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C&C3 Tournament

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July 10, 2011 - 11:00 UTC


This is a Single Elimination BO3 Tournament



  • Sign Up; Check In 30 minutes before the tournament begins; Play!
  • Reporting: We have an auto report system. It’s very simple. You will find the giant buttons when you need them.
  • Support: Players will have access to our support. If you have any problems during a tournament, use the support page.
  • Communication: There will be an admin in Tournament 1


Game Settings:


  • Game Speed will be set to Maximum
  • Resources to be set to 10000
  • Random Crates will be Off
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will be on


Map Pool:


  • Tournament Arena
  • Small Town USA
  • Tournament Tower
  • Pipeline Problems
  • Tournament Dustbowl
  • Tournament Rift



  • Cheat, Hack, Multiaccount
  • Sending stupid support tickets
  • Flame, Whine, Whatever
  • Players who cause huge delays by going afk or having a lot of DCs may possibly be removed from a running tournament. The active admin can take this decision when a match delays the progress of the whole tournament.


Do not forget:


  • Report the game after it is finished. Winner and loser both have to report.
  • Checking in starts 15 minutes before the tournament begins.
  • Save all replays. All Replays must be uploaded. Click on your match or the upload button.
  • In case of a out-of-sync error, the following policy applies: You must save and upload the replay, and a tournament staff member will review the replay. If there is a clear winner, that player will advance. If not, the match will be replayed. The staff member’s decision is final and non-negotiable, and failure to comply with the decision the player will disqualified.



Sign up at http://www.bitsperbeat.com/cnc3/

with your C&C3 Player Name

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Event is being Livestreamed by Gamereplays own Green_ZERO and Ctk!

so go Here to view it

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