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review of Night Move by keithktam

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gben asked for a review on the bonus mission Night Moves. So i will try my best to write one, knowing the fact that I am not the best person to write a review by sure would damn try.


ok, the game, well at first, i thought yea, would be pretty similar to all the other nod missions from the game, probably easier, too. then i found out i was wrong. but now there, i encountered a phenomenon, it seems that the enemy's AI adjusts accordingly to your Level, the type of your crawler and what you already unlocked from the other missions. I was playing it when i already got to tier 3, while not yet to the max level where it should be level 20, that where you got everything. so being a complete game nob, i got defeated like three times and had to hear Gideon moaned three times telling me i was a ****. :o , yea, pretty embarrassing....


so if you are having the similar situation as i am, playing the mission at high level, i would suggest you upgrade everything and use the unlocked units or things, and treat it like other missions. the reason i stated this was because when i first played the mission, i was trying to be "fair" cause i expected the AI might have some handicap due to the fact that i was at level 16 or 18, so i can write a fair review. and i got my ass whopped for it.... they came in recently strong.


the mission serves good demo purpose, it kinda gives you the freedom that would enable the player to experience most of the game' aspect, those Night Moves still a demo of Tiberian Twilight, so it pretty much inherent the same problems or just core designs issue. but other then that, it serves as a good demo.


the mission mechanic is more like "try enough and you would eventually win" kind of scenario, instead of a mission provides strategical challenge, like escort those buses part, it was more like try all those paths and routes to see which one give you the least trouble and then restarts again and stick with it.


as in every missions or games in Tiberian Twilight, the most most annoying and stupid thing of the mechanic is got to be the respawn of crawlers. the enemy definitely exploited this for full length. There was a time i thought, "man! do they just keep on coming?? does this mission suppose to end with a goal, or this is one of EA way of making a bonus/demo, a mission that would not end, so the playing would keep playing it....", i mean, seriously, there would be two enemy crawler at any given time, and each would continuously respawn for at least 3 times each. at that time, i almost gave up, but then they did stop, thanks god. and mission accomplished.


summing up: the mission is like go get yourself some buses and just find the safest paths, get them into the tunnel, and kill some crawler in between, then when you have actually got all buses into the tunnel, then kill even more crawlers.... oh and for whatever reason you won't get to load the obelisk of light, but it was in the mission objective...


and the mission ends



and here are some screenshots:




this is actually from a recent play, this is actually a level 20 crawler, but there goona be just enough tib to either get tier1 and 2 plus all relevant upgrades or tier 3 but missing other upgrades




me stealing buses at the beginning of the mission




this is the tunnel with the shield, don't worry , just park the buses near the shield would do...




optimum "position" to kill a crawler if you are using reckonner, but due to the fact that TT use armor/weapon class, deploying the reckoner doesn't mean increase in armor, because changing or should i say shifting to heavy class armor means changing defense type in TT..... you can read more here:





so don't be stupid and unpack your reckoners if facing titan, cause they use laser and laser kills heavy armor type!

*sorry for this bad quality pic cause i forgot to take one when i had a good shot...




the reason i parked my ride at their backyard was simply a mean of desperate measure... those bloody crawlers just kept on coming, and this was the best way i found to stop this madness...




that the end of the last bloody crawler!!! with its big gun and all...now finally no more!!



hope i have done ok...

many thanks for reading mine!!!

cheers ;)

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10 points for effort...


How about some plot points?

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10 points for effort...


How about some plot points?


hm.... ok. the plot, to be honest there is no plot, none of the things in there can qualify as plot. None of the things make any sense, but we should all know that the whole game doesn't make any sense anyway, so this is the demo or bonus, it would just inherent all the negativity from the game itself.


the objective stated that to commandeer three buses/shuttles, then load them up with obelisk of light, the truth is there is not gonna be any obelisk of light in the end, the buses would just disappeared in to the tunnel, possibly leads to Sam Bass' kitchen, so you are not gonna see the designated city or kane for that matter... the whole problem is that you have objectives, and the game requires you to finish the objectives, but they have nothing to do with the whole plot/story what so ever. as a commander, you won't know why you started the mission and won't know how would the whole thing ends or lead up to.


Ok, the incursion war, the only reference in the mission was at the beginning of the mission, where Gideon said:"compare to this, the incursion war was but a skirmish..." the whole incursion war thing is a very obscure thing in CnC4, this is the best I can find on my beloved cnc wiki: http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Incursion_War


so there is no incursion war or anything related, nor did the story exactly mention how exactly Gideon were to use the buses with obelisk of light loaded on them gonna achieve his goal. Imagine if the Night Move supposed to be some super elite kick ass mission that would bring Gideon to victorious, then imagine what the incursion war must be like.....


to sum up; as a demo of a game, I think it does it job well, it got all the element from the whole game that teaches mechanics of the game and get the players to familiarize the game, such as user interface, etc. don't get me wrong, I still enjoy playing it, but as a CnC fan, nahhhh!


so 0 score to plot or be a CnC. Basically, it lacks an informed intro, and it lacks any conclusive ending, and there is no FMV to go with it. So the whole mission is just about stealing buses and kill some crawlers and then some more crawlers...


I hope this would fill in the gap of my most awful review.


and cheers!!


do take a look at the parody i did:





it looks like ImageVenue mess up here, now using imageshack instead. can anybody tell me how can i enlarge the thumbnail, please??

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Well its nice to know I didn't miss out on anything.


Thanks for hte review, keithktam. :)

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Well its nice to know I didn't miss out on anything.


Thanks for hte review, keithktam. :)


you are welcome and thank you for your support!!


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can anybody tell me how can i enlarge the thumbnail, please??

That depends on the code you're using out of all those versions. Try Forum Code (and do remove the "Uploaded by Imageshack.us" message)

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