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New Command & Conquer 4 Map: Coral Reef

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I just added another new map for Command & Conquer 4 to our growing collection. This one is called "Coral Reef", it features some great looking scenic areas, great work on the cliffs and dolphins! When you look at the screen shots below you may get a bit of Red Alert 3 vibe from it.


cr1n.jpg cr2q.jpg

Coral Reef (Created By: Elite_reaper)



2 side start zones, 2 blue tib at furthest away islands - close to spawn if your support though, 5 nodes, in an x shape across the map, middle node on sandy beach area, green tib, in 4 areas + 1 near base, spread out deploy/build zones spread along the edges of hills/ridges. Some Fantastic scenic areas.

We have more maps for Command & Conquer 4 inside our Maps section.

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excellent map! keep it up :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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