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Tiberian Genesis July Update

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Hey and welcome to another update from Tiberian Genesis! It has been awhile since our last update but we have some nice things to show off, that being models and other news!


Transition from CE2 to CE3


We have been talking a lot about if we should make the jump or not... And the pros outweighed the cons so we are!


Not only will we implement the newer (and sexier) engine from Crysis 2, but since CE3 is free to download... guess what that means?


You're right... You won't need Crysis (nor Crysis 2) to enjoy our mod, but you'll be able to PLAY IT FOR FREE just by downloading the CE3 things necessary.

Doesn't mean you shouldn't check Crysis 2!



GDI Vulcan Cannon


The model is pretty much finished, but it still needs to be textured (the materials you see are basic, improvised placeholders) and install her on the component tower. So, soon you'll probably be running away from this beast.





GDI Assault Rifle


We used the concept that was from the Tiberian Sun cutscenes, but altered some parts on the 2nd model as you can see.


We need your opinion on which version of this weapon to use, seeing as we kinda made two... So, the question is simple - which front of the gun would you like to see in-game?


The first one represents the concept and the second one was a mix made by Incognito to give it a heavier feel.

Some of us like the first version, Incognito prefers the second one... so you tell us what you'd like to be shooting with in-game?







I personally want to bring out a fully working mod as soon as possible. Realistically speaking, I would say we'd need at least 2 years to finish it... on the condition that we're fully staffed. Currently we're understaffed, and if it stays that way, we'll need an eternity to finish everything. We need more people helping us out so we can increase the workflow and pump out models, maps and teasers every month ideally.


That's why we need your help, fellow gamers. If you know someone who diggs the C&C Universe and hasn't heard of us, send him a link to our Moddb or our Forums... If you want, you can also register on our forums, because we'll probably start posting smaller updates over there and your comments are always appreciated :)!


Sweet Endings


That's it for another Tiberian Genesis update, we hope you all enjoyed it! Be sure to keep following us here, on Moddb and Facebook.

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Hmm, this might be better suited as frontpage news.

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