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Mahjong Combinations

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I don't know if you have ever played Mahjong, the Chinese tile game (not the matching game) but the one with four walls and gameplay similar to Poker.


Depending on how you play the game, when you finish, you score according to the combinations of pairs. So if you got a really messy combination or 'chicken' you got minimum pointys, but if you scored an unlikely combination you scored higher points, encouraging a longer more enjoyable game.


I was wondering if we could do the same in C&C4, where certain combinations or numbers of crawler kills gave bonus points to the victors...


combo kill... 1 of each player's crawlers

side out... 1 of each type of enemy crawler (defense, support, offense)

full house... 1 of each enemy crawler from each player

noob... 5x of any crawler type from one player

lap... 1 of each enemy player before your team loses a crawler


etc etc etc

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You mean like bonus points for doing something unlikely?


Yeah could be an idea.


Like a kill streak, where you kill X amount of units in Y amount of time to recieve Z amount of points. :)

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I would not like it. Killing crawlers should not be treated like a combo game.


The only bonus exp I would approve of is for killing more crawlers during one match.


Kill 1: exp x1

Kill 2: exp x1.1

Kill 3: exp x1.2

Kill 4: exp x1.3

and so on...

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Sounds like UT3 when you kill a number of folks in one go. Double Kill, Multiple Kill, Killing Spree... RAMPAGE!

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