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Battle for Dune: War of Assassins November Update

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Hello and welcome to this long overdue Battle for Dune: War of Assassins blog! It's been a long time since we last posted any form of update but that doesn't mean that we haven't been working. We have been spending a lot of time fixing up models, rigs and trying to get values just right.


Atreides Sand Bike


Looking over most of our old models we felt that some of them really are lacking, such as the Mongoose, Minotaurus and the Sand Bike. So LR01 has been looking at concepts and Westwood renders and is has pretty much finished off our new Sand Bike.


It's looking a lot better, more detailed and the polycount is higher too because the older version really wasn't up to standards compared to our new Mino and Mongoose.


Here's the new model.






As you can see, it's pretty much there.


Harkonnen Rocket Launcher


Fz007 has been working on more weapons, this time he has been working on the Harkonnen Rocket Launcher. The Harkonnen Trooper's Launcher is more of a Bazooka, it can hold only one rocket in it's chamber at the time, had a medium firing range with medium firepower against vehciles and it's rockets track for Anti Air.






The scope on the second render looks better, it's just light shining off.




Shield Wall is a map that Fluffy_Opossum made about a year or two ago called C&C_Arrakis. I've imported it into 3DS Max and started to rework a lot of the terrain and replace a lot of boolean tunnels which really do kill the map, most of the tunnel replacements are done and most of the main terrain changes are done.


Here is what it looks like so far:







So where are we?


We have been very busy with mostly fixing all the broken stuff in the game such as balance issues, vehicle and infantry rigs and the odd map/model fix or clean up here and there. We recently also released Alpha 5.2 to our testers who have given us pretty much all the bugs that they could ever find in the current build.


We haven't really been modelling much because there really isn't much left to model up, apart from the weapons. We do still have a few map props to model and a ton of stuff to texture but apart from that we just need to start focusing more on mapping so you guys have more to maps to play on!



Sands do not shift over night...


... But they do shift! Moddb and IndieDB are holding their MOTY/IOTY, so be sure to check us out and vote for us on moddb and indiedb!

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