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Argh! theres other Enemies too

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is there anyway where i can make AI's really tough

not like dam

i mean like "oh S**T!!"


and how to make AI attack other AI cuz for real

every one aims at me

i mean they pass right eachother and no conflict



and thx for everyone for helping me from my last posts




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You need to modify the ai(md).ini.


Another thing you can change would be to decrease TeamDelays.


If you really want "oh S**T!!", you could also instruct the AI to build multiple barracks and war factories so they build in duplicate and possibly tweak the AIVirtualPurifiers and MultiplayerAICM to give the AI more money (but this will affect money theft too).


As for the attacking of you... they probably view you as the biggest threat, and are you not? You could build smaller bases and be so puny you will neither be deemed a threat nor have any hope of winning, or since you want tougher AI anyway, you could be a man and just fight them all off.

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