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Portal 2 - the 2011 game of the year?

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I played Portal 2, I played Crysis 2. These two are my highest ranking games at this point of time, IMO. I probably give it to Crysis 2, sorry! :P



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any currently released game of 2011 have sparked my interest.

Me neither. Waiting for PES 2012 and that possible C&C

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I finally finished the game. Overall I think the game is good, but not excellent. At the end of the game,

instead of given the cake, the main character was given her freedom and a companion cube.

The first half was okay but the other half of the game was too hard. It looks like Valve might have used other Portal 1 add-ons that covered those new stuff where they were integrated into Portal 2. Sure there were humorous moments despite a lot of drama but I enjoyed the game.


Nine chapters is still not long enough for a well-played game. And the co-op? Well, that's MP. Would I call this game, the 2011 game of the year? Nope. Would I give this game an A? Nope. Instead I give this game a B anyway. Would I call this game better than Half-Life 2? Nope. Would I call this game the best 3D puzzle game ever? Yes.

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