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Anyone getting Black Ops?

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It's just funny to be labeled a COD fanboy just for saying that Halo sucks. It's amusing that saying one game blows immediately makes me a fan of the other series. I do enjoy Call of Duty, yes, but I also enjoy Medal of Honor, Borderlands, Command & Conquer and a plethora of other games. It's ridiculous, yet I laugh constantly at them. I can picture them too; some fifteen year old lunatic foaming at the mouth because I said Halo was lame... or Call of Duty was lame, or what have you. xD

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Hahaha! They can't take the fact that not everybody likes what they like. LOL. Me, I love my games, but that doesn't mean everybody else has to love them. Even my dad takes a stab at me for playing Halo; he says I should just play Medal of Honor (the new one; he loves the cellphone gun thing >:D). And I mean, it's not as if COD is the only other FPS in the market that can go toe-to-toe with Halo. Medal of Honor, Crysis 2 (when it goes out, anyway) and others can stand on their own against Halo. My guess is that they just need to have a label for those that don't agree with them. LOLZ.

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