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Help needed for making two new mods probly big as reborn

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Im gonna need some good moders. This project is going to be long and big...from what ive estimated each ones either going to be as big in file size as reborn or renalert or both put together. So if ur interested in helping me plz post here. :twisted:

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I've got a 200Mb mod too - it's all the music for all the C&C games ever, and it only took me 10 minutes to make! (NOTE: That was sarcasm).


There isn't anyone who can mod Renegade who isn't already engaged with a project.

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Thats true, everyones got ideas.. but not the skill

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and thats why i need the help :D

but still i understand...may have to do this alone...that would suck.

im not a person that can do things such as this alone.

im still going to look for help.

well if you guys could help id like that. even in small ways there is a way someone can help.



by the way any1 interested i need some pics on dbz, gundam (any series), and starcraft plz any1 that would want to help in these mods notify me at [email protected]

and plz i need ppl that can actually do something for me :x

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im the only person on this project at the moment so positions are still open so if you wanna help post here or e-mail me. also need help in putting in the music and sounds so if you can help me please notify me



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