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Duke Nukem Forever Out, Anyone Played It?

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Earlier on I can't comment on Duke Nukem Forever as I have not tried the game at all.

So finally got it down last night and tried.


I've never played a Duke Nukem game before so I may not be very familiar with the culture. Finally got a soft copy of the this game and installed. Played until The Cave Part 2. Gave up as I became pretty bored, the overuse of cheap jokes and cheap sexual references seems pretty weak IMO, the graphics were badly done. It definitely is a plus to have mini games around the game and littering choke full of easter eggs, but... that should NOT be the focus, it seems the development team spent too much time in these aspects and forgot the main part of the game, which is to make the game engaging, memorable, fun and addictive.

It doesn't deserve the game of the year title as many anticipated (and were disappointed eventually).

It feels that is lack of polishing in the gameplay to be really honest. The twins from the earlier scene were poorly done, the hair on the characters brings me back to poor graphics ten years ago, come on at least the hair should be realistic, not a heap of dried grass.

When characters talk to you and you bounced off a corner, they seem to look at the scripted spot instead of looking at you, man I've played enough FPS and this is bad, reminds me of the parody "Duty Calls".

Don't like the HUD thingy, ego bar on top left... doesn't seem fitting. I dunno.

However I do read up about the behind the scene developmental issues, so I kinda figure this may be the reason behind for the flop though. (Kinda makes me wonder what happens if EA actually releases TIBERIUM FPS and ended up like this???)

If you guys wanna go on and finish this to see some poor graphics tits or something, I suggest you go watch some HD porn (heard there's 3D now? Gosh what in the world...) or get a girlfriend, or both.


Overall, I'll be happy throwing wet feces around this title. For such arm-n-loaded-and-just-shoot genre I'm looking forward for Serious Sam 3. Period.

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I liked the article you found Sonic - that sums up my experience of the demo download.


But this thread was worth reading just to find that pre-order pic Mal. Epic pre-order indeed.

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