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Kane's Wrath Patch 1.03 Update

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Community manager, APOC, has posted an update about the 1.03 patch for Kane's Wrath. Despite some rumours and speculation, it has not been forgotten about, it has not been cancelled either.


Hey guys,


I've received PM's and seen threads of people fearing/worrying that KW 1.03 has been cancelled. First off, this is all speculation and rumor, neither myself nor EA_2POC have said anything of the sort.


While their is justification in this worry with our focus on Red Alert 3 1.11 / 1.12 (hot fix) and the announcement of C&C 4, this does not deter our motivation and desire to produce Patch 1.03 for Kane's Wrath. All of the feedback we collected in recent weeks has been iterated on, and taken in to account, and we thank you for that.


Given where the Ladder Season is right now, we feel it is too deep in to the season to throw a huge wrench in with balance updates. While many may disagree, we're nearly halfway through the final round and we certainly cannot output a patch before the playoffs which start in just 2 weeks.


What I can tell you right now is, this patch is not can cancelled. I will be working with the dev team to see what kind of production timeline we can accomplish within our resources, and I'll keep you posted as much as possible.


To set expectations, we will not look to release a KW patch until after the ladder season completes. This will also help us properly reset the competitive playing field under new balance rules and strats once the ladder season is complete.


Thanks for understanding and do not despair, Commander!



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Amazing they are going to patch KW! :o

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“We draw our strength from the very despair in which we have been forced to live. We shall endure.”

- Cesar Chavez


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I have to say I'm amazed :o

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I'm certain with this update some goons are gonna ask where's the new TFD patch. lol.

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