This is the C&C3 Mod SDK Q&A thread that will answer most of the Mod SDK and WB questions regarding to C&C3 and KW (some Q&A are from JonWil). Please do not post anything else in this thread other than questions and their matching answers unless some topics are not covered in the FAQ. I want to make this FAQ as clear and comprehensive as possible.

C&C3/KW Modding Q&A
Note: The first seven questions are based from a modder (credits to Celestial for the info) from another gaming forum because the very first seven questions can be informative but important. Some answers have been modified specifically for C&C3 and KW. Note 2: GameFront links are no longer accepted. Any previous GF download links inactive for 60 days with no one downloading will be automatically deleted. They need to be uploaded somewhere else so they can’t be deleted even though no one is downloading it for a long period of time. 1. What is a mod?
The word “mod” stands for modification. It’s a shorthand term which refers to people who change the basic game mechanics into something of their own creation (Although this only really applies to custom skins or other art). Mods are usually a combination of user created art (Skins, icons, and menu items) and modifications of the game statistics, and of course making total new units, with their own specifications.

2. Why do people make mods?
There are different reasons why people can make a mod, sometimes it’s because the creator wants to add realism or just change statistics that he/she thinks should be changed to balance the game. Often the goal is to make it more historical, but even this is a personal taste.

3. What can be changed in a mod and what can’t?
C&C3 Tiberium Wars and/or Kane’s Wrath can be edited practically almost everything, except for some hardcoded key parts of the game.

4. How can I see whether a mod is loaded when I start the game?
In some mods the main menu Graphical User Interface (or GUI) is changed or with custom art, or sounds. You can also check in the multiplayer list if you can join all games. Of course when you launch a skirmish game or single-player campaign you can see the actual gameplay changes. If nothing is changed in-game you have to go back to your mod folder and see what you did wrong or did not include.

5. Can I play online ranked multiplayer games when a mod is loaded?
When you load a mod, it will prevent the user from playing in ranked online multiplayer games unless another user has the exact same version of the mod loaded.

6. When I install a mod, can I still play C&C3/KW?
Yes, most mods will not affect your main C&C3/KW files, so it will not prevent you from playing normal C&C3/KW games. In C&C Generals and older C&C games, it is possible that mods can affect the original files and affect the entire game(s). Some total conversion and/or balance mods for C&C3/KW may affect the original files as well.

7. Can I install and/or load multiple mods at the same time?
Yes, mods will usually not be in conflict with each other, unless the mod folder has the same name, or when SKUDEF and BIG files are in conflict with each other. Two or more mods cannot be loaded simultaneously due to the different variables of the mods being changed in most cases.

8. What do I need to run a C&C3 Mod SDK and how to use it?
C&C3 Mod SDK v5 works only under C&C3 patch 1.09. All you need are: C&C3 Mod SDK v5:
Bibber's extra CNC3 files (with dummy art files):
MS DotNet Framework 2.0:
Visual C++ 2005 SP1:
Optional: EALayer3 Audio Compression Notes:
(1) When extracting Bibber's extra CNC3 files, put them into the MOD SDK folder where it is installed in your C&C3 game directory. Files required for C&C3 Mod SDK are mostly inside Bibber's extra CNC3 files. Overwrite the files when necessary. When using Bibber's buildmod executable (notably the modified RA3 Mod Build Studio): --Make sure your mod.str is in the "mods\your mod name\misc\data" directory.
--For sound files, path directory is "mods\your mod name\audio\sounds"
--For music files, path directory is "mods\your mod name\audio\music"
--For AptUI files, path directory is "mods\your mod name\data\AptUI"
--For art/texture asset files, path directory is "mods\your mod name\assets".
--For art/texture files with W3X, DDS and/or TGA files, path directory is "your mod name\art\your custom unit or structure" For portrait images and other textures, path is "your mod name\art\images".
--For custom videos, path is "mods\your mod name\Misc\Data\Movies" (applies to all recent C&C games)
--For map files, path directory is "mods\your mod name\Misc\Data\maps" (applies to all recent C&C games)
--For INI files, path directory is "mods\your mod name\Misc\Data\INI" (does not apply to RA3)
--For xsd files, path directory is "mods\your mod name\Misc\Data\xsd" (does not apply to RA3) (2) If you are using Bibber's C&C Asset Extractor, files will be extracted as ASSET format unless when specified to extract as source files such as W3dMesh, W3dCollisionBox, W3dContainer, W3dHierarchy, W3dAnimation, TGA/DDS textures and WAV sounds. (3) If you prefer to use the original buildmod.bat by EA or an edited version of the buildmod.bat to compile your mod, do not use the DOS Command Prompt and type in the entire path to build and compile your mod. The shortcut to this is by making a shortcut for the batch file which simplifies the process. After you create a shortcut, edit the shortcut and add in your mod name after the directory path of the batch executable. It will correspond to the mod name folder you create in the C&C3 Mod SDK "Mods" directory. When you are ready to compile your mod, run the edited shortcut.
  9. Where can I get a better buildmod executable other than EALA's own buildmod.bat?
Bibber's modified RA3 Mod BuildStudio is the best buildmod tool so far, but if you're not satisfied with that, you can try those others:
---Codecat's version of the buildmod.bat:
---Download of all different types of “buildmod.bat” other than EA’s and Bibber’s version (credits to Mustang2142 for the advanced buildmod.bat and credits to the other modders for the other buildmod versions): 10. What are the system requirements for C&C3/KW WorldBuilder and C&C3 Mod SDK?
They are the same as C&C3 (Pentium-4 2.0 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 64 MB 3D video card). However for the KW WorldBuilder, it requires Pentium-4 2.2 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM and 64+ MB 3D video card. The KW game itself uses more RAM than C&C3. 11. Is there a C&C3/KW Mod SDK and/or C&C3/KW WorldBuilder for MAC, Linux or Xbox 360 for download?
Most game mods are not MAC or Linux compatible so EA does not support these very much. As for the WorldBuilder, it’s pretty much the same thing too. Same goes to the C&C3/KW Xbox 360 versions of the game as all of the game data files are digitally signed using a key only Microsoft and EA have. 12. How can I get started on C&C3 modding? Where can I get some C&C3 modding tutorials?
Most C&C websites are down for some of the good tutorials unless if there are some modders know of existing sites that involve with C&C3 modding. Here are some of the ones available:
C&C3 Modders Guide Coding
C&C3 Modders Guide Coding 2
PPMSite Guide 1
PPMSite Guide 2
Revora Guide For creating and animating a new vehicle and integrate into C&C3 Mod SDK
For UV mapping
For animations Other FAQs to get started on C&C3 modding:  
Link3 13. Why can’t I find certain buildings and/or units?
Certain units and structures were renamed at some point in the development cycle and the XML files have different names, as follows: 14. I get an error "Critical: System. FormatException:", how do I fix it?
You need to go into control panel then regional and language options then press "customize". Make sure that your decimal separator is set to a full stop and not a comma or anything else and it will go away. In other words, if you made a typo somewhere in your XML file(s) and you get this error, go back and check it, because it may lead to a crash even when you start the mod. 15. I get an error "Error: GameObject has an unnamed module "", how do I fix it?
This error is harmless and can be ignored as long as it only appears once for a given GameObject. If you name the module id correctly, this error won’t show up. 16. I get an error "Error: Input file "" not found, how do I fix it?
If you have Bibber’s extra C&C3 files, it contains the dummy art files so the errors will be less displayed. If you still get the same "file not found" error, check your mod for spelling mistakes and files in the wrong place. Any asset(s) outside of EA you have to provide your own files in order for them to compile correctly so else they won’t show up in-game. 17. I get an error "Warning: Unknown asset "" referenced from "", what do I do?
The one possibility is that you made a typo(s) somewhere in your XML file(s), go back and check it, because it may lead to a crash even when you start the mod. 18. The SDK does not work and produces no .big file (or a .big file that is really small and contains just shaderwritingexample.fx), how do I fix it?
The main cause of this problem is errors output by BinaryAssetBuilder.exe when you run EA’s Buildmod.bat itself. Go back and check the output from Buildmod.bat for errors. For Bibber's modified RA3 buildmod executable with his extra C&C3 files, the compiler automatically saves a backup for the mod (including a BIG file) even though the mod compiles correctly or not. 19. How can I create separate low-detail models for my mod?
You create art that is the same as the normal art but low-detail. The objects (meshes, skeletons, bones, animations etc) have the same name as the normal art. The only difference is that you append “_l” to the end of the filename. So if the normal art is test.W3X, the low-detail art is test_l.W3X. The SDK will then take care of the rest and compile your low-detail art correctly. Bibber’s RA3 Mod BuildStudio defaults to high-detail models. 20. How can I load my mod into WorldBuilder?
Edit the file CNC3_wb_1.0.cfg (or the latest version) and add the line "try-add-config" where is the full path to the .skudef file of your mod. It’s highly recommended if you place your mod BIG file in the main C&C3 game directory where the full path of the .skudef file of your mod will be just that file name. C&C3 WorldBuilder will read your mod and allow you to place new material on maps. There is no C&C3 Worldbuilder Mod SDK available even though WBData.big was installed into C&C3, but the RA3 WB mod SDK did have one and the RA3 WBData.big was separated from the game installation. This method might also work with KW WorldBuilder via WrathEd. 21. How can I edit LUA scripts?
Open scripts.lua from the SDK and edit it. Make sure that it ends up as data\scripts.lua in your .big file. You may also wish to edit data\scriptevents.xml (extract that from the “core\1.9\patch9.big” file). Together both files give some potentially nice options for modders. For example you can trigger an event based on a given model condition or set of conditions (via the ModelConditionEvent tag) and based on a given object status (via the ObjectStatusEvent tag). It is now known what LUA scripting can now define thanks to Mjjstral. For the extensive list of LUA scripts, look at question 86 of this FAQ.

22. How can I edit STR and CSF files? (including Unicode and/or ANSI characters)
You need Bibber's String Editor:
You could translate some languages from English but you cannot save .str files in unicode (UTF-8) format since they can't be used in-game. All of these string and csf files are in English language. 23. How can I extract BIG files from C&C3 and KW?
You need Bibber's extra C&C3 tools that come with the BIG extractor which can extract anything from C&C Generals to C&C4. DO NOT USE FinalBig with C&C3 and all recent C&C games because it WON'T work. 24. How can I extract sounds and music from the game?
You need Bibber's C&C Asset Extractor which can extract any sounds and music from C&C3 to C&C4 (highly recommended). All sound effects, voice taunts and music audio are all extracted and saved in uncompressed wav format. You can also extract sound effects from the game using the “binview.exe” tool (see for the download and info on how to use it). You can also extract music from the game at this time thanks to JonWil's music decoder with the binview.exe tool as well. 25. How can I create a new (or modified) object that uses art from a prop, tree, rock, civilian building, civilian unit, bridge or single player-only faction building?
You need to use the buildmodcivasset.bat file when building your mod. Other than that, it should be the same as building any other mod. You are better off sticking with Bibber’s RA3 Mod SDK Buildstudio compiler because it can do that and fix assets. 26. How can I extract 3D models from the game and load them into 3D Studio Max?
You cannot extract complete 3D models from the game in a format that 3D Studio Max can use. Remember that 3D Studio Max can open MAX files and can import 3DR, 3DS, OBJ, SHP, DWG, and XML (VIZ material only) files. Bibber's C&C Asset Extractor can extract all art assets in W3X format but art files are split into animation, container, collision box, hierarchy and mesh types and they can be edited using any notepad editor. If you wish to see examples of game art, download the sample art packages from the EA mod web site. Some tools do exist (w3dm2ase and Lauren/Megumi’s 3DSMax import tool) that can copy parts of a compiled W3X file into something 3D Studio Max and other 3D programs can use however they are unable to recover all the information (especially animation). 27. Can I edit Kane's Wrath?
Yes, you can now use the WrathEd tool to modify KW (including xml coding) since WrathEd is now part of the KW Mod SDK. You need MS Dotnet Framework 4.0 in order to use this program tool. The original KW xml files can be found here. As for KW art models, Stygs did release some art models (through Apoc) in the Thundermods’ website involving Slingshot, Confessor Cabal, Nod Commando, Shatterer, Titan, Wolverine, some Scrin units and the Tiberium Field Suit upgrade for Riflemen Squad and Missile Squad, but no actual source code xmls are available for those. Some of them can be found here. For the complete art and sound packs for KW, get it here: 28. How can I use WrathEd?
The first versions of WrathEd were difficult and complex to use but in spite of that a tutorial is available. The tool contains all xml codings for KW via KW manifest files (rather than released as independent files), meaning you have to copy and paste the codings into those new xml files for your mod(s). You need to open static or global BIG files in order to open those manifest files and then view the xml codings for those objects. Currently most of the materials from the CNC3/RA3 Mod SDKs have been implemented into WrathEd and there are some parts (ie. AptUI, sounds, music) have yet to be implemented. A WrathEd Mod Launcher is also released in order to load KW mods correctly. 29. Is it now possible to extract all art, textures, sounds and music for C&C3 and KW?
Yes, all by using Bibber's C&C Asset Extractor. You can get it here:
This is probably the best tool you'll ever have in CNC modding. Thanks to Bibber who created this, you can extract all source files of art assets in W3X format (animation, collisionbox, container, hierarchy, mesh), textures in DDS format (also comes with xmls), sounds and music (including PathMusic) from C&C3/KW, RA3/Uprising and C&C4. Just remember that container and hierarchy art files share the same name and hierarchy files are larger than container files. All sounds and music are extracted in uncompressed wav format. You can also extract other asset materials as well but the tool has yet to implement extracting such xml content. 30. Where are the INI files that I want to edit for C&C3 and KW?
There are INI files that can be found in Misc.big in both C&C3 and KW in the Core folder. Not all INI files can be modified and be working in-game. Under the new organization of the mod compilation, modified INI files are placed in “Misc\Data\INI” of your mod directory. This is not recommended for making mods with the original BuildMod.bat. 31. Can I integrate some C&C Generals/Zero Hour and/or BFME 1/2 content into C&C3/KW?
It is unlikely for both C&C3 and KW unless if you want to get sky textures and other textures into the game. You may attempt to integrate INI files from either C&C Generals/Zero Hour or BFME 1/2 into C&C3/KW but since the game engine is different, it may or may not work in-game. There have been works on converting some W3D files into W3X format but then you have to edit the models via 3DSMax and other programs in order to work into C&C3. As for INIs from other CNC games, most will not work and you cannot integrate a game object INI into C&C3/KW. Just do know that EA is most often using XML formats than INI formats on recent C&C games. You can also try to implement some definitions and other names into the “xsd(s)” from the C&C3 schemas. 32. Can I integrate some C&C3 materials into RA3? Can I integrate some RA3 materials into C&C3?
Since the coding of the game engine between C&C3 and RA3 are different, art assets won't be much of an issue. If you are an advanced modder and you do know where to code the parameters and edit the unit assets between C&C3 and RA3, you could do it. 33. What are the latest versions of OS Big Editor and FinalBIG?
The latest version of OS Big Editor is version 0.58 as a beta. It's still buggy. You can get it here:
FinalBIG's last version was 1.01. I recommend using Bibber's C&C Big Extractor to extract files from BIG files for all recent C&C games. Both FinalBIG and OS Big Editor are essentially working well in making BIG files. 34. How can I open 'bin', 'imp', 'manifest', 'relo' and 'cdata' files after extracted from C&C BIG Extractor, OS BIG Editor or FinalBIG?
Bibber's C&C Asset Extractor, WrathEd, BinOpener and JonWil's BinView can open any manifest file as long as there is a bin file supporting it. You can ignore the rest of them. To extract art, assets, sounds and music, use Bibber's C&C Asset Extractor. Also if you extract files as GOB or Asset, they cannot be converted to XML format no matter what tool you use. You are better off viewing and copying existent xml asset content using WrathEd. 35. Is there any other way to edit models, for example in Blender, or convert 3DS models to file type supported by any freeware or easier-accessible program? Will they support animation or are there any known problems with such actions? Will they work with Mod SDK?
Gmax, Blender or any other type of model editing programs are not supported with the C&C3 Mod SDK as well as the RA3 Mod SDK. Only 3DSMax 7 and 9 are compatible with the C&C3 Mod SDK due to the plugins EALA used to develop C&C3/KW as well as RA3. You can edit them for animations, rigging and other stuff only for those programs. 36. How can I get rid of EA's Logo clip when I load C&C3 or KW?
You need to download a "no logo" mod for both C&C3 and KW in order to take this effect. However, if you want to mod it yourself, try this:
(1) Use a BIG editor to open Misc.big from the "Core\1.0" folder from either C&C3 or KW directory.
(2) Extract and open video.ini from the "data\ini" directory of the file.
(3) Either delete the EA Logo and ESRB lines based from those lines: Video EALogoMovie Filename = EALogo Comment = "This is the EA logo movie" Volume = 35 End Video ESRBMovie Filename = ESRB // ESRB Rating movie. Comment = "This is the ESRB Rating movie" Volume = VIDEO_VOLUME End or put the // in each of those lines to disable the command. Once done, save the file. (4). You can either do two things:
--- Make a BIG file using a BIG editor and import the video.ini in the directory "Data\INI" and save as any name you want as a BIG file. Then put it into the Core\1.0 directory. But then you have to edit the Config.txt file and add this line as "add-big yourmodname.big".
--- You can import it back into the Misc.big and overwrite it. But BIG editor programs don't do that. So you have to extract all files from the Misc.big to the hard drive and overwrite the video.ini with the edited one. Then make a BIG file using a BIG editor and save as Misc.big. In case of problems, make sure you backup the old misc.big before placing the modified one in the same folder. (5) Run either C&C3 or KW. You will see that the EA Logo clip will not show up and the game goes straight to the main menu.
  37. Where can I get a wall mod for C&C3/KW?
Because of the C&C3 Mod SDK, anyone can make a wall mod of their own. There was a wall mod for C&C3 (as EconMod) that contained walls to be buildable for all factions (created by myself). There was also a wall mod for KW that contains all the walls buildable for all factions (also created by myself). However though, those wall designs are terrible and even the AI (or units you control) when on aggressive mode will attack all wall segments. 38. How can I enable subtitles in movies for C&C3/KW?
They are not available in English versions except for foreign versions only. Kodaemon had released subtitles for both C&C3 and KW and they work for the English versions for C&C3/KW. However the subtitles are messed up and some parts of the text(s) cannot be shown in all types of screen monitors unless you edit the font to decrease the size. Once you put the subtitles in the C&C3 or KW core directory (you need to mention the file in the config.txt file), you cannot disable them in the options menu (because it's not available) unless you remove the files. A download link is provided here (on behalf of Kodaemon): 39. How can I increase the bloom shaders effect in-game?
Lauren (aka Megumi/Ju-Jin) made a "FX mod" for C&C3/KW that will increase the bloom shaders effect ingame. Since the original download link is gone, your best bet to get the bloom shader is via the ChronoShaders mod by Chronosheep: 40. How can I add in the Engineer Capture Delay feature in C&C3?
In KW, only WrathEd can modify the Engineer Capture Delay via Engineer game object XMLs. In RA3, that Engineer Capture Delay cannot be removed and/or modified because it's hardcoded. Thanks to CGF123, you can get it here (on behalf of him): 41. How can I disable a structure or unit in a mod?
By editing LogicCommand.xml and LogicCommandSet.xml from the GlobalData folder of the Mod SDK, it has all the factional structures and units in the game. Select the line for the unit specified in a structure you wish to delete and that will disable the structure or unit in-game once you compiled your mod. 42. Is it possible to add sky textures into C&C3?
EALA did not put any sky textures in C&C3/KW as well as RA3/Uprising. It was seen in Generals/Zero Hour when players have viewed SP campaign maps in cinematic videos. It is recently seen in the C&C3 mods The Forgotten and C&C3 A New Experience. For the info on how to get sky textures on maps in C&C3, look for the tutorials in the C&C3 A New Experience mod page in ModDB. You may need to download both the mod and the source code in order to do this. Because without sky textures, players will be seeing black sky textures during a cinematic in some of the custom mission maps. 43. How can I make a model in 3DMax and export it to W3X?
A basic tutorial (such as this C&C tank) should get you started: 44. Which versions of 3D Studio Max work under the C&C3 Mod SDK?
Only 3D Studio Max versions 7 and 9 are compatible to work under the C&C3 Mod SDK. The rest of the other versions are incompatible and are unsupported to the C&C3/RA3 Mod SDK since EALA does not upgrade their 3DSMax software due to unknown reasons. The same applies to animated MAX files, models, textures and shaders. 45. How can I edit the UI in C&C3/RA3 using apt2xml and xml2apt?
Use JonWil's new UI editing tools based from this post:

(For advanced modders) This is what JonWil said to this (from the old cncmods forums):
1. Download the relevant UI pack for the game you are editing (links are on the downloads page of the cncmods site)
2. Find the UI file you want to edit and extract its folder into your mod (the sample mods of both SDKs have examples of how to do this)
3. Edit the texture files where desired.
4. Download the "SDK extras" pack from this site
5. Copy the apt2xml.exe, xml2apt.exe and cc3tools.dll files into a folder.
6. Copy the APT, DAT and CONST files from the UI folder you are editing into the folder with the exe files in it.
7. Open the Command Prompt and navigate to the folder containing the files.
8. Type apt2xml "name" where "name" is the name of the UI folder (e.g. "TacticalHUDCommandListBox"). Do not include any extension.
9. An XML file should appear. Edit this XML (details of specific changes you can make will appear in future tutorials)
10. Delete the .apt file
11. Type xml2apt "name" where "name" is the name of the UI folder (e.g. "TacticalHUDCommandListBox"). Do not include any extension.
12. Copy the new apt file that is created back to the UI folder in your mod.
13. Build the mod. Your new APT file should get picked up and used.
This compilation of modified UI is to be used under EA’s or modified BuildMod.bat, not Bibber’s RA3 Mod Buildstudio since it can’t be compiled correctly. You are better off with using BuildModGUI.bat provided from the C&C3 A New Experience source code. 46. How can I replace and/or edit Earth texture/model for the C&C3 main menu?
I released a sample specifically for this so you don’t have to do the hard way:
(For advanced modders) But if you want to know how this is done, it’s a long process. You have to extract the MainMenu and ShellContent AptUI files from C&C3 using BIG extractor and C&C Asset Extractor. Also you need to download this AptUI source code to get the other files you need: Refer to Question 45 to edit their “apt to xml” files. Look for ShellEarth and change its name to whatever you like (ie. ShellEarth3 or ShellEarth4). In that way the ShellEarth or some other w3x file can be modified. Once those files are saved you have to convert “xml to apt” and compile those modified Apt files using the BuildModGUI.bat. To compile the modified ShellEarth.w3x (where you put it in any art folder), the path to the file needs to be mentioned in mod.xml (as if it’s an art asset file and it can be replaced) and you have to use Bibber’s RA3 Mod Buildstudio to compile it. The important files responsible for this are EarthC.tga, EarthC2.tga ShellEarth.W3X and ShellEarth2.W3X. To change the entire color of the Earth, you have to edit both the W3X model and the texture. 47. How can I replace the color for other UI screens?
You can edit the textures using Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or equivalent. The changing of the colors for those images won’t be confusing unless you know how to do it. Make sure you save them with alpha channel layers. 48. How can I add a new or edited unit or structure?
In the C&C3 Mod SDK, you are given unit and structure templates to get started. Try looking at other game object xmls referring to units as examples. Some selected C&C3 mods have xml source codes available with custom units and structures. I cannot give away something big as an example since this part requires large detailed information. 49. I created a new PlayerPowerButtonTemplate or UnitAbilityButtonTemplate but it did not work in-game. How do I make it work?
Copy either PlayerPowerButtonTemplates.xml or UnitAbilityButtonTemplates.xml to your mod (and add the relevant tag in the relevant place). Then open the file and change where it says id="PlayerPowerButtonTemplateStore" or id="UnitAbilityButtonTemplateStore" to some other name. What you call it does not matter. Then you add your new buttons to these files and everything should work. 50. How can I add/edit an upgrade, support power or unit ability?
There is a tutorial referring to this. As for all support powers and upgrades, they need some mentioning of the coding in a structure xml in order to connect to the other xml files to work correctly. -- For support powers, every one of them needs:
***SpecialPowerTemplate in SpecialPowerTemplates.xml (and also mentioning “IS_PLAYER_POWER” in the flags)
***PlayerPowerManager in PlayerSpellBook.xml
***PlayerPowerButtonTemplateStore in PlayerPowerButtonTemplates.xml (which contains TargetedPowerButton, MultipleTargetsTargetedPowerButton or PowerButton)
***UnitAbilityButtonTemplateStore in UnitAbilityButtonTemplates.xml (which contains TargetedSpecialPowerButton, PlayerUpgradeButton, SpecialPowerButton, ObjectUpgradeButton, EvacuateButton, BuildWallButton, SingleStateUnitAbility and StanceButton) -- For upgrades, every one of them needs a UpgradeTemplate and AttributeModifier (only used for the increase/decrease of the unit's abilities). For attribute modifiers, see question 57.
-- For unit abilities, every one of them needs a SpecialPowerTemplate (if applicable), UpgradeTemplate (if applicable) and UnitAbilityButtonTemplateStore. 51. I have tried a new support power of my own (or modifying a new support power derived from an original support power), but how come that new support power doesn’t show up in-game?
Although complex and tricky, only an advanced modder can have the proper knowledge to do this since there are a lot of additions on the coding for a support power. The thing is creating new support powers may or may not need to have their LogicCommand and LogicCommandSet codings mentioned in the data except in the structure game object data. The most important thing for a support power to be seen in-game is that the flag define name “IS_PLAYER_POWER” must be mentioned in the flags line in the SpecialPowerTemplates.

Only one time I did this correctly to three new support powers and they did work in-game without mentioning their LogicCommand data. Remember that any GameObject xml file, SpecialPowerTemplates.xml, PlayerSpellBook.xml, PlayerPowerButtonTemplates.xml, UnitAbilityButtonTemplates.xml and even either GDIPowerStore.xml or NodPowerStore.xml or AlienPowerStore.xml must mention a new parameter coding for every new support power created in order to make that support power show up in-game. Also you must edit the Module ID for PlayerPowerButtonTemplates and UnitAbilityButtonTemplates (such as PlayerPowerButtonTemplateStore_Override and UnitAbilityButtonTemplateStore_Override) in order for the new material to show up ingame. Although the KW xml files have the most and best coding examples for support powers than either C&C3 or RA3, I am not allowed to give that away. 52. What are the Attribute Modifier defines used in C&C3/KW?
These define-contains increase or decrease of the following define names to given unit(s) and structure(s):
AREA_OF_EFFECT, PRODUCTION_COST, POWER_BOOST, BROADCAST_RANGE, SPECIAL_ABILTY_RANGE, COLLISION_GEOMETRY_SIZE_MULT, PRODUCTION 53. How do you change the Scrin victory music since it sounds the same as Nod victory music?
Scrin victory music should be "victory_evil_v1", not "victory_evil" for the Nod victory music. "Victory_evil_v1" was never used ingame. This change works in both C&C3/KW Worldbuilder and in the PlayerTemplate.INI file (can be found in Misc.big for both C&C3 and KW). If you want, you could add a script to mention of a music change (named victory_evil_v1) whenever the Scrin wins a SP mission, skirmish or MP in the C&C3 or KW WorldBuilder. 54. Is it possible to run two C&C plugins (from C&C3 and RA3 Mod SDKs) together when running 3DSMax? Is it possible to export W3X models for C&C3 in this way since I want to use both C&C3 and RA3 plugins?
If placing the C&C3 plugin files in 3DSMax and then placing RA3 plugin files as well in the same directory will prompt for some files to be overwritten. The part that both C&C3 and RA3 are different is the game engine, so the way you export a model in this way (with C&C3 plugin first and then RA3) will be exported as a W3X for RA3 instead. Therefore, you cannot combine plugins together. Since the RA3 plugin is more updated than C&C3, use that instead. I believe the artist modders who successfully got the created units working in RA3 may also work into C&C3. 55. I want to create a patch for my mod instead of redoing and compiling the whole mod. How can I do it?
(For advanced modders) For a simpler solution, read this: Thanks to Bibber who posted this in a thread to a modder: For example, This is the main SkuDef: mod-game 1.09 add-big Reloaded_1.0.big This is the patch Skudef: mod-game 1.09 add-big Reloaded_1.01.big add-config Reloaded_1.0.SkuDef 56. How can I scale objects (ie. units, structures)?
First of all, you cannot scale objects using xml coding. You can scale W3X models using Bibber's C&C W3X Scale program. W3X files will be automatically saved once you modified the scaling. Do not attempt to scale W3X files unless you merge an all-in-one W3X file with animation, collision box, container, hierarchy and meshes coding in it. See question 62 on merging W3X files. You can also scale objects in 3D Studio Max and then re-export them in W3X. Fortunately C&C Asset Extractor can let you extract all W3X art assets for that particular object(s) and then convert them into a file format for each that can be imported or opened in 3D Studio Max. 57. Which sample unit, structure or other object source codes are available to download? Here's a list of some:
Shatterer (recreated by Helge129 -- released on his behalf):
Blood model from Isotx:
Tiberium models by Helge129:
Tiberium models by Carnius:
Engineer Capture Delay (by CGF123):
RBBUIMod (by Richard Baxter):
C&C3 AptUI pack (credits to Lauren/Megumi for the upload):
Special C&C3 Shader pack (credits to Egozi44 for the upload):
Titan (by Golan):
Kodiak (by Stygs):
Salamander (by Stygs): From PurpleGaga27 aka Zocom7 (that's me):
C&C4 Art & Sound Pack:
KW Art & Sound Pack:
RA3 Uprising Art & Sound Pack:
C&C Ultimate Texture Pack:
C&C Ultimate Texture Pack (with BFME textures): From Madin (the king of customized source codes):
Scrin Custom Shields:
Nod Turret:
Allied Pillbox:
Soviet YR Bunker:
Soviet Bunker:
NOD Harvester:
GDI Tiberium Silo:
Light Tank:
Classic Mammoth Tanks:
Custom Infantry:
Rhino Tank MKII:
GDI/Nod Tiberium Silo:
Allied Turret:
GDI Sam Site:
Patriot Missile Launcher:
Khan Flame Tower:
Ore Purifier:
GLA Quad Cannon:
China POW Truck:
GDI Missile Tank:
Allied and Nod Turrets:
Soviet Psychic Sensor:
USA Sniper Drone:
USA Guardian Drone:
Classic APCs:
Spy Satellite:
RA1 Radar Dome:
GDI Orca Pad:
Phase Transport:
Stealth Tank:
Nod Power Plant:
Renegade Flame Tank:
Nod Assault Bike:
GDI Sidam:
Advanced Power Plant:
Flak Cannon:
Allied Jeep:
Nod Bomb Trucks:
Half Track:

From Challenger13 (aka gdi_commando):
Mastodon KW:
Mastodon art:
Kane art:
KW Walls:
TD Harvesters KW:
Four KW Models: 58. Which C&C3 add-on mods have source codes to download?
Here's a short list of available C&C3 mods that have source codes to download:
C&C3 The Forgotten (by CNCLabs):
A New Experience (by OmegaGroup):
Tiberium Birth (by CoreAngel):
Kane's Revenge (by CoreAngel):
Termination (by Overmind):
Tower Defense (by Megumi/Lauren and others):
C&C3 Tacitus Revolution (by Zocom7):
KW Reloaded (by Zocom7):
C&C3 Reloaded (by Zocom7):
Skullmod (by Skull-4-):
Alphamod (by Rebelmoon):
Xenoforce AI:
Expanded Wars 2:
Red Alter:
59. Can I change the frames per second limit from 30 to 60 (or greater) for C&C3 and KW?
Yes, if only SAGE can take it and your video card is a very fast card. All W3X files can be edited for the changing of the FPS limit, but it's going to take lots of time to do this since there are thousands of W3X files (if you really want the entire C&C3 game to go on 60 FPS). All map files opened in WorldBuilder can also input a script to force using FPS limit to 60 or beyond. You can also edit gamedata.ini to change the FPS limit as well. This may or may not be guaranteed to work depending on the results of your editing.

60. How can I make the skirmish money settings to work in-game?
For this to work, you must compile this under Global Data, not Static Data. According to WrathEd and the latest Bibber’s RA3 Mod BuildStudio tool, you need to create a folder called “AdditionalMaps” (without the quotes) in your mod directory and create a file called MapMetaData_Global.xml. That file treats like a mod.xml file. Do not reference MapMetaData_Global.xml in your mod.xml file; the mod compiler will automatically recognize the Global Data and compile anything that is modified there. Now add the modified MPGameRules.xml in the AdditionalMaps folder, mention the path line in MapMetaData_Global.xml and that’s it. 61. When I compile a mod using Bibber's modified RA3 Mod BuildStudio, it's compiling too slow. Why?
From what I found out regarding this compilation tool, it only uses up one core of the overall CPU (such as a quad core) and never uses up the whole system. For large C&C3 mods, that's the way it goes no matter what PC or operating system you use with or without background applications. In the RA3 Mod SDK, that RA3 BuildMod Studio compiles way faster than this modified one. If there's a chance that tool can be tweaked just like EA's Buildmod.bat, the time it takes to compile into a mod would have been a lot shorter than expected, but remember it needs to compile both small and large level of details (LODs). 62. Which texture is better to use, DDS or TGA?
When compiling art files with TGA textures, the log will tell you the DXT1 alpha channel will have to be converted to DXT5 since it has one alpha channel layer. When art objects are shown in-game with the TGA textures, you will notice the lesser quality looks. TGA files are typically larger than DDS files but DDS files have much sharper and clearer looks and they have DXT5 alpha channel layers which they don't need conversion while compiling. 63. Which are the best program(s) to edit xml and W3X files?
There are some xml notepad programs but we recommend the SciTE editor, since it shows color on a specific text section. You can get it through JonWil's CNC tools. Since W3X can be treated as XML, I use the Notepad++ program (it’s free) since it can open multiple W3X files on the same window and W3X. It comes opened with tabs, enough to copy, paste and merge W3X files into one and save as one merged W3X file. It’s possible to merge W3X animation, collision box, container, hierarchy and mesh files together. Some coding defines in those W3X files may not work properly in C&C3 if you are editing a W3X file coming from KW, RA3 or C&C4. 64. Is it possible to build multiple queue structures just like units?
Yes, go to any Construction Yard XML file (based on the faction of your choice) and look for the ProductionUpdate in the Behaviors section where it contains a line to the MaxQueueEntries. The default is set to 1 but it can be changed to any other number. 65. Is it possible for vehicles to require power just like structures?
Yes, all you have to do is to add the EnergyProduction coding line to the Game Object of any vehicle unit to any number you wish. 66. How can I enable shroud in-game?
In the GlobalData folder, open MultiplayerSettings.xml and there is a section saying UseShroud is defaulted to false. Setting it to true will enable shroud in-game for skirmish and multiplayer modes. For SP missions, the shroud can be enabled only if you create a script to enable shroud for each mission map. This is not recommended for mods using assets from C&C3 A New Experience. 67. How can I make the Mothership buildable but not from a support power?
Well it’s that simple. In order to do that, you have to disable the Summon Mothership support power in the Signal Transmitter game object and have the Mothership buildable (i.e. from the Gravity Stabilizer) in LogicCommand and LogicCommandSet xmls. 68. How can I make the EMP support power to work for the GDI and/or other faction?
It’s like copying the support power source code from the EMP neutral structure to any other faction structure in the Behaviors section. <OCLSpecialPower id="ModuleTag_OCLSpecialPowerEMP" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPowerEMPControlCenter" UpdateModuleStartsAttack="true" AvailableAtStart="false" OCL="OCL_EMPControlCenterDestroyCiviliansHumanelyObject" CreateLocation="CREATE_AT_LOCATION" TriggerFX="FX_EMP_ControlCenter_WeaponStart" /> <WeaponFireSpecialAbilityUpdate id="ModuleTag_WeaponFireSpecialAbilityUpdateEMP" UnpackTime="2s" PreparationTime="0.1s" PackTime="2s" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPowerEMPControlCenter" SpecialWeapon="EMPControlCenterWeapon" WhichSpecialWeapon="1" /> <AISpecialPowerUpdate id="ModuleTag_EMPControlCenterAI" CommandButtonName="Command_EMPControlCenterEMP" SpecialPowerRadius="99999.0" UnitKindOf="FS_POWER" SpecialPowerAIType="SPECIAL_POWER_ENEMY_TYPE_KILLER_STRUCTURES" /> You also have to set a parameter line to be mentioned in the LogicCommandSet to a structure given. For example: <LogicCommandSet id="GDISpaceCommandUplinkCommandSet"> <Cmd>Command_SpaceCommandGDIDropPods</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_SpaceCommandGDIShockwave</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_EMPControlCenterEMP</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_TogglePower</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_SelfRepair</Cmd> <Cmd>Command_Sell</Cmd> </LogicCommandSet> Thus in this way this will enable the EMP support power in-game for that structure built. 69. How can I make an Engineer unit capture a structure or vehicle?
According to this coding from the Behaviors section of a neutral structure (and it can even work for a vehicle): <EngineerContain id="ModuleTag_EngineerContain" NameOfVoiceToUseForFriendlyEnter="VoiceEngineerRepair" NameOfVoiceToUseForHostileEnter="VoiceCaptureBuilding" EvaEventForRepair="BuildingRepaired" EvaEventForCapture="EnemyBuildingCaptured" FXForRepair="FX_Building_Repaired" FXForCapture="FX_Building_Captured" FXForCaptureAndReplace="FX_Building_Captured"> <CanEnterFilter Rule="NONE"> <IncludeThing>GDIEngineer</IncludeThing> <IncludeThing>NODSaboteur</IncludeThing> <IncludeThing>AlienAssimilator</IncludeThing> </CanEnterFilter> </EngineerContain> This happens to be put in every enemy and neutral structure/vehicle (and bridges too) for the new Engineer to capture and/or repair it if you include a new Engineer in the IncludeThing list. Also in GenericEngineerContain.xml in the Includes folder will also have to mention a new Engineer in the IncludeThing list. There is no shortcut to this. 70. How can I change the overall font for the game?
Since the default ingame font is Russell Square, all you have to do is open Misc.big file from the Core\1.0 directory of C&C3 and extract the files. You can replace the font whether if it’s a truetype of opentype font of your choice. The files of HeaderTemplate.ini, Language.ini, FontSettings.ini and FontSubstitution.ini are the only files to be edited for changing the overall font of the game. For subtitle files, you can do the same if you have them. For the game itself without mods, remake Misc.big with the edited files using the OS Big Editor and replace the old Misc.big with the modified one. For the mod itself, you put the replaced font and the INI files in the Misc folder of your mod directory. The mod cannot run the new font unless the modified Misc.big with that same new font is in the C&C3 core directory. 71. How can I add maps to the mod and run from it?
Like all official C&C3 maps, modded or not, they are put into “Misc\Data\Maps\Official” or “Misc\Data\Maps\Unofficial” of your mod directory. If you declare that created maps are not official, you type false in the MapMetaData of that map and those maps will be placed in the unofficial folder. Also if you typed false on multiplayer, those maps will not show up in the skirmish and MP menus. To mention the new maps, make a file called KWMapMetaData.xml or something else like that in your mod directory. Map description and name must also be mentioned in the mod.str file. In C&C3 A New Experience, it is done the other way by referencing the MapMetaData file path in the mod.xml. For custom maps involving custom music and other assets, you need to use BuildMap.bat to get the custom music files and other assets in your custom maps first before integrating them into a mod. In the following example from KWMapMetaData.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns=""> <MapMetaData id="TheMapCache"> <MapMetaData BorderSize="30" CRC="0" Description="Map:MAP_SP_Tutorial_360/Desc" DisplayName="CNC3 Tutorial X360" FileName="Data\maps\official\MAP_SP_Tutorial_360\" Height="385" IsMultiplayer="false" IsOfficial="false" NumPlayers="1" Width="435"> <StartPosition Name="InitialCameraPosition"> <Position x="529.856" y="1932.96" z="0"/> </StartPosition> <StartPosition Name="Player_1_Start"> <Position x="0" y="0" z="0"/> </StartPosition> </MapMetaData> </MapMetaData> </AssetDeclaration> 72. How do I change the Main Menu logo?
Since EA did not provide this coding, and credits to Bibber for this, here’s a sample coding from MainMenuImages.xml: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <AssetDeclaration xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""> <OnDemandTexture id="TDLogo" File="ART:Images/TacitusLogo.tga" Type="StandardTexture" GenerateMipMaps="false" OutputFormat="A8R8G8B8" AllowAutomaticResize="false" /> <OnDemandTextureImage id="MainMenuLogo" Texture="TDLogo" Rotated="false"> <Dimensions x="256" y="135" /> <Coords x="0" y="0" /> <TextureDimensions x="256" y="256" /> </OnDemandTextureImage> <OnDemandTextureImage id="MainMenuLogoKane" Texture="TDLogo" Rotated="false"> <Dimensions x="256" y="135" /> <Coords x="0" y="0" /> <TextureDimensions x="256" y="256" /> </OnDemandTextureImage> </AssetDeclaration> 73. How do I open/edit/re-insert VP6 files?
If using the modern format using Bibber’s tools, all movies are placed in “Misc\Data\Movies” in your mod directory.
For a quick tutorial about opening, editing or re-inserting VP6 and audio files, read it here:
For the complete download package of required apps, get it here (credits to Plokite for that): 74. Is it possible to have an infiltrator or spy unit to work on an enemy building?
Yes, but to make it work in-game requires advanced coding and there’s little guarantee it will work.
Source Code by Lauren (original thread is gone): 75. Is it possible for a special commander to issue upgrades, commands, etc.?
Yes, but to make it work in-game requires advanced coding and there’s little guarantee it will work.
Source Code download (on behalf of Lauren – original thread is gone): 76. How can I set glowing FX and flashing lights to a created and/or customized object?
Ask Lauren/Megumi via PM for answers. The old thread link that mentioned the answer is long gone and I cannot recall what was mentioned there. 77. How do I disable the Contextual Window and/or Common Command Bar in C&C3/KW?
(For advanced modders) While some of you may or may not approve this, the thing is that both the Contextual Window and Common Command Bar cover redundant room in-game, leaving some of the battlefield covered by those. Whether you enlarge or shrink the resolution, those windows/bars remain unchanged. Back in 2008 Richard Bruce Baxter provided a mod, source code and tutorial for this (re-released on his behalf):
To compile this correctly, I highly recommended the BuildModGUI.bat from C&C3 A New Experience source code. Then compile it again with Bibber’s RA3 Buildstudio compilation tool. 78. My mod (or mod browser) is crashing/not working when loading, how do I fix it?
You need to delete the “LastReplay.CNC3Replay” file from your C&C3 replays folder, sometimes this can get corrupted (especially if the game crashes in the middle of a game). 79. How do I make camera settings zoom in or out correctly with inputted skyboxes/sky textures?
See this thread for details: 80. How do I add new Intel Database entries?
For this to work, you must compile IntelDB.xml under Global Data, not Static Data. See question 60 for details. IntelDB.xml can be found in the Art directory (of the C&C3 Mod SDK) under the folder IntelDB. For Kane's Wrath database entries, you may have to find them with WrathEd. Also you need both the C&C3 and KW string files since they have defines for those entries, and the save files all of those claimed Intel Database entries into your user profile. It's up to you how you want to include custom or already in-game images of those entries. The ID entries must match in order for them to show up ingame. Also using other C&C3 mods will overwrite the inis of the Intel Database back to default which is why you MUST backup the edited files. 81. When I input KW, RA3 or C&C4 objects into C&C3, I am not seeing any textures with those unit(s) ingame, why is this happening?
Since KW, RA3 and C&C4 objects are using their own shaders, you have to input those shaders from their games into C&C3 in order for those objects to be seen correctly (along with their own textures). For example, the Shatterer W3X from KW that used the shader file objectsGDI.fx should be added and renamed as objectsGDI_KW.fx instead to avoid the conflict with the C&C3 version of objectsGDI.fx so it should not be shown as a pink shader ingame. 82. How can I edit the mod I downloaded?
You cannot edit the mod unless you have the original source code and compile them again with the C&C3 Mod SDK. Only in C&C Generals/Zero Hour you can due to the usage of ini files in BIG files. All C&C3/RA3/C&C4 BIG files uses xml coding only to be compiled as compressed asset files which cannot be edited but can be viewed via WrathEd. The only exception to edit are the INI, script and shader files which can be seen (for example) in a Misc.big file. 83. I want to disable superweapons in the mod. How can I do it?
Well you should know the game cannot add new options in the skirmish/options menus unless you replace the options. (ie. Spawn Crates --> No Superweapons). You can get it here.

84. How can I edit skirmish AI for C&C3 and KW?
While there are AI schemas for C&C3, there are now AI schemas for KW as well:
Right now there are no tutorials how to edit skirmish AI for both C&C3 and KW as both of them require advanced coding expertise that I am not familiar with yet. One editing mistake as a mod, the whole game will crash, so if you are willing to try this do it at your own risk. 85. Where can I get the KW schemas?
Jonwil has it which was not originally in the KW xml pack I released two years ago as a Black Friday surprise:
The missing KW schemas (thanks to TheHostileNegociator) can be downloaded here:
I may release an updated version of the KW xml pack with schemas soon.

86. Where can I get the extensive LUA scripting?
Here is the lua mod sdk with the meta mod package:
If anyone is interested in an extensive LUA scripting, you can look into the ultimate sage lua reference list:
  C&C3/KW WorldBuilder Q&A 1. Where can I download C&C3 and KW WorldBuilder?
For the C&C3 WB (latest version is 2.0):
For the KW WB (latest version is 1.01): 2. Where can I get some C&C3/KW WorldBuilder tutorials?
Protcow links (very useful to start here):
Revora Tutorial links:
Basic guides for WB:
Economy guides for WB:
Mission scripts for WB:
Getting started for KW WB:
Fix black minimap:
First steps:
Making ocean & river:
Making mtns & ditches:
Making grove, ramp & road:
Disable superweapons:
C&C3 WB Tutorial(s) in German: 3. How to change the starting money for a created or edited map?
That only depends on changing the Player's values in C&C3/KW WorldBuilder, not the Mod SDK. In the Mod SDK, the MultiplayerSettings.xml file is responsible for the starting value which is defaulted to 1500 (only for custom SP missions). The script responsible to activate this effect is: Set 'Player' money to 'amount of money in credits'.

4. I need some sample scripts for C&C3/KW. Where can I get them?
If EALA was supportive on C&C3/KW WB, they should release the mission map source pack just like the RA3 mission map source pack. You can extract all C&C3/KW maps from the Maps.big file with a BIG editor and attempt to open with the WB but those maps took a long time to open since those maps have imported scripts in them. You can view the scripts for understanding but they are complex and hard to use and learn.

5. How can I use my mod with the C&C3 WorldBuilder?
If you want to use a mod into the C&C3 WorldBuilder, you need to compile and build your mod first and then do the following: Add your .big file to the C&C3 WorldBuilder CFG file in the C&C3 directory. Remember, your mod needs to be tested first in C&C3 if it works before attempting to put your mod into the C&C3 WorldBuilder. Same goes to the KW Worldbuilder but you need a compiled mod from WrathEd.

6. How can I disable a unit or structure for the map I am making or editing?
The script(s) can be found in the Edit Script window. Examples:
Player -> Build -> Player 'Player 1' is able to build from 'object'
Player -> Build -> Player 'Player 1' is unable to build from 'object'
Player -> Build -> Player 'Player 1' allowed to build 'object' is 'true/false'
Player -> Build -> Player 'Player 1' is allowed to build ALL buildings is 'true/false'
Player -> Build -> Permissions -> 'Player' is able/unable to build buildings or 'Player' is able/unable to build units

7. How can I disable a support power, upgrade or unit ability for the map I am making or editing?
Trying to disable upgrades isn't working well in C&C3 and KW WB (even when edited with a script) but works okay for support powers. The script(s) can be found in the Edit Script window.
--Support Power or Unit Ability: Player -> Special Power -> 'Player' set 'Special Power' availability to 'Available/Disabled/Hidden'
--Upgrade: you need to make that structure have a name to work
--Unit (includes structures): Action -> Upgrades -> Remove upgrade 'upgrade name' from named Unit 'name'

8. How can I enable shroud/fog on a mission/skirmish map?
The script(s) can be found in the Edit Script window. Examples:
--Map -> Shroud or reveal -> Shroud the entire map for Player
--Map -> Shroud or reveal -> Border Shroud is turned on
--Map -> Shroud or reveal -> Toggle Fog of War
This is not recommended for usage with assets from C&C3 A New Experience because the shroud covers the sky texture and cannot be shown unless you mentioned a script to show all of the map. Same goes to the fact that enabling fog also covers the sky texture with a given color of the fog.

9. How do I end a mission/skirmish game?
This only depends if you want all units or all structures or everything to be destroyed or capture/destroy an object or step/pass an area to activate the script. The script(s) can be found in the Edit Script window. Examples:
--Win & Loss -> Announce Victory or Announce Quick Win (for the win)
--Win & Loss -> Announce Defeat or Announce Local Defeat (for the loss)

There will be more C&C3/KW Q&A until I have more information to update. Some links may be outdated and may not work. Feel free to post any Q&A here instead and I'll update them if those questions do get answered. Updates on FAQs can be changed without notice.