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How to change the names?

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I want to change the name of an unit but every time I change it it's not seen in-game... :mellow: (In Yuri's Revenge)

How to change the names?

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More information is better than less.


What are you changing specifically and what specifically happens in-game as a result?


I already gave you a link to a CSF editor, are you using it?

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Ok this is what I'm changing:


Name: Grizzly Battle Tank


(I wrote)

Name: Grizzly Shield Tank


And changes aren't seen


I used CSF but still no dice...

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You need to change UIName=Name:MTNK.


You either can change the Name:MTNK value in the CSF to Grizzly Shield Tank (I don't recommend changing default values though).


Or you can add a new name into the CSF, such as Name:GSTNK, then change UIName=Name:MTNK to UIName=Name:GSTNK on your unit.


The Name= line in RA2/YR is no longer used in-game, it is a left over from the older games, however FinalAlert will still make use of it, so you should still fill in this line anyway.

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