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Ultimate C&C Gold SVGA Release 1.01

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Ultimate C&C is a collection of the best Patches and Missions for the C&C Gold SVGA version.


Release 1.01 Features:



New GDI Campaign (tested)

New NOD Campaign (not tested, but should work)

12 NEW MISSIONS (tested)

35 new Multiplayer Maps + Original Multiplayer Maps

No Cheating (removed Sandbag Wall and other Walls from the Game)

1024x768 Resolution

LAN Patch (uses UDP protocol instead of IPX)

Multiplayer up to 6 Players

General Bug Fixes

Plays hidden music


Video about Ultimate C&C







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man, are you still distributing this? It's barely anything more than a mission pack which happens to include the entire game...

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Does he credit you for the use of your patch though?

He added credit after I complained about it. Still, he keeps advertizing it as if he did all the work to get these new features.

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