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Project CnC 5

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A project of CnCSaga.de and Admiral Thrawn (Co-Admin)

Have fun!







Hello english community, hello members of cncnz.com.


I´m the second administrator of cncsaga.de and the fanart-leader. Together with some other interesting projects I am going to make a Command & Conquer 5. Surely only at paper. I cant modding a game and 3D-modeling isn´t my power, but I try to make the best with my pencil. At first I want to present you over 14 units I have created on my own.





If you doesn´t fit them, here they are.


- Fan-Einheitenprofil des Mammut MK 3.5

- Fan-Einheitenprofil GDI: Jupiter Schlachtpanzer

- Fan-Einheitenprofil Nod: „Nods Schatten“

- Fan-Einheitenprofil Nod: Henker von Nod

- Fan-Einheitenprofil GDI: Doghunter Warmech

- Fan-Einheitenprofil: Nod Spider-Drohne, Tick

- Fan-Einheitenprofil GDI: Heartbreaker MK6

- Fan-Einheitenprofil Nod: Deathsnake

- Fan-Einheitenprofil: Nod Schattengläubiger

-Fan-Einheitenprofil GDI: Hurricane T2


The C&C5 Projekt is a really BIG projekt. I want to work with you together, to make a C&C5-Proposition. We want to send the ready game-proposition to EA.


In the program is:

-a complete story

-over 320 units

- 6 factions and 3 neutral factions

- basebuilding

- a new/old gamesysteme

- new innovations in the area of the classes (now they are going to be only 3 different techtrees, which the player can choose at beginning of the match)

- and much more.



Also tere are some concepts for a new Obelisk of light, which can tuned up with muich upgrades. Like a bunker, a flameweapon, a gatlingcanon and up to two other obelisks on the sites.


Updates are following in the next weeks!

I hope you are enjoy it!





Admiral Thrawn

(Administrator of cncsaga.de)

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Nice to hear that, but I prefer an unofficial 2nd expansion pack to C&C3 such as "Tacitus Prophecy" (that should have been gone in effect), not a C&C5. And besides, I don't think there a chance for a C&C5. Most people want C&C Generals 2.

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Guest Stevie_K

Give this guy a chance for christ sake, you talk like he's done a crime or something.


It's rare to see such commitment and passion these days. To be honest (honesty is the only way) your drawings are not the best I've seen, but your ideas with these drawings and dedication to the project have really caught my interest. It warms my heart to see something like this. Keep it up dude :)



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I like the idea, Good Job guys :thumbsup: ..

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Hmmm. Tiberium Prophecy..... Sounds much better than Tacitus Prophecy.


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Guest Stevie_K
Check out now: The new pictures from Command & Conquer 5! 3d modells only for you. The Dreadnought!


I love your enthusiasm ^^ Nice work!, It could use textures though :)

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