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Tibed 2 Crash

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I'm currently using Tibed 2 version 2.1, the latest, and made my projects for C&C3 in Tibed 2 Beta 5f, which was the release directly before the new one.


The new Tibed 2 opens the projects fine, modifys them and saves them all fine, but when i go to build or play it, i get the usual code screen that comes up, then it goes white for a minute, white in my experience using it is normal, but it won't build the mod and it hangs.


It worked fine in the previous version.


Are the Tibed 2 projects not compatible with the newer version?


I'm hoping not because it took me forever to modify C&C for all 3 sides in Tibed 2 as there as so many changes to do and whenever i make a new one i always forget something.

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I'm actually getting the exact same thing, though i haven't used the beta version of Tibed2. only the 2.1


if it helps i'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit i dunno if the 64 bit has anything to do with it, i've yet to try using any compatibility mode on it.


I have used it on my old laptop (with XP home) for Generals and not had any issues at all

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I've just identified a big bug in TibEd 2.1 (and probably also in older versions): when the code window log gets longer than 1000 lines, performance is 100 times worse.

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Let me know if you redownload from the website (v2.1a) whether it is now fixed.

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Thanks a whole heap!!!!!


My projects all work now.


P.S. I'm the one who originally told the Tibed guys about the ArmageddonBomber asset bug, so i'm glad that works and i can build my mods again.


Thanks a lot.

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