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Tib Twilight Section Open at CnCWorld

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Over at CnCWorld I have been working away on the Tiberian Twilight section of the site and I'm pleased to say it is now complete! To access it, head over to CnCWorld, click "TIBERIAN TWILIGHT" on the left menu and then select one of the sub-sections.


There are two main features; first the traditional unit and structure information pages which we have for every game. This time they're far more informative; not only are there the portraits, cost and description of its abilities, but also the weapon and armour type - essential information for the new hard counter system.


Secondly Alex06 and some buddies have been doing some digging around the in beta test files and have come across some interesting still pictures from the full motion videos that we will be watching very soon. So for a sneak peak at those head over to our C&C4 Beta Test FMVs gallery. I've done my best to speculate which characters are being shown in the pictures, but we won't know for sure until next week!


thumb_Image21.jpg thumb_Image9.jpg thumb_Image23.jpg

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