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C&C3 Reloaded 1.0 Final released

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C&C3 Reloaded is a mod designed to change the gameplay of C&C3 with some new material. The purpose of this enhancement mod is to get a clean feeling of what the game is supposed to be played with the righteous content of gameplay. The reason I changed this title because the mod is longer epic since trying and making new stuff is not that important to do. Only two Kane's Wrath units are in this add-on such as the Shatterer and Confessor Cabal. Now with some Kane's Wrath changes, it brings this mod to a new level of gameplay and style, much funnier and better than other balance mods.


Download 1.1: https://www.mediafire.com/?q9gp33p69u8h3dl
Download 1.0: http://www.gamefront...3Reloaded1.0.7z
Source Code Download: http://www.moddb.com/mods/kanes-wrath-reloaded/downloads/cc3-reloaded-source-code

This mod is for C&C3 with patch 1.09 installed in your computer. Place the mod folder into whichever operating system you have:
XP path: "C:\Documents And Settings\your user name\My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Mods"
Vista path: "C:\Users\your user name\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Mods"

This mod for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars makes gameplay and some made balance changes across all three factions. Note that there are no new mod changes from anything related to what other CNC3 mods do have, except when necessary with permission.

Version 1.1 Changes

• All new KW units no longer appear in the mod. (now playable in my KW Reloaded mod)

• Skirmish starting credits modified from 5000 to 50000.

• Engineer Capture Delay now modified and corrected for AI thanks to CGF123.

• Ingame music tracks removed except modified menu tracks.

• Mod strings in all AptUI menus now use lower case letters.

• Fixed some structures pertaining to power usage.

• Replaced some new and corrected shaders.

Version 1.0 Changes

• new units
--- Shatterer (GDI): Cost is 1500 and requires GDI Tech Center. It is a mobile sonic emitter that hovers over surface though it cannot hover on water. Armor is weak whereas attack power and range are the same as the sonic emitter. This model unit is re-created by MasterChief and this unit is based from Kane's Wrath.
-- Confessor Squad (Nod): Cost is 500 in a group of four. They are immune to tiberium and still can gain a confessor by upgrading. Its weapon and splash damage are increased dramatically. Rather than firing with their rifles, they throw only hallucinogenic grenades to confuse enemy units that will make them attack each other for a short period of time. Weapon speed increased; pre-attack delay, firing duration and reload time decreased. This unit is based from Kane's Wrath.
-- Orca Minigunner (GDI): Cost is 1000 and requires Airfield. The pre-cursor to the Hammerhead but like the Venom's weapon, it is equipped with a minigun effective against all infantry. Health and speed increased from the original number(s). However, it cannot be garrisoned by infantry nor it can scan for stealth detection.

• new faction: Trio Alliance – GDI, NOD & Scrin allied together and will start with an MCV for each faction together. This is very well used as a last resort if you are stuck in some skirmish coop missions.

• new support powers:
* EMP cannon (GDI) - cost nothing and cooldown is same as EMP control center, requires Space Command Uplink. This is more like of a minor superweapon since it needs time to charge. You cannot use it at once when the Space Command Uplink is built.
* Shock Swarm (Scrin) - cost 3000 with 3 veteran Shock Trooper Squads teleporting anywhere on the battlefield. Requires Tech Assembler, cooldown is 200 seconds. This support power replaces the Buzzer Swarm (which is not in this mod) since 5 buzzers are way too weak in a battle except to attack infantry and garrison structures.
* Ion Storm (Scrin) - cost 5000, requires Signal Transmitter, cooldown 6 minutes. This is very much similar to the Allied Weather Control Device superweapon back at RA2. It spreads 9 clouds emitting ion shocks to an area excellent against anything.

• Actual portrait icons for the GDI Shatterer, Nod Confessor Cabal and Nod Militant Squad from KW have been added. Confessor Squad is renamed as Confessor Cabal. Both the GDI Shatterer and Nod Confessor Cabal now have correct taunt voices.

General Global Changes:
• Every time the Scrin faction wins a mission or skirmish, victory score should be named as the following: CNC3_SUCCESS_EVIL_V1, not Nod Victory Evil score.
• All SP and MP maps (prior to C&C3 v1.09) are modified for better zooming on the battlefield. Some SP mission maps have been adjusted and modified for game difficulty.
• The frames per second limit amount is increased to 60. Attempting to make the FPS limit infinite or set the option of FPS limit to disabled might cause issues to the game itself.
• HD FMVs are now equipped with subtitles. EA logo movie at the start of C&C3 program has been disabled.
• The mod string file for modified structures, units, upgrades and support powers has been re-modified.
• List of theme music changed in this mod:
Main menu music – RA Intro Chicajo Mix
Skirmish screen and options menu music – TsunMenu
Credits music – Harvester (from Animusic) and Mechanical Mind
Load screen music – Explorer Unknown
Score screen music – Act of Instinct 3 Score
Base Building – Scouting/Flurry/Heroism, Drill/Ironfist/No Mercy, Creeping Upon/Depth Charge/Industrial, JustDoItUp/CNC Thang, Dusk Horizon (from Unreal), Shared Dig (from Unreal), Bog Remix/Mud
Blue Zone – HM1/HM1remixFFTL, Rollout/Terminate, Devil March 2, Voice Rhythm
Red/Yellow Zone – NodCrush/Pharotek, Trouble/Warfare, March to Doom/Enemy to Fear/Demolition, Take Them Out/Prepare to Battle
Unknown Zone – Act of Instinct 3/Devil March, CrushRemix/HM1 Electro Remix, Construct/Infiltrator, Airstrike/
Traction, Journey/Bounce, Trenches/Fogger, Technical Data/Composite, Snake/Await, MechMan1and2, A Slight Delay,

• Action ingame music is no more unless you have 1000 allied or enemy units attacking each other, meaning that regular ingame music according to zone will be played longer.
• All skirmish/multiplayer modes will have black shroud for all maps plus 17 colors to select from for a faction before playing the skirmish/multiplayer game.
• When selecting a group of units or selecting all units on the map, all engineers, rigs, surveyors, emissaries and explorers are no longer selectable in this way.
• Any advanced structure sold or destroyed will get you only a basic infantry unit.
• Fog of War is set back to 30 seconds (default by the Mod SDK).
• Default starting value for players (in custom mission maps or skirmish maps only) is 5000 instead of 1500.
• Maximum amount of beacons placed on the battlefield is increased from 5 to 10. (multiplayer/skirmish only)
• New crate spawn surprises: APC/Pitbull/Predator Tank for GDI, Scorpion Tank/Raider Buggy/Attack Bike for Nod, and Devourer Tank/Seeker Tank/Gun Walker for the Scrin.
• Known issue: Some balance changes and load/score music used from previous and current versions of other C&C3 mods did not seem to work on some single player campaign missions including this mod.

General Balance Changes:
• All factions have walls at a cost of 100 for each, and wall sections cost and sell nothing as opposed to 100 and 50 respectively on a wall section piece. Sell cost for a wall hub is nerfed to 10 credits. All wall span lengths are shortened to a limit of 8 spaces.
• All infantry squads' building times are now doubled except Commandos, Zone Troopers and Mastermind. Commandos and Mastermind takes five extra seconds to build. Zone Troopers takes 3 extra seconds to build.
• Removed stealth detection to most vehicles/infantry on mines and aircraft. All enemy vehicles and infantry cannot detect mines and aircraft except allied units and only units that detect stealth such as Pitbulls, Orcas, Attack Bikes, Venoms, and Seekers.
• Removed GROUND stealth detection to AA Battery, SAM Turret and Plasma Missile Battery. Remaining defensive structures that detect stealth remain unchanged but damage to structures from mines has yet to be fixed which is a glitch in C&C3 patch 1.09.
• All factions will start with a MCV, 2 tanks and 2 infantry squads at the beginning of skirmish mode. The AI knows on deploying its own MCV during skirmish mode but however it cannot deploy its MCV if it's a custom faction.
• Other than Construction Yards (build radius at 500), Surveyors, Emissaries and Explorers (build radius at 360), only War Factories, Airfields, Tech Centers and Superweapons have a build radius at 100. Cranes/Foundries and Refineries have a build radius at 200. All others have a build radius of 0. Walls have a build radius of 100 despite the small wall span length.
• Command or Operation Center or Nerve Centre can only have radar shown on the map instead of the regular Construction Yard or Drone Platform. Power usage is equalized at -8 each.
• All MCVs and Drone Platforms cost 4000/40; so when capturing it with an engineer, selling it gains 2000 credits.
• All Surveyors/Emissaries/Foundries have their unpack time reduced to 15 seconds from 30 seconds and their health increased by 15% for each. Speed remains unchanged despite they have to move slow. (done)
• All cranes and foundries can now build defensive structures. Cranes and Foundries increase their cost to 2000 each and build time is now 10 seconds each because MCVs are getting to be expensive and they have to be too. The Surveyor, Emissary and Explorer costs remain. Cranes can now build other cranes and their power usage reduced to -5 instead of -10 for each. However, all cranes and foundries can no longer make superweapons.
• Radar Scan, Radar Jamming Missile and Master Computer Measures support powers are now free of cost.
• The Call For Transport ability to all GDI/NOD infantry and vehicles is now free of cost since players rarely use this ability as well as the AI itself. GDI/Nod MCVS, GDI Rigs, and GDI/Nod Harvesters can now call for transport. As of now, the building of air transports from the Airfield and/or Air Tower is no longer applicable because of this.
• All refineries no longer need Tiberium Silos just like the Scrin Extractor. Power usage for refineries increased to -10 from -6. Harvesters unload Tiberium into the refinery(s) for 3 seconds instead of 9 seconds. All harvesters increase their speed by 20% and are equalized plus their health increased significantly.
• GDI Power Plants now cost 700, Nod Power Plants now cost 500, and Scrin Reactor now cost 600. Power usage is balanced and so does the power upgrades at cost of 300. All power upgrade cores now require Command or Operation or Nerve Center instead of Tech Center.
• The costs of all Tech Centers, Predators, Scorpions, APCs, Pitbulls, Seekers, Gun Walkers, Flame Tanks, Stealth Tanks, Venoms, Vertigo Bombers, Devastator Warships and PACs are now back at their original costs from C&C3 version 1.09. Command Center, Operation Center and Nerve Centre now cost 2000/20 to build.
• The following units can now move backwards without an issue(s) and can attack in reverse move when they are supposed to be: APC, Pitbull, Seeker, Gun Walker, Devourer Tank.
• GDI and Nod Commando health increased by 40% and suppression reduced slightly. They can now place booby traps at a cost of 200 each but only on neutral structures that are capturable or repairable, husks and bridges.
• GDI Armory, Nod Secret Shrine and Scrin Stasis Chamber are equalized at a cost of 1500 each.
• All superweapons are charged at 7 minutes for each faction.
• All infantry have their build times doubled except the squads of Zone Trooper, Black Hand and Shock Trooper.
• All engineers increase their speed slightly and are equalized. Shroud and vision clearing range increase by 10% and are equalized.
• All engineers, harvesters, rigs, surveyors, emissaries and explorers will not be selected if a player presses the Select All key.

Gdi Balance Changes:
• Watchtower now requires Barracks when built. Power usage is reduced to -6. Attack damage increased by 33%. GDI Barracks now cost 600/6.
• Tech Center now requires both War Factory and Command Center in order to be built.
• GDI Harvester can now be garrisoned by a infantry squad.
• Foxholes are now repairable after dug up by the rifleman squad. They can now be garrisoned for 3 infantry slots instead of two.
• Sonic Emitter and Shatterer attack power duration only lasts 1 second.
• AA Battery attack damage increased by 20%.
• Mammoth Tank cost increased to 2200 from 2000. Speed increased from 40 to 45. Health reduced to 11000.
• Juggernaut cost increased to 2500 from 2200. Speed decreased to 50 from 60. Splash damage is doubled. Rate of fire is increased by 20%.
• Rig health increased by 33% and speed by 10%. Packed Rig (battle base) health increased by 25% and stealth detection increased to 200. Attack damage increased slightly.
• APC attack damage increased by 20%. Health is increased slightly. Can equip three infantry slots to be garrisoned in this unit. Although there's still a bug in which only one out of three infantry squads in the APC will evacuate only leaving the other two stuck in there until they are destroyed. Planting a small mine now costs 300 instead of 500 and now it can affect structures. Mine damage increased to 500.
• Pitbull has its attack damage and fire rate equalized with the same attack damage and fire rate done by Attack Bikes and Seekers. Weapon speed for both Pitbull and GDI Missile Squad is now increased to 250.
• Predator Tank increased its cost to 1200/12. Armor and health increased slightly.
• Orca increase their armor by 15%. Orca cost decreased to 1000. Ammo clip size increased by 1 and reload time is 8 seconds for each clip.
• Firehawk has an extra ammo clip; reload time is 10 seconds per clip. Firehawk missile splash damage increased to 30. Firehawk missiles do not inflict damage on friendly Firehawks. Firehawk bomb splash damage increased from 25 to 50 for better effectiveness.
• Zone Trooper Scanner Packs provide 20% attack range boost instead of 10% (brings range on par with that of missile squads). Zone Trooper squad can now garrison foxholes. Cost is now 1200/12.
• Guardian Turrets and Battle Base (unpacked Rig) now have railguns when upgraded along with Mammoth and Predator Tanks. Attack range radius increased by 10%.
• Sonic Emitter cost is reduced to 1500 from 2000. Guardian Cannon's cost reduced to 1000 from 1200 and power usage is -9 instead of -12 whereas the Watchtower has its power usage reduced to -6 instead of -8.
• Tiberium Field (with green tiberium) is now buildable for the GDI with a built limit of two and cost 3000/20. Starting value for green tiberium is 5000+.

Gdi Support Power & Upgrade Changes:
• Railgun Upgrade decreases its cost to 4000 from 5000 despite the usage of Guardian Cannon. Time to upgrade is cut by half.
• Pitbull Mortar upgrade cost reduced to 1000 from 2000. Research upgrade time is 30 seconds.
• Composite Armor upgrade now makes some GDI infantry immune to tiberium. Cost reduced to 1500/30.
• Zone Trooper Scanner Pack and Auto Injectors costs remain. Research upgrade time is 30 seconds each. Drop Pods support power cost decreased to 4000.
• Orca Strike support power cost increased to 1000 from 500. Attack damage and radius is doubled.
• Shockwave Artillery cost increased to 3000. Cooldown increased to 240 seconds. Target radius and area of effect are doubled though inaccurate at some points of any map. Attack damage is increased significantly.
• Bloodhounds and Airborne are at regular costs. Sharpshooter Team decreases its cost to 3000 from 3500. Units that are reinforced from the support power are no longer having their elite status, but start as veteran status.
• Stratofighter upgrade to Firehawks is reduced to 1000 credits from 2000. Cooldown is 10 seconds.

Nod Balance Changes:
• Shredder Turret now requires Hand of Nod when built. Power usage is reduced to -6.
• Shredder Turret, Laser Turret and SAM Turret now each have 4 hubs and increased build radius by 10%.
• Laser Turret cost is reduced to 1000 and its power usage is -9.
• Obelisk of Light cost reduced to 1500 from 1800.
• Secret Shrine can now heal infantry squads in 3 seconds as well as the GDI Armory.
• Disruption Tower is now cloaked in the battlefield when it is built. Its stealth radius increased by 10%.
• Tech Center now requires both War Factory and Operations Center in order to be built.
• Nod now has a civilian bunker to build with. Cost 500 credits with no prerequisite and power required.
• Militant Squad cost is 300/6 and their attack damage is doubled.
• Black Hand Squads are now immune to tiberium. Cost is 1000/10.
• Nod Commando can now provide stealth while moving.
• Attack bike attack damage increased to 350.
• Beam Cannon moved to Tier 2. Cost increased to 1200 from 1000 and speed increased by 10%.
• Flame Tank attack range and damage increased slightly. It does not inflict damage on friendly allied units.
• Stealth Tank health is increased significantly and its attack damage is increased to 400. Cost is 1500/15.
• Venom attack damage increased by 50% for both guns and laser. Now equipped with an additional clip.
• Nod Vertigo Bomber now has two bomb clips to equip instead of one and reload time is 8 seconds for each clip. It is also equipped with a machine gun.
• Avatar cost increased to 2500 from 2200. Health reduced from 13000 to 11000. It can fire while moving. Avatar upgrades improved significantly for the following:
--Flame upgrade range increased by 50% and attack damage increased to 175.
--Beam cannon upgrade attack power increased to 700, pre-attack delay reduced to 0.1 second.
--Bike upgrade detection range increased by 25%.
--Stealth upgrade provides stealth while moving.

Nod Support Power & Upgrade Changes:
• Laser Capacitators decreased its cost to 2500 from 3000. Time to upgrade is cut in half.
• Countermeasures upgrade will become a support power when Nod Tech Center is built. Only use this when EMP coils are used on Raider Buggies and if your allied units are hit with an EMP blast.
• Cloaking Field support power cost increased to 3000 from 1500. Cooldown increases to 180 seconds from 120.
• The support power Seed Tiberium now has a 120 second cooldown and the target radius has changed meaning more green tiberium will be put in that radius with at least 5000 credits.
• Catalyst missile damage radius reduced to 100. Catalyst chain reaction radius increased from 50 to 100. It can now affect Scrin Refinery and Harvester.
• Radar Jam jams enemy radar for 20 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
• Dozer Blades upgrade is now moved to the Operations Center.
• Signature Generator upgrade is moved to the Air Tower. Cost increased to 500 from 200. (done)

Scrin Balance Changes:
• Mutant Marauders can now be built from the Portal exclusively to the Scrin faction due to the lack of anti-air defense infantry. This will be the only mod to hold this unit in the battlefield no matter what map you're in. Mutant Marauders cost 600 in 12 seconds. Speed and health increased by 15%. Attack damage increased by 50%.
• Technology Assembler requires both Warp Sphere and Nerve Centre in order to be built.
• Growth Accelerators gains 25 credits every 5 seconds after it was built.
• Buzzer Hive now requires Portal in order to be built. Power usage is reduced to -6.
• Photon Cannon cost is reduced to 1000 and its power usage is reduced to -9 instead of -12.
• Storm Column armor increased by 15%. Cost decreased to 2000 from 3000.
• Lightning Spike is now available to build as a buildable defensive structure with a cost of 1000 credits and a power usage of -3. The support power itself (as a defensive structure) costs 1500 and has a 60 second cooldown. Attack damage is increased to 300.
• Assimilator is permanently cloaked when it both moves and stands still.
• Mastermind can be built more than one.
• Disintegrators attack range increased by 50%. Attack damage reduced by 20%. Firing duration and reload time is now 0.5 second. Cost increased to 500/10.
• Shock Trooper Squad cost is now 1000/10 and can be crushed by tier 1 and above units. Their plasma disk upgrade should now be able to fire against enemy aircraft. Plasma Discs Upgrade attack power increased to 300 from 260.
• Corrupter attack range increased by 50%. Heal rate to friendly units reduced by 50%. The heal rate does not longer apply to Scrin aircraft and Drone Platform anymore. Cost increased to 1200/12.
• Seeker Tank and Gun Walker for the Scrin will have their Forcefield Generators when upgraded.
• Annihilator Tripod cost reduced to 2500 from 3000. Health decreased to 11000.
• Devourer Tank cost reduced to 1200 from 1400 and is now a Tier 1 unit.
• Stormrider cost reduced to 1400 and its health increased by 15%.
• Mothership increased its health slightly but speed decreased by 15%.
• Devastator Warship cost decreased by 200 each. Health is increased by 10% and shield is increased by 20%.
• Planetary Assault Carrier cost decreased by 200 each and it no longer requires a Signal Transmitter but requires a Technology Assembler. Its speed and shield are increased by 20%. Invader fighters respawn 12 sec after being killed, instead of 30 seconds and attack damage increased slightly.

Scrin Support Power & Upgrade Changes:
• The Swarm support power that teleports 5 Buzzers to the field has been re-enabled when Shock Swarm is still enabled.
• Forcefield Generators decreased its cost to 4000 from 5000. Time to upgrade is cut in half. The upgrade applied to Annihilator Tripods and Scrin aircraft have shield recharge rests at 90 seconds instead of 120 seconds after their shields are destroyed.
• Ion Storm support power decreases attack damage significantly because it was way too OP. Firing duration changed to 15 seconds.
• Ion storm healing (including the ion storm by both Storm Column and Planetary Assault Carrier) is increased to 5% per second from 2%. The range of ion storms such as the Planetary Assault Carrier and Storm Column increases by 10%.
• Both the Plasma Disc Launcher and Blink Pack upgrades are now moved to the Stasis Chamber. Plasma Disc Launcher upgrade cost increased to 2000 from 1000. Blink Pack upgrade cost reduced to 500 from 1000.
• Tiberium Vibration Scan support power cost reduced to 300.
• Stasis Shield support power cost increased to 2000. Cooldown is 180 seconds.

Neutral Balance Changes:
• All neutral structures increase their armor by 30% excluding civilian structures.
• Civilian bunkers can now be garrisoned with 4 infantry squads. This also applies to Nod Bunkers as well.
• Each yellow crate will gain 2000 credits when picked up but not all at the same time.
• Viseroids increased their health, speed and attack damage by 15%.
• Blue Tiberium growth rate is 50 seconds. Green Tiberium growth rate is 25 seconds.
• Tiberium Spike gains 200 credits per 10 seconds; capturing it will get you 700 credits. Can hold unlimited credits when there isn't a refinery or tiberium silo present.
• Big Tiberium Silo when captured will get you 5000 credits and gains 1000 credits every 60 seconds.

Note: You can distribute this mod as long as nothing within the mod BIG file is modified unless you grant permission to edit or add something into my mod.

Mod modified and created by PurpleScrin. (music editor, C&C3/RA3 modder, C&C3/KW mapper, and map collector of C&C3/KW, Gen/ZH and RA3/Uprising)

Other mods I created for CNC3: EpicMod, CraneWallMod, CostMod, EconMod, Tacitus Prophecy (KW only)
The only RA3 mod I have created is RA3 Reloaded.

Credits and thanks to:
• the official C&C, Revora, PPMsite, and CNCmods forums for helping me making this mod.
• EALA for the C&C3 and KW balance changes on their patches.
• the CNC Renovatio team especially NewMessageNoob for the Devil March 1, DM remix and DM 2 music.
• Frank Klepacki for most of his best CNC music and the Construct and Infiltrator music tracks from his latest CD album "infiltrator".
• Lauren (aka Ju-Jin or JJ) for the FX shader.
• Kodaemon for the CNC3 and KW subtitles on HD FMVs.
• MasterChief (aka Helge129) for the Shatterer unit model.
• Golan and Thundermods for the logo and some other interesting changes.
• ConnorSynth for the source coding of the Nod Bunker, Tiberium Field and the building of the Lightning Spike defense from the Drone Platform.
• One special modder for helping me making the Ion Storm support power. (I even forgot whose name is it.)

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