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Red Alert 3: Paradox Interview @ CnCWorld

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CnCWorld have conducted an interview with Kerensky287, the lead coder for RA3 total conversion Red Alert 3: Paradox. The mod features an impressive 5 new factions as well as additional units for the existing factions. The campaign is set in the aftermath of Red Alert 3 the war-torn world is fractured and divided into numerous factions maintaining an uneasy ceasefire.


CD : Please describe Red Alert 3: Paradox , what are the main goals of the mod?

Kerensky287 : The main goals revolve around making the gameplay as varied as possible. We're more than tripling the number of units available in the game and tweaking the existing ones to try and make them more viable or less dominating. It's our hope that by the time we're done, you won't just have 3 or 4 "build orders" that you follow from the start of the game - there will be enough units and factions that no matter how you like to play, you will occasionally be able to succeed if you are smart enough, efficient enough, or... whatever your plan revolves around.




Click here to read the full interview

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Guest Stevie_K

It's nice to finally see a promising full conversion mod for RA3.

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