Westwood (SHP, cameo base)




Tagline - The higher order shall REIGN!

Requirements - Barracks, Battle Lab

Cost - $1500

Weapons - Psych Pulse Rifle

Purpose - assault support

An odd combination of ideas and no one is sure how they came to be. However, their suit-mounted cannon is a potent mix. Essentially, it fires a psych pulse that has devastating results against any target; and it looks as though there hallucinogens in the mix, but don't seem to be concentrated enough to cause any effects to enemy units. Damage seems to be on the lower side of the spectrum but the firing speed somewhat makes up for it.

Credits: Dark_Elf_2001 (SHP), Speeder (cameo)




Tagline - What's the job?

Requirements - Barracks, Battle Lab

Cost - $2500

Weapons - Meteor Storms

Purpose - base assault

Yuri only grows more odd as times goes by. Rather than fight any battles himself, he has gone underground and sent an apprentice summoner in to do his bidding. The name Orion is most likely a codename but no one is sure. However, one thing is for certain, his meteor storms are brutal. Few are able to come out alive after these flaming boulders crash down to Earth...

Credits: MooMan/ArgCmdr (SHP), MooMan (cameo)



Digger APC

Tagline - Hey, hey. Watch the upholstery!

Requirements - War Factory, Barracks

Cost - $1200

Purpose - troop transport

Yuri continues his unconventional take on warfare with his Digger APC. It provides the same function as its air-based cousins but its preferred method is subterranean movement. As such, it is less likely to be spotted on radar screens or noticed. However, it is noticeable slower, carries fewer passengers and costs more to produce. But its strategic value is incomprehensible.

Credits: Lefthand (voxel), Daz (cameo base)




Tagline - I make my own path!

Requirements - War Factory, Psychic Radar

Cost - $1000

Weapons - Toxin-Tipped Missiles

Purpose - assault support

Fast, light, obnoxious. Three words to describe the Stinger. Weak on its own, these are meant to provide ranged support from the middle of the ground or cause a distraction somewhere else. The missiles they fire are potent enough on their own against infantry but vehicles hold up fairly well and they barely make a dent in any structure. But when elite, the toxins spread, leaving deadly clouds of acid floating about.

Credits: TheGuardian (voxel), Daz (cameo base)




Tagline - Inferno cannons loaded!

Requirements - War Factory, Battle Lab

Cost - $1400

Weapons - Triple 90mm Flame Cannon

Purpose - base siege

Just when Yuri's forces were being understood, out goes the Magnetron and in comes the Infernus. Though it resembles the Magnetron of late, it is far different. For starters, it dropped its kinetic beams in favor of incendiary cannon shells, which it fires in three round bursts. Like the Howitzer, the Infernus is effective against infantry and structures but lighter vehicles fall prey as well; and the damn thing even leaves fires burning after the fallout!

Credits: Westwood (voxel body), MooMan (turret, cameo)




Tagline - Potency guaranteed!

Requirements - Air Command

Cost - $1400

Weapons - Toxin-Tipped Maverick

Purpose - aerial-based unit assault

Yuri's sole aircraft, the Starfire. The name is somewhat misleading as it has nothing to do with spreading fire, but instead it spreads toxic clouds while doing considerable damage to ground targets. Structures, however, are quite a bit more resilient to the initial strike and against the toxins as well but enough exposure will even damage construction yards.

Credits: ArgCmdr (voxel, cameo)



Shark Sub

Tagline - Deep sea vessel standing by!

Requirements - Shipyard

Cost - $800

Weapons - Torpedo

Purpose - anti-naval, anti-submarine

Yuri with a conventional unit? Unheard of, but it is true and his Soviet defection shines through with his Shark Sub. Like many of his vehicles, it is lighter than its counterparts but that makes it cheaper to produce. Essentially a stripped down Typhoon, the Shark Sub performs the same function at about the same capacity as well.

Credits: Speeder (voxel)



Gattling Boat

Tagline - I'll puncture the next thing that moves!

Requirements - Shipyard, Psychic Radar

Cost - $700

Weapons - Twin Gattling Cannons

Purpose - anti-aircraft

It was only a matter of time before Yuri brought his gattling power to the high seas. The setup is not elaborate, and is hastily thrown together like many of vehicles, but it is exceptionally effective. The guns do the same damage as its wheeled counterpart.

Credits: Spiderman_2099 (voxel, cameo)




Tagline - Rocket barrage ready!

Requirements - Shipyard, Psychic Radar

Cost - $700

Weapons - Quad RPG Rockets

Purpose - shore clearing vessel

Yet another poorly designed vessel for Yuri's forces but this time its main aim to help in clearing shorelines for advancing transports or to keep it clear of units for Boomer Subs to attack inner land targets. The Corvette fires a quad volley of high-explosive RPG rockets that are effective against infantry but the power starts to diminish on heavier targets. Thankfully, they're cheap to produce.

Credits: MooMan (voxel, cameo)



Ore Refinery

Requirements - Bio Reactor, Construction Yard

Cost - $1750

Purpose - ore destination

Finding his Slave Miner, and Slaves, to be vulnerable, and incompetent, Yuri has designed his own Refinery/Miner combination and set it into action. There is little to tell about his Ore Refinery since it has no hidden tricks or mysteries and it works exactly as one would expect.

Credits: MadHQ (SHP), Speeder (cameo)


Chaos Miner

Tagline - There is much money to be made!

Requirements - War Factory, Ore Refinery

Cost - $1000

Weapons - Chaos Gas Discharge (Death)

Purpose - ore gathering

And here is Yuri's miner of choice. The name is somewhat of a misnomer as it does not unleash the chaos gas until destroyed. Until then however, it is a functioning, heavily armored miner. Since it has no inherent weapon, Yuri's miner is able to store more supplies than the Chrono Miner or War Miner.

Credits: ArgCmdr (voxel), Starkku (cameo)



Psychic Radar

Requirements - Ore Refinery, Construction Yard

Cost - $1000

Purpose - radar

Seems no one is immune to budget cutbacks but this is at a benefit to all surprisingly. No longer do opponents need to worry about Yuri's forces knowing their every move early in the battle and this allows for the Psychic Reveal to be used more frequently.

Credits: Airstriker/MooMan (SHP), Sydr0 (cameo)



Air Command

Requirements - Psychic Radar, Construction Yard

Cost - $800

Purpose - aircraft production and re-arming

Yuri's design scheme is always rather gaudy, even when the function provides little more than providing a production facility for aircraft. The tower at the top looks as if it provides radar but it does not. It is there simply for decoration.

Credits: MadHQ (SHP, cameo)



Yurified Cloning Vats

Requirements - Battle Lab, Construction Yard

Cost - $4000

Purpose - infantry production

There is nothing new about the function, just the design has been upgraded. Yuri's team has removed all traces of the stodgy Soviet design and changed it to his more nefarious scheme.

Credits: Cannis (SHP), TX1138 (cameo)

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you should put in the RA3 voices for the units instead of the ones from RA2. they are soo much better


also, lol'd at firewolf and warmaster. sounds like someone who'd post in the official c&c forums.

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Wow, that came out of nowhere.

What is there left to complete?


Awesome content btw, although some bit look just vanilla with a bit of sauce (if you know what i mean)

Edited by BioBen

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you should put in the RA3 voices for the units instead of the ones from RA2. they are soo much better

Don't really like the RA3 voices, and they don't fit the mod quite as well either.


also, lol'd at firewolf and warmaster. sounds like someone who'd post in the official c&c forums.



Wow, that came out of nowhere.

I always do with these. :P


What is there left to complete?

Balancing and tweaking, the AI, maps, game modes, potential missions. Quite a lot still.


Awesome content btw, although some bit look just vanilla with a bit of sauce (if you know what i mean)

I know what you mean and that's the idea. I'm all about consistency and fluidity. It feels more professional.

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Wonder if the Allied logo in that loading screen can be changed with the one without the electrical spark thingies?

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If Aro still had the PSD, yeah. But I think he got rid of them but it doesn't matter. It looks great in-game.

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Looks great! I like some of the idea changes for the units. I Bet those SHP's were fun to do. BTW... what does the X stand for if any and would there happen to be camo pillboxes (AKA RA1)?

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Because X sounds uber cool. It sounds the same as another mod called Renegade X.

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I hadn't even thought of that when I was naming it. I knew it needed Red Alert in it and a number was really and X seemed to fit. I suppose I took my inspiration from early Mega Man when it references in the year 20XX...

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Why not Red Alert L!!!!!


Also, no slave miners?! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Why not Red Alert L!!!!!


Also, no slave miners?! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Why Red Alert L? What's the L? Luk3us?


Yea, I don't quite like it that Yuri's faction using standard ore refineries instead of miners.

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Slave Miners moved for several reasons and the main one is that gave Yuri too much of an advantage when it came to income and production. His army already teched the quickest and he already had an unbeatable combo. While I nixed the super combo, I also made his army slightly more conventional. Which was my goal.

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Yea, I don't quite like it that Yuri's faction using standard ore refineries instead of miners.

A lot of YR mods did this, and it makes sense, Yuri was the least balanced of the sides. If I made a complete mod, I would probably do the same.

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Sometimes, I had a problem when messing with that idea. With the normal refinery the AI sometimes would sell it if they didn't scan far enough for ore... even if you changed the far/near ore scan line. But it's still needed for the balancing, which you pointed out Yuri needed.

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Slave Miners moved for several reasons and the main one is that gave Yuri too much of an advantage when it came to income and production. His army already teched the quickest and he already had an unbeatable combo. While I nixed the super combo, I also made his army slightly more conventional. Which was my goal.


What about lowering the income of the harvested ore in these mobile slave miners?

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Then it would made them too useless and then Yuri would have no chance to build up funds quick enough to mount an attack or retaliate. Far easier to gut the middleman instead of trying to change it.

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Well it looks good i guess but I expected more by your experience in posts. Tbh, lots of structures and vehicles look familiar from another mod... Anyways I might try it but theres nothing that stuck out to me.

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Well it looks good i guess but I expected more by your experience in posts. Tbh, lots of structures and vehicles look familiar from another mod... Anyways I might try it but theres nothing that stuck out to me.

The units are pretty standard these days and there's nothing really special I can do for a mod that's not a total conversion. The mod will be shining with the AI being hugely beefed up and, eventually, a new campaign for each side.

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A beta is slated for release in a couple of weeks. Few things to tweak and change, and I'll have one ready.

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Awesome, a good excuse to play RA2 again :P

Edited by Inferno

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