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is it possible to export sounds files using tibed?

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i really would wanna know if it is possible, so i can modify it and use it in my projects


i am bookmarking this page so dont think i wont come back to read the answers, i am going to.

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thanks for the reply, what tool(s) do i need exactly? i havent worked with xcc tools yet so i dont know how


oh i have first decade btw, i would want to extract sound files from zero hour, but generals or ra2 are good two if it doesnt allow extraction


please replay.

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XCC Utilities is one pack, you just download it as a whole and use the XCC Mixer tool from it. Click on "Utilities" in the sidebar to get to the downloads page.


As for how to extract/convert stuff from the game archives, this is the general method:



For sound effects, you'll need [Copy as WAV] -> [PCM]

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